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 Board Stiff...   n00berness  2
 Yes, I left you out.   phantasma_SC  3
 Stanley Kubrick musta wrote the end of ACF   Jezza_Belle  2
 Wut?   Bakuun  3
 I used to play Asheron's Call and post on ACF   dugfromthearth  9
 just figured it out why acf isn't closed yet.   Fallen_daemon  2
 I knew seeing a dentist regularly was bad for your health   ikkoikki  9
 PK or Anti?   ikkoikki  3
 new board links?   Maleraka  13
 The end of ACF is like the end of the last LOTR movie   TickyAtack  19
 lf portal to Teth   dugfromthearth  3
 can i borrw ur gsa for a ss ill give it back i swaer   _Alexandra_  6
 Poor mans poll: Sub or Hub?   combat_mage_sc  29
 Is there a time limit for posts on here?   NickFoley_is_God1  2
 Might as well go for 86k - and DONE   Dark_EternalFF  15
 Does anyone have a copy of Zukey's teletubby bondage icon?   HeartView  1
 North Korea’s rocket condemned by White House as ‘propaganda’   Fozzie_Bear  0
 Where's Sneezy?   TickyAtack  16
 Mithan, what's the deal?   Gandalf_of_the_Shire  29
 What are you wearing?   combat_mage_sc  7
 my laptops battery just went on reserve power   spy33  3
 Rep Check: Me!   combat_mage_sc  10
 I'm back and ready for action   dugfromthearth  7
 How do I save Blinky? My icon/avatar?   Second_Chance  9
 I'm glad all the best posters stayed here.   BritonGuy  18
 My wife is going to miss her internet peep hole   420_Lynchen  1
 bring out yer dead!!   uglydwarf  9
 They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.   Linuxx  0
 Hello?   caffeino00  3
 Is anyone left?   Second_Chance  11
 not with a bang, but a whimper.   4f42e863aa37233fca  4
 what was the name of the bad guy in buggs bunny.. the Al Capone one   Brandun  3
 Every time I click on the board   Linuxx  0
 Keep This Bumped: Boards Going Poof   Dragon_FIend  0
 I don't like any of the new forums much.   kigaro  3
 And with a touch, the board is alive again.   Gandalf_of_the_Shire  1
 Time to go quietly into the night   Unarmed-Yarr  2
 they killed dt   kolbar  0
 Meow   Ordal  0
 Uhh.....   AkagiyamaMissile  16
 where is the dt board   biffardnasty  3
 This sucks   Lithium_Power  0
 Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen   Cuttlery  7
 The Second Coming   Bork_the_orc  0
 test   Brother_Tempus  3
 Ozymandias   Bork_the_orc  0
 Blood and bloody ashes   HeartView  7
 _____ Morning   winga  9
 someone please sticky the guy on a buffalo thread   EbonDragon  2
 darktide still lives    kolbar  0
 So it really was an April Fools joke or...   Kriegprojekt  1
 YARRRRRRRRR!   Unarmed-Yarr  1
 wow this place is still up   ACX  2
 That's great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane   jungalist  7
 wut   -Kiande-  5
 Going to bed   Kordirn  3
 gotta go to work early, y'all have a good day   -Foxy-  4
 PEACE!   Fozzie_Bear  2
 I've decided 1 more drink before going to bed for ACF.   Major-Spamming-Stone  3
 I loved this board.   Major-Spamming-Stone  10
 Good bye Chevron Files, Good bye long list of girlfriend stories, Good bye Spam.....   Major-Spamming-Stone  7
 Looks like thats all she wrote.   Kordirn  7
 The end is near and dear   .Kid.  1
 i would be getting up in an hour.   -Foxy-  19
 im guessing my panther icons are going to be lost now   -Foxy-  10
 Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo   Rhodoman  29
 Bump this thread till hell freezes over   Ptilk  69
 One last thread...   -Kiande-  10
 You Have 10 seconds To Reach Minimum Safe Distance....   LadyMetropolis  0
 Kirks Death in Star Trek Generations tears me up everytime.   Major-Spamming-Stone  16
 Goodbye IGN   karld316  0
 Feels a bit appropriate even though the content is pretty much unrelated   caffeino00  0
 The no stickies is weirding me out   Kordirn  4
 Maybe, maybe not...   Jezza_Belle  36
 Goodbye ACF   NeoKarnak  13
 Goodbye my friends, it's hard to die   .-Vega-.  4
 Anyone have a link to where I can buy some hip corsets?   LadyMetropolis  11
 New to AC, what's a good server to start?   LadyMetropolis  4
 Peace, hearts, and all   caffeino00  2
 Goodbye, VN   Ibbeh  1
 place was a blast    -Foxy-  16
 So long, and thanks for all the fish   Poit-Narf  7
 As much as I like dining in Hell   ACX  1
 I'm out, cya everyone!   The-Sofa-King  6
 Unfortunately   .Kid.  1
 Breaking News!   OG_Loki  3
 WUBWUBWUB   .Kid.  1
 I asked Mithan for my ban history...   -Kiande-  5
 2:00 AM EST   ACX  4
 I wish you guys would go to bed   .Kid.  7
 All of a sudden, you guys are making this difficult   .Kid.  4
 This was a triumph   ACX  0
 Bye   DunesVladHarkonnen  3
 KORN lives on - ACF dies   .Kid.  7
 How mad would you guys be if I ended it with KORN?   .Kid.  4
 Oh - nevermind. I still have a ways to go   .Kid.  10
 ACFriends, dying like Rasputin   OG_Loki  1
 You can't log in from this board anymore   Hyperimiator  1
 I will not stop unless stopped - that's the whole reasoning   .Kid.  4
 Loki - migrate to the VN Refugee plz   .Kid.  3
 Kid, stop   ACX  4
 Foxy hitting on Loki? "He is fine" - hehehe   .Kid.  5
 I didn't know OG_Loki was chubby   .Kid.  18
 I will be the last poster   .Kid.  4
 Laters ACF   _Haole_  5
 Kid's going to making threads for the next three hours, isn't he?   Jennifer_the_Great  15
 Goodbye everyone   EbonDragon  1
 I'm just here for the Waffles, and the White Women...   AkagiyamaMissile  5
 F*** it, KILL THE BOARDS   OG_Loki  28
 Thank you for your companionship over the years ACF   OG_Loki  0
 KID FOR THE WIN   .Kid.  1
 Goodbye.....see ya on the other side....maybe   Ptilk  8
 *sigh* The little things that will be lost...   AkagiyamaMissile  10
 Darktide just got shut down - ACF is next   .Kid.  26
 hahaha I just remembered something...   Crystal_Knight  1
 I have done my part.   Hawkson  3
 lol I didn't realize we were going down....   Crystal_Knight  8
 Who would you bang first?   Crystal_Knight  3
 See ya on the flip side   Lynea  1
 For what it is worth, peace and happy trails   Aerlinthian  5
 lets see who gets the last post on acf :p   Fallen_daemon  36   karlbrowseraccount2  0
 I'm out...   Shazami  7
 Getting IGN to look like VN without paying for the customization options   ACX  13
 Long time no see   Bronamo  6
 VN Refugee Link + Others   Kriegprojekt  31
 so, when we wake up in the morning...   deviousdragon  7
 Bye ACF   Varece  6
 omgosh i need to ban fyc for a star ban!!   -Foxy-  14
 I'm not going to make 75,000 posts   FineYoungCannibals  8
 Can any of you even get to the IGN Boards?   -Mithan-  40
 Elgarl vs LSD Mage! Who would win???   phantasma_SC  0
 Good lord, for one last time over the years...READ YOUR PM!   -Foxy-  28
 Thank You Everyone...Honestly.   Itab  10
 Pants options?   Webscar  4
 What are you drinking (4/9/2012, sayonara ACF edition)?   notmforce2k  16
 How's the merger coming along from ACF perspective?   reesescups  35
 I hate you Rav. You destroy beautiful things.   Gildash  1
 My last post on VN...   Bakuun  2
 Ouch, Atomix (vesti mod) has just owned VN!!   karlbrowseraccount2  15
 Oh and, here you go DE..   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 Hey ACF mods   Sizlunt-DT  2
 I love how Foxy has pretty much gone Honey Badger on all these threads   AkagiyamaMissile  16
 That McDonalds worker who said she won the lottery.....   Nestor_II  4
 Who's your leader?   TheDarkandDevious00  7
 caledric   -Darkfire-  3
 I have 4 windows of ACF open.    -Ducky-  15
 The message/s you requested could not be found or have been removed by a moderator.   .Kid.  1
 Clearing up some confusion on where to go   Aerlinthian  2
 I'll miss you guys   _-Grendel-_  6
 The new place sucks.   Rodriks_Fury  22
 Worst birthday gift ever   notmforce2k  2
 So, is there going to be a RIOT tonight?   AkagiyamaMissile  5
 So far on the new IGNified ACF I've seen   ACX  2
 New IGN ACF link?   Kriegprojekt  11
 KarlD316 Rules.   karld316  5
 Lol at VN scrubs who think they are something   ssshhhhGoToSleep  16
 The time is here! Post mod notes!   Onslaught.  11
 Occupier Charged With Shaking His “Wee-Wee” At Children   combat_mage_sc  2
 Vesti > ACF   ikkoikki  2
 Greetings from the Vesti   p00npuppy  23
 Haha, I like how you're basically rioting the vesti right now   karlbrowseraccount2  45
 Post the oldest ACF related image you have   ACX  49
 i've never hated my doctor and pharmacy so much in my whole life   Caoilin  2
 those of you with the draw something app..    EbonDragon  7
 Official "ACF is Closing Porn Thread"   Nailer2357  3
 ACF closing down?   Onslaught.  4
 Prediction: Tonight will be the busiest night on ACF since... forever   Bakuun  7
 I went over to the vesti to say hi.   Caledric  22
 I'm eatin' taco bell, bitchies!!    combat_mage_sc  8
 Damn board change, AND I have to move IRL?   Bakuun  8
 Post your VN board goodbye song   FineYoungCannibals  48
 One upside to the move...   Chogram  7
 Should I leave here Grumpy?   Lynea  4
 So I was looking for a "Hellow" gif and managed to find this   Terminius_Est  6
 Well you better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone...   ChemEngineer  1
 I feel I didn't do enough.   BritonGuy  12
 So long, and thanks for all the fish.    TheUnholyGhost  21
 Rare tour of a Mormon temple   notmforce2k  4
 Goodbye old friends....   Ptilk  20 - soon to be your new home   karld316  10
 Foxy was right!   murron2  5
 The Restaurant at the End of ACF   Reapist  3
 watch out for Kid's thread unless you like uncovered manholes    -Eps  4
 acf let's watch it go down together, you and me.   -Eps  3
 Dear Mithan.   Albdestroyer  5
 Doubtful anyone here cares, but i got some awesome progress done on my blanket today...   _sooz_  10
 ***IGN Boards currently offline! (I can't even logout onto my main)***   karlbrowseraccount2  8
 I just want you all to know   ikkoikki  3
 Anyone up for a suicide pact?   Bork_the_orc  3
 Do we get awesome post-count icons on the IGN boards?   Hawkson  5   .Kid.  12
 Uh oh. Arc is melting down.   Dark_EternalFF  8
 I win vnboards!   Arch_Magi  59
 The other IGN boards   Linuxx  8
 Who wants to see a picture of Loki squatting?   Reapist  3
 Greatest thread ever on VN   Eternal_Midnight  12
 How many of you are done with ACF after it merges?   Albdestroyer  14
 All lurkers, come out of your holes.   Reapist  54
 DAWN OF THE FINAL DAY   carnesaur  0
 This guy is my childhood hero.   BritonGuy  2
 Today is the last day of the world as we know it.   karld316  8
 I'm honestly going to miss seeing many of you over on IGN ...   Arch_Magi  24
 APRIL FOOLS'!!!!!!!!   -Mithan-  27
 My alts and other secrets   Cuttlery  4
 If ACF is the Matrix   HeartView  4
 Since we're all about to die, who wants to have sex with Ticky?   Dark_EternalFF  9
 I love you all   caffeino00  4
 GTFO You are no longer welcome in my home.   Sith_Mauler  19
 I'm gonna burn this bitch down   Cuttlery  26
 When the Music's Over (goodby ACF)   Reapist  6
 This is the end, beautiful friend[s].   Bork_the_orc  5
 So, we can swear all we want now?    Hawkson  22
 Doh   Reapist  2
 Which 2 NFL teams are the only ones to meet 3 different times in the Super Bowl?   Reapist  7
 The average IQ of police officers is 104.    Reapist  8
 I think it's a sign   TickyAtack  5
 Board merge update: Happens tomorrow   -Mithan-  115
 What IGN is doing with the VN boards....   Nestor_II  1
 HIOFI - Cosplay SR3   -MrBean-  10
 Hillbillies in Seattle!   Reapist  3
 Who would have thought losing 7 grand was a good thing   Tipztoe  5
 Mithan, can you answer this question?    Reapist  4
 These boards move too fast for people to find out info on the move to ign   kigaro  6
 Where can i find....   deviousdragon  2
 WTF is going on with ACF/VN? - STICKY   Maleraka  2
 Did you ever do anything in the BSD or somewhere else to get someone killed?   Reapist  21
 One third of my life has been spent on these boards.    Bakuun  11
 I was in a 50 mph zone when my left front tire flew off this morning.   murron2  48
 Belt became a daddy today!   combat_mage_sc  7
 Mithan, can you answer this question?   Gilligan.USCG  18
 Where is acf going? Am i reading that right?   deviousdragon  17
 penis ring   -Darkfire-  4
 They're standing on the corner and they can't speak English. I can't even talk the way they talk    combat_mage_sc  5
 Timewaster of the day (for DE)   AkagiyamaMissile  4
 Asheron's Call Wi/Wei Flag   Gandalf_of_the_Shire  20
 Because, it's true...   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 So, I heard a rumor about Foxy...   Hawkson  11
 What kind of dry beans should I buy?   Reapist  10
 here   aon_mixed  11
 I feel like I'm losing a large part of my own history here.    kigaro  28
 Scones are baking, the table is set, cucumber sandwich things are ready to go...   _sooz_  17
 This kid sucks   Lithium_Power  1
 Easter Once you see it   Tipztoe  7
 Log in button is screwed up now :(   Acery  4
 KarlD316 Presents Sexy Gifs   karld316  3
 ______ Morning   winga  6
 North Korean Mission Control   Sith_Mauler  9
 Obese mothers have a 67% to birth an autistic child new study finds.   Sith_Mauler  8
 Remember Tinc Metals from AC ("I know how to spawn Quiddity Raids")?    Nailer2357  9
 Has anyone here developed a natural spring with their own bare hands?   BritonGuy  26
 Over 100k of active military members on some sort of mind fck drug.   Sith_Mauler  3
 Gnite acf   Kordirn  1
 Morning foxy!~   Kordirn  10
 I love you acf [face_hugs]    Kordirn  4
 hi ACF!   .Kid.  5
 Heimlich manuevre   4f42e863aa37233fca  11
 New blog post encompassing basically everything I posted today   OG_Loki  20
 Hey aon_mix   FineYoungCannibals  7
 Funny link, Photoshop trolling   levgre  8
 WOOT got one last one in before these boards get moved!   Gaevren  14
 We can't stop here...   Hawkson  4
 For you Foxy!!!   murron2  21
 Brandun: How do you feel about the Bruins matchup with the Caps this year?   Ex-remlocke  3
 The Sacred Caffeine Molecule.   -Foxy-  6
 4/08/12 Game of Thrones! (NO SPOILERS PLS)   AkagiyamaMissile  22
 I have a very smelly...   deviousdragon  13
 most of my private messages are from awesome people    kigaro  10
 I'm at the gym doing legs, recorded myself squatting.   OG_Loki  65
 So a guy named Bubba is about to win the Masters   Cuttlery  19
 here's where the various Focus Ons and other hi-value threads are stored   aon_mixed  4
 Boston Red Sox have so far been the suck...   Fozzie_Bear  27
 arachnophobia Real 3D, would you go see?   aon_mixed  10
 who has fb?   -Foxy-  88
 ARCHIVED Focus On: Sue_hg    murron2  8
 Archived Focus On: Rikostan   murron2  3
 So mankind has achived god status. The first 100% lab grown egg is grown from stem cells.   Sith_Mauler  22
 Archived: FOCUS ON: Oedipus_Zarathustra   murron2  3
 CLASSIC EbonDragon thread: 12:41:34 You say, "He called your mother a hoofless antelope."   murron2  6
 Archived Focus On: Eshvanu    murron2  2
 Archived: FOCUS ON: Bonza Gal   murron2  10
 No sales due to POS server outage.   Sith_Mauler  7
 Which quality is most important in a vice-presidential candidate?   -Foxy-  18
 Are you a man that suffers from 'Hotness Delusion Syndrome'?   murron2  27
 Jetson Car anyone?   Sith_Mauler  12
 ohh screw you USATODAY crossword puzzle...   Anebriated  12
 i'm being forced to use origin live chat support   Caoilin  8
 I'm such a fan of fallout, I just got bored and got myself red ryder bb gun :P on amazon.   Fallen_daemon  1
 Some Zoo pictars   Cuttlery  6
 grats jd :)   -Foxy-  5
 This will be my last post   JD_HOGG  4
 Someone needs a 20k ban soon, it appears.   Rodriks_Fury  7
 HIOFI: a Sith Mauler ex   Sith_Mauler  35
 How do you gauge if something is important or not?   murron2  1
 Double Eagle at the Masters.   RRwho37_2000  12 you want to land in water...human slingshotting!!!    murron2  4
 Not sure what is better...this guy flying w/a Jet Water Pack or people's faces?!   murron2  0
 I have a super-long toenail   JD_HOGG  5
 For those of you who have watched "Grinding the Crack"   Rodriks_Fury  2
 ding 38000   Anebriated  3
 2 lucky SOBs...   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 How often do you bike or walk to work/school?   murron2  30
 Parks and Recreation fans, i give you: Drunk Ron Swanson!   _sooz_  3
 PM me if you want a pic of Mithan's penis.   Reapist  19
 I don't have to celebrate magical bunnies, and zombies...   Hawkson  1
 pm me if you want my phone number   phantasma_SC  17
 I did not know this about the scene in 'Alien' where the monster springs from the guy's chest!   murron2  18
 Trike Racing or My Feet are on FIRE!    murron2  3
 Anyone want to fb friend me   _Alexandra_  18
 Would you take a trip on the 'World's Largest Rope Swing'?   murron2  21
 I finally gave Dr Who a try...   deadcactus  1
 Well there go my Easter plans.   -Ducky-  10
 Playing around with Instagram   OG_Loki  6
 I could listen to this all day   WhipSmack  0
 chicken has been baked, taco meat made   -Foxy-  10
 I have to deal with my family today.   Bakuun  22
 Minnie or Daisy?   Kriegprojekt  10
 its snowing... on Easter   Fozzie_Bear  4
 _______________ Morning   winga  2
 Palemoon supporting firefox 3.6.x beyond Mozilla's sunset   silvadel  0
 BREAKING NEWS: Mike Wallace of CBS News' '60 Minutes' has died, network says   tsingtao2  8
 Are any of you guys old enough to remember this?   Gandalf_of_the_Shire  17
 In countries with medical death panels -- does this happen....   silvadel  9
 In your opinion.. will the new 3 stooges movie succeed or fail?   Fozzie_Bear  26
 Going to the zoo!   Cuttlery  4
 It’s been a long hard ride, Got a ways to go.....   Sith_Mauler  1
 Why does Tessa spend so much time out of the kitchen ?   suntzukali2  8
 Seems like a good time to finally change my icon...   -TheHunt-  3
 PM Archiving Tool (UPDATED: NEW VIEWER TOOL)   -Prismatic-  165
 Wtf is with all the empty strollers?   TickyAtack  25
 AT&T to begin unlocking off-contract iPhones today, April 8   Aerlinthian  8
 Pucker factor "*&#@^#" of the day.   Gildash  3
 Game of thrones.   suntzukali2  17
 new black panthers vs neo nazis who will win?   Fallen_daemon  13
 it's not my fault i do everything better drunk   Anebriated  4
 Remember that teenage idiot who married her teacher? well she left him and he is in jail, shocker!!    Fallen_daemon  5
 I am pretty sure that suntzukali2 is an alt of Cuttlery   the_tessa  11
 It has been real, guys. (fitting YT for the end)   Acery  1
 i was such a dirty person, go so sticky dudets   mightbe  5
 Dog helps easter bunny escape   suntzukali2  1
 I want a 175 post thread.   IMHO  8
 True or False: Sloane is a better fit for Cameron than Ferris   the_tessa  7
 I was watching Tangled with my daughter today   ACX  15
 One word story time,   Hawkson  39
 When you are playing a "free" MMO -- how much do you spend?   silvadel  9
 those of you guys who are preparing for the zombies. its always good to have a   Fallen_daemon  7
 In honor of us likely losing our PM's, post a screenshot of the oldest page you have   ACX  37
 My Diablo 3 character Origin Story   -Mithan-  4
 Alright, this dog is awesome   notmforce2k  2
 Pups, Peeps and Bunnies: Soooooo Stinkin' CUTE!   murron2  0
 Here is something some of you may remember. OT   Achim_LC  1
 can we get a PM dump to a .txt file or osmenthe?   Jezza_Belle  11
 I don't want a 300 thread   ArmandoFF  7
 This kid talented? Or Annoying?    deviousdragon  6
 I know the hate is strong, but Boston got another title tonight   Brandun  15
 So I scored a 1000 rds of 5.56 penetrator ammo.   Sith_Mauler  6
 Incubating Fertilized Cadbury Creme Eggs   -TheHunt-  4
 Pentacostal church seeks to revive faith by taking up serpents.   Terminius_Est  5
 I just found the PMs that led me to VN   murron2  11
 Heyyyyyy now   Gaevren  9
 California judge orders rape victim jailed to testify against the defendant.   Sith_Mauler  9
 I think more hos should be posting some tits pics.   phantasma_SC  14
 who else likes that show new girl?   Motar98  6
 If you went to the casino w/ a friend for their 21st and you won big.   WhipSmack  20
 When they eat corn it comes out undigested    Cuttlery  8
 i swear i've seen every video on wimp   -Eps  7
 When did you start wearing clothes around your kids?   Allmightybob_MLF  4
 Official petition for an official riot....since the end is near and crap.   Ptilk  17
 "100 Funniest Movies to See Before You Die.”    tsingtao2  8
 Ok, dremels can eff stuff up REALLY FAST. Duly noted.   Bakuun  7
 chinese food be ordered   Fozzie_Bear  12
 I hope you all have a Happy Easter tomorrow   Arch_Magi  4
 ***The 885th (and maybe final) semi annual ACFer awards***   Cuttlery  52
 .   Fozzie_Bear  1
 WHAT   caffeino00  5
 Hey Brandun, did you forget you voluntarily joined a fantasy baseball league?   OG_Loki  4
 cuttlery needs to get his ass in gear to do one of those awards threads   aon_mixed  8
 yuki would appreciate this   aon_mixed  7
 ofn   Crystal_Knight  1
 How I Play Skyrim   _Elwood_  4
 If this place is going tits up, Mithan should make you all mods.   zukey  16
 So, this place is going away?   ferdinand.the.great  9
 Please don't let Gandalf ruin your vision of what we're like on DT   Arcilite_I  19
 21 amazing easter eggs   ikkoikki  2
 ACF appreciation thread.   Reapist  31
 The end is near! My message of hope.   OutpostJesus  12
 So i'm curious, anyone here actually "get" this pic?   GrimTempest  6
 Magic threatened to trade Howard to the Lakers   ikkoikki  5
 Ex-Girlfriend Busted For Brutal Scrotum Attack (he went to Ball Memorial Hospital)   aon_mixed  1
 hit him in the face after he said she was "ugly" and that's why he wouldn't have sex with her   aon_mixed  10
 FAQ Needed for the IGN merger   Gandalf_of_the_Shire  32
 have you seen her wiener?   aon_mixed  4
 Stop it now   jonus156  5
 The next great science hoax?   Aerlinthian  7
 Weird Weird Weird   Reapist  4
 It's not often that video really elevates itself to the level of art but I believe that this one did   Aerlinthian  0
 FYC probably made this pie graph   aon_mixed  3
 Chineese teen sells kidney to buy an IPhone and an IPad   Terminius_Est  6
 like my new hair?   Jezza_Belle  31
 mission impossible ghost protocol is amazingly bad   Caoilin  19
 Looking through my PM list.... I was the king of the Focusing Stone quest on WE   Major-Spamming-Stone  1
 I want a 300 thread   caffeino00  104
 why are you idiots helping rally?   Caoilin  9
 Aon is ready for this weekend   the_great_intex  1
 Damn - I actually liked his work...   Stormyblade  7
 boars merge sucks....drunk as you all...specually ticky   Itab  9
 Girl refuse to stop slow dancing with would be groom. What do you think the would be bride would do?   Fallen_daemon  7
 was that the final season of spartacus?    Caoilin  11
 What are you listening to?   notmforce2k  0
 This guy took a bullet to the head to save his owner and survived!   FineYoungCannibals  5
 I just spent an hour and a half trying to figure out why cURL wouldn't output to the browser   -Prismatic-  1
 awesome post from cutt, someone sent it to me in a pm in 04   Motar98  2
 G'Night ACF   Arch_Magi  9
 Squeeze Box cover   Reapist  1
 Kill her.   Reapist  7
 How many pages of Private Messages do you have?   Arch_Magi  79
 Good scam running your own charity and milking it.   Fallen_daemon  0
 the world won't end at Dec 2012 but will probably suck around 2030 according to some dude from MIT.   Fallen_daemon  8
 news/hiofi post :p. I would so hit these Jewish girls with money!   Fallen_daemon  16
 All of my teeth hurt on my lower jaw   -Prismatic-  13
 When you're on IGN boards will you post on the vesti as well, or just this place?   karld316  13
 If I am Banned on the IGN boards does that mean I will be banned here as well when you do the merge?   karld316  3
 what the hell...since i don't know if i'll bother to do more hiofi after the merger   GrimTempest  9
 Crazy rule number 1 don't mess with nuts!!! man confronts crazy man with a gun....   Fallen_daemon  8
 Pardon Pruto Fer A Sek   Ordal  4
 Hard drive backup software   timtheswordsman  1
 IF you fall down sick in the snow with 42 st bernards, what's the likely hood one gives u alcohol?   -Eps  5
 What are you eating tonight Acf?   Kordirn  11
 Just saw someone with MJ's disease   Webscar  22
 Caption me   HeartView  8
 F.U.G.L.Y.   HeartView  2
 The "revenage attacks started" 78 year old man beaten for Trayvon.    Fallen_daemon  20
 F-18 hornet crashed in Virgina   Terminius_Est  6
 Can we get a new acf link to IGN already before the merger?   Fallen_daemon  11
 how long do you feel a work boot should last you when you invest $170+   mightbe  29
 This place is kaput? Huh? Wha Happened?   Second_Chance  37
 so i was hanging out with this chick last night   mightbe  0
 What are you doing tonight ACF?   _sooz_  35
 Hit and run? about NOPE!   AkagiyamaMissile  0
 If someone wanted to steal sensitive information from your workplace, how easy would it be?   Ordal  24
 *sad face*   Jezza_Belle  2
 User ID and Registration date user dump   -Prismatic-  52
 Which ACFer is this?   HeartView  5
 Navy jet crashes in apartment complex.   RRwho37_2000  3
 Americans brace for next foreclosure wave   combat_mage_sc  4
 This is bull!   HeartView  9
 For Reapist:   Hawkson  11
 So... in two weeks... will we still get the spam ratings?   HeartView  5
 I ate at a Vietmanes place for the first ime in my life today.   Reapist  35
 If you guys want your Mod notes..................   Reapist  101
 Kanye West may not be as bad as the media has led us to believe.   Reapist  2
 I wanna kick anebriated 1537 times in the nuts and then donkey punch him 3 blocks    _Alexandra_  3
 Hey Spammy McSpammspam   jungalist  8
 Do you personally know anyone with his or her own article on Wikipedia ?   Bork_the_orc  17
 Damn. I don't think I will hit 20k before ACF is no more :,(   -Ducky-  25
 what is ACF eating right now?   combat_mage_sc  9
 Progress!   deadcactus  1
 Just got into a fight on Facebook about god.. Now I need proof of his existence.    combat_mage_sc  22
 And the 'Almost Darwin Award' goes to...   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 ever forget where you parked   Motar98  10
 Navy Jet crashes into apartment complex   AkagiyamaMissile  8
 *sigh* this may involve a lot of typing, but...POST HERE IF YOU NEED A LINK TO *THE OTHER ACF*   AkagiyamaMissile  55
 Pole Dancing   Reapist  6
 Trailer for Oliver Stone's 'Savages'   AkagiyamaMissile  2
 stolen from reddit: Somali pirates try to raid cargo ship   EbonDragon  5
 time to put a cork in it   aon_mixed  6
 totally cool: a blood pillow   aon_mixed  3
 What are you listening to? (4/6/2012)   Lanacan  1
 Gilligan   Itab  3
 If the boards get basically gutted, majorly pooched or community divided, are you done?   Aerlinthian  98
 the 'put bread in it' reboot   aon_mixed  3
 How do you feel about extramarital assassinations?   Ordal  0
 If you can only see one movie this summer, THIS is the one to see   Arch_Magi  6
 Do you know anyone that's had Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty?   Reapist  0
 What time will I make Sith melt down today?   Reapist  15
 Wrath of the Titans was pretty good   -Mithan-  8
 How do you feel about extraterrestrial assassinations?    Reapist  3
 Shoot a nail into your heart. Die three times.   Reapist  2
 Somebody turn this into a icon for me plz?   Sith_Mauler  2
 How do you feel about extrajudicial assassinations?   Ordal  3
 If you had to lose an arm or a leg, which would you choose and why?   Bork_the_orc  28
 wut   Reapist  2
 Anyone got a Tera CBT5 Key?   Talehon69  10
 8.2% unemployment, Yeah Right !   Nestor_II  53
 Its like a social CRM for social outcasts   HeartView  3
 nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnope!   aon_mixed  1
 Has someone posted this movie trailer yet?   Stormyblade  4
 A mellow Friday morning song.   Reapist  1
 Would it bother you in the least to be married to a ten cousin once removed?   Reapist  18
 Going to the woods as soon as the ATT tech gets here.   Sith_Mauler  0
 wish I was waking up still drunk on a beach in the Carribian   Fozzie_Bear  3
 Would you strip search someone for not paying a traffic ticket? Even if they had?   Reapist  4
 So I had a dream last night for the first time in ages.   Sith_Mauler  7
 Peanut butter and jelly flavored vodka   Terminius_Est  2
 You can build an earthquake home or a tsunami proof home   Terminius_Est  8
 Whats the theme song to the movie about your life ?   suntzukali2  9
 Woke up this morning...   Fozzie_Bear  2
 Is ACF life going to just continue on, but with a facelift, or...   jungalist  9
 So much nostalgia on the front page...   AkagiyamaMissile  0
 You stay classy Comcast.   Kordirn  0
 Webscar I think the Snuggles needs to be posted one more time before the end of VN ACF   Major-Spamming-Stone  0
 I want 200k before the merge   -Prismatic-  4
 My "Our" Favorite posts so far from the days of VN ACF.   Major-Spamming-Stone  2
 Late night snack   -Prismatic-  2
 How is everyone looking up old posts? I keep getting an error.   Major-Spamming-Stone  6
 Hockey people: Have you ever seen this one before? SJ vs LA 4/6   Gildash  2
 Weapon of choice, open-top football stadium, you start in the end zone   purplehugmonkey  4
 So I'm eligible to join the National Society for Sons of the American Revolution   -Prismatic-  4
 I totally got a remote control LED bulb today   TickyAtack  9
 Lets see how high we can count, in order now   mightbe  6
 Post the op of your most favorite post, that you feel you ever made.   Hyperimiator  3
 ROFL   -Eps  10
 I seriously owned my bathroom 5 and a half years ago.   MoFoEskimo  4
 300 Club   OG_Loki  22
 So since we're merging, I guess I'll post the ratings source code once the merge is complete.   -Prismatic-  1
 I've always wanted a 300 thread, so how bout helping a brother out ACF?   -Rally-  318
 Greatest tongue twister ever?   Mangler_SC  1
 Suggest me a CD...   deadcactus  15
 come clean, which alts are yours   Motar98  77
 I just managed to shock myself with 115v across my hands   -Prismatic-  10
 what is the most disgusting thing in you should be embarrassed about   -Darkfire-  6
 Ask me anything VN related   -Mithan-  515
 what are you nerds doing for spring break   -Darkfire-  13
 Could Obama find Waldo?   deadcactus  6
 What are your best memories of the VN Boards?   -Mithan-  171
 What were the last three songs you listened to?   murron2  4
 The Board Merge comes next week   -Mithan-  63
 Half a million Mac computers 'infected with malware'   Sith_Mauler  14
 And Suddenly . . . .    Rhodoman  2
 HIOFI: Women in Uniforms   murron2  2
 My brother's band could possibly open up for one of his biggest influences (Help Please!!) :]   -Mythik-  12
 OFN? 7 year old pizza dough toss   AkagiyamaMissile  15
 For you Skyrim fans   sliyurs  2
 The King of Grunge Died 18 Years ago Today   combat_mage_sc  32
 I am going to do you cigar smoking guys a favor and cough up some info.   Hyperimiator  18
 Question of the week: Any thoughts on the rutabaga?   aon_mixed  3
 According to Swedish lifestyle magazine Land, it is a rotating cock, which when blown, spins on ball   aon_mixed  2
 Former Cowboys assistant Avezzano dies   -Foxy-  0
 OMG how did I miss this! INFECTONATOR 2!!   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 lets play a game   FineYoungCannibals  1
 I want one of these !!!!!! (YT)   tsingtao2  0
 Who needs blood pressure medication when you can touch a boob.   Hyperimiator  7
 HIOFI - "This glove is tasty" Edition   HeartView  18
 We can't go a day without hearing about how messed up Florida is   ikkoikki  9
  HIOFI - Hankercheif Edition   Lanacan  20
 AHHHHHMYGAAAWWWD! Getitoffgetitoffgetitoff   Lanacan  5
 Honda Ruckus cool for a scooter.   Sith_Mauler  9
 Everyone at work is sick   the_great_intex  6
 Time waster...   AkagiyamaMissile  0
 oopss duplicate!   Jyiiga  0
 Which fast food place will it be?   -Drack-  11
 Toledo: 78-Year-Old Man Pummeled By Six Youths Screaming “This Is For Trayvon” “Kill That White Man   combat_mage_sc  12
 Caption this...   AkagiyamaMissile  8
 check out this slip and slide   aon_mixed  3
 Fallout for free on GoG   Kordirn  6
 What to make for Easter Dessert?   Natoli  13
 Touch the kid you die.   Lanacan  2
 Man sentenced to 15.5 years for DUI driving accident that killed 5 year old.   Gibbon_raver  36
 Should Dr. Who let gay people in the show?    JD_HOGG  30
 Robosquirrel, state of the art in rodent science.   Terminius_Est  5
 There's 2 girls in my class that always be staring at me   ikkoikki  41
 HIOFI: Confused?   JD_HOGG  13
 Time to replace the car...4-door sedan thoughts?   Hawkson  87
 Waitress finds 12k and cops are trying to steal it   Fozzie_Bear  23
 Burger King pulls Mary J Blige commercial   AkagiyamaMissile  32
 Kony - Video Part II   DunesVladHarkonnen  4
 Pucker Factor 11 of the day: Avalanche edition   AkagiyamaMissile  8
 Cops strong-arm waitress out of tip   combat_mage_sc  5
 Woman gets no chicken nuggets in the ghetto, nobody helps.    JD_HOGG  9
 HIOFI - "What's shiny, black, and about to come off?" Edition   HeartView  27
 Caption me   HeartView  0
 This is what I imagine TUG's life is like most days.   Ordal  69
 So what happens if your vice president pick resigns just prior to the election?   HeartView  5
 Police gets shot in the ghetto, nobody helps.   Fallen_daemon  28
 Is it possible to "solo" in ACF?   JD_HOGG  7
 Help me with the spice rub for my next brisket.   Terminius_Est  38
 Less than 2 minutes ago I changed this childs diaper   Cuttlery  13
 Is it possible to "solo" in real life?   Caledric  22
 Black politican(D) wants a race riot in DC.   Fallen_daemon  6
 New Mass Effect 3 ending coming as DLC...   -VanDraegon-  2
 Who needs a new roomate?   Dwaveran  4
 Audio tape surfaces of Saints coaches instructing players to hurt opponents   Cuttlery  20
 Tiger Woods: Will he win!??   JD_HOGG  11
 Revised per ironious ...   Webscar  3
 Masters starts today, time for women to bitch about Augusta not letting them in   JD_HOGG  10
 fozzie, heres an update to the *your mom* gif you drop all the time   aon_mixed  6
  Should Greece be allowed to waste money on the Summer Olympics?   Sith_Mauler  9
 This is why dogs rule!!!   Sith_Mauler  6
 Is it possible to "solo" in Assassin's Creed?   Allmightybob_MLF  5
 Shell is considering building plant that would convert natural gas into diesel   Terminius_Est  12
 ______ Morning   winga  14
 thinking about growing mustache   EbonDragon  25
 Paraplegic Woman tossed 150 feet into ravine   murron2  10
 Drinks on me tonight boys!   -Prismatic-  16
 Wet dream.   Reapist  8
 knowing what you know, where does my intellegence fall between...   mightbe  6
 What bands have you seen in concert and what venue did you love the most?   murron2  37
 Saw Little Feat in concert many years ago in Baltimore...   murron2  6
 ME3 Multiplayer on PC... anyone?   Wulfgarr  6
 Yesterday, Baltimore lost to a community college. Today, they lost to Norfolk.   Albdestroyer  19
 seriously, k-cups,    mightbe  35
 What else can I put hummus on?   Ferrydust  54
 Go on and have your kids! I have my babies already!   Bakuun  12
 Why is GameFly pushing AC2? I thought it was dead years ago?   zukey  3
 So...been playing alot of Orcs Must Die and I just found some awesome news   GrimTempest  1
 is it possible to "solo" in Skyrim?   Fozzie_Bear  28
 interview tomorrow morning   Jezza_Belle  21
 NFL fans grade your teams mock draft according to   Sith_Mauler  14
 the new and improved Capri Sun was unveiled today   aon_mixed  3
 Blizzard Titan MMO?   Sith_Mauler  23
 Meanwhile in the mental hospital   Lanacan  13
 HIOFI - "Line 'em up!" Edition   HeartView  14
 The scaling of celestial bodies   Sith_Mauler  12
 Is she a boy or a lady?   Terminius_Est  26
 texting while driving....   tsingtao2  16
 ewwwwwwww   Jezza_Belle  10
 Typical ACF behavior    Sith_Mauler  7
 Our bourke parakeet laid eggs   EbonDragon  31
 Project Glass   HeartView  8
 So I'm moving into a new Townhouse at the end of the month....   Caledric  11
 For the record, I have no alts   HeartView  16
 Could the mods release a top 10 funny un ban request list?   Tipztoe  40
 Do you participate in a Mike Hunt of any kind for easter?    Tipztoe  7
 LFM Hogger   Fozzie_Bear  7
 There is a chance I have cancer.   Albdestroyer  73
 Pucker Factor 11 of the day:    AkagiyamaMissile  11
 The girl who loves to levitate   Jezza_Belle  4
 Please to fix and post spam ratings already!   Caledric  8
 Now that the courts and layers and depositions are done.. Do I tell my story?   Brandun  108
 Democracy in Action, PSA: Starbucks Frappuccino bottles perfect for Molotov cocktails   Hyperimiator  2
 Do you participate in an Egg hunt of any kind for easter?   Caledric  14
 A Genie gives you 3 wishes...   Caledric  36
 Candidate Obama would have been such a better president than President Obama   Ordal  0
 I've decided I'm going to vote for Obama   Caledric  2
 Maryland Mega Millions winner hides ticket    JD_HOGG  22
 WANT of the day:   AkagiyamaMissile  27
 Romeny did it all wrong with sandwich bribes, use giant boobies instead   aon_mixed  9
 So, my boss just gave us Easter Monday as well as Good Friday off...   DunesVladHarkonnen  33
 Ubama Granting Illegal Democrats “Unlawful Presence Waivers” To Halt Deportations   combat_mage_sc  5
 Dog eats man’s Masters tickets right before he leaves for Augusta   aon_mixed  10
 The Baltimore Orioles lost to a Community college yesterday.   Albdestroyer  8
 I went for my first run with the vibram shoes on monday   TickyAtack  16
 Last night i did the stupid   mightbe  7
 Combat's worst nightmare has come true   Dark_EternalFF  6
 guys it's c++ class again! don't you love M/T/W when we can chat!   -Eps  9
 Associated Press Chief Slobbers Uncontrollably Over Ubama   combat_mage_sc  2
 Paging Race Hustlers: 50-Year-Old White Man On Life Support After Black Teens Beat Him With a Hammer   combat_mage_sc  10
 Canada: No More Discounted Oil For US, Will Start Selling To China Even If Obama Changes Mind   combat_mage_sc  21
 Zimmerman The Only Person Who Stood Up For Homeless Black Man Beaten By Cop’s Son.   combat_mage_sc  19
 Pets in your lap while you are driving...   AkagiyamaMissile  30
 -Golf Clap Funcom-   Jyiiga  4
 MIssing!   aon_mixed  2
 all mobile phones should be built as well as a Nokia   aon_mixed  15
 The Lions wont have a team to start if they keep getting arrested at this rate.   Sith_Mauler  1
 so Bjork is either mightbe or F_D, is that how it works?   aon_mixed  4
 Do homosexuals have the right to fly the rainbow flag on military bases?   Sith_Mauler  147
 how very uninteresting   aon_mixed  2
 Looks like NBC is going to be paying Zimmerman.   Sith_Mauler  28
 watched Dr Who last night   Fozzie_Bear  22
 ______ Morning   winga  6
 The Amazing Spider-Man New Trailer .... OFN? (YT)   tsingtao2  3
 Happy birthday tillsb!!   -Foxy-  14
 Oh god that accent   -Prismatic-  2
 Need your opinion acf   EbonDragon  21
 Romney breaks election laws, buys voters with sandwich subs   levgre  45
 What are you listening to?   notmforce2k  8
 A neckless woman, a wizard, and Captain Potato live with 134 cats. This is their story.   ACX  3
 So is Cracka banned forever?   Itab  45
 NCAA Women's Basketball champs...   JD_HOGG  10
  The fact Belichick got that team to the Superbowl this year with that Defense    Brandun  21
 I wish I was a little bit taller...   Bakuun  16
 Do you wear pants inside your house ACF?   the_great_intex  54
 Im sorry acf that i have not graced tou with my presense lately   mightbe  10
 For Caledric: A hummingbird does a barrel roll.   AkagiyamaMissile  9
 Jimmy Kimmel "I Silverstoned my kid"   AkagiyamaMissile  4
 man nothing lets you know how out of shape you are like boxing   Caoilin  8
 Any of you ladies, or webscar?   Jezza_Belle  14
 Need advice: is $120 dollars too much to pay for love?   Moe_Nox  14
 My alma mater celebrates April Fools Day   timtheswordsman  4
 commute just short of 2 hours on a 45-50 normal day.. what's your threshold before you get pissed?   Brandun  54
 Caption this...   AkagiyamaMissile  8
 How to run track in Hawaii.   AkagiyamaMissile  9
 Which is the evil Abed?   Ordal  7
 What are you drinking tonight ACF?   le_mot  26
 I scooped Yahoo News   Arc_DT  7
 WHEW!!! Fozzy, I think it's time to....   AkagiyamaMissile  4
 Board System Error    -Foxy-  16
 Which is the good Dr Who?   deadcactus  18
 One of the 64'' printers doesn't like me today....   Nestor_II  11
 Weather....   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 Foxy, you ok down there?   tsingtao2  25
 Tuesday Time Waster   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 You know why I stay on ACF?   .-Vega-.  13
 I can't bear to watch this...   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 Had a speaker from Kyrgyzstan in today    ikkoikki  28
 Honda Anti-Theft Negotiator.   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 well now what do i do that i've browsed all the images on imgur   -Eps  7
 Are you an introvert or an extrovert?   Allmightybob_MLF  16
 Instagram for Andriod now available   Lanacan  11
 Do these extroverts make my butt look big?   aon_mixed  9
 How do you guys feel about the new Seahawks Uniforms?   sliyurs  21
 Eric's hot sister Laurie from That 70's Show   AkagiyamaMissile  25
 Do introverts typically dislike extroverts and vice versa?   the_great_intex  43
 Which ACFer is this?   Lanacan  8
 WTH gets brake dust off of vehicle rims?   Second_Chance  11
 Bond to swap martinis for...Heineken.   Dark_EternalFF  63
 HIOFI: Cosplay Edition 4/3   GrimTempest  7
 Should you be able to edit e-mails   MoFoEskimo  4
 Do these shorts make my butt look big?   Silverwuf  20
 Husband's doctor's appointment had some good and some bad news...   pkhere  46
 Danes: not only great, but happy as well   Wolfpaw_We  1
 Why are we NOT doing this?   Lithium_Power  1
 ____ Morning   winga  6
 The worst part about waking up at 5 whatever in the morning   Cuttlery  6
 Archage is looking pretty good   Kordirn  0
 Can you name this ACF'er?   EbonDragon  16
 So I restored an air compressor.   -Prismatic-  11
 G'night all...   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 No gif zone   Itab  45
 Just ate 1.5 pounds of chicken breast   OG_Loki  21
 Impressive   Sith_Mauler  6
 The new motorcycle is home. This has been an insane 4 days.   Bakuun  18
 Late night HIOFI:    AkagiyamaMissile  5
 I wanna say something.... if you like it, you can take it, if you don’t, just send it right back...   Element_X  4
 Bro rape: My worst nightmare.   MoFoEskimo  6
 Keith Apicary auditioning   EbonDragon  0
 The only thing stopping the title from going to Kentucky now...   Chogram  4
 So... I'm going to be paid $120 an hour... for... basically hosting/male escorting this dude..   MoFoEskimo  215
 My Reapist post of the day...Lost meme...Funnay   Itab  1
 TV reminder Bones and House are new tonight.   AkagiyamaMissile  4
 Minecraft: 60+ workers, 3 days, 'Red Rock City'   AkagiyamaMissile  17
 Its April 2nd and the lawn looks like it needs to be mowed    Cuttlery  31
 93-year-old Florida woman retires her ’64 Mercury after 576,000 miles on the road   Terminius_Est  25
 greedy parent steals almost a half million $$$ from child.   tsingtao2  16
 what no post on the new guild music video? :O    Caoilin  16
 Oh the irony...   Varece  3
 It's the little/simple things   Steelwind_Oo  9
 Any HTML gurus on?   gatzby  2
 'Dumb And Dumber 2' Set To Film This Fall With Jim Carrey And Jeff Daniels    combat_mage_sc  20
 Another crafty post: started a blanket this weekend.   _sooz_  16
 We're one month! (almost... :D)   Malrothien  16
 Ever have a day like this? And yes, it's old.   Reapist  5
 WTF Arizona wants a internet censorship law banning cussing, insults, sexual innuendo..............   Sith_Mauler  33
 do you speak anal?   aon_mixed  7
 Jsut another school shooting. Sure to be old news.   Reapist  11
 It's the perfect day outside today!   Gaevren  29
 anyone want a Diet Coke?   -Accident-  14
 I want one...   Jyiiga  4
 Congressmen suggest they need to be bribed to pass legislation   Hyperimiator  34
 some folks here in the lab had way too much spare time this weekend   -Accident-  7
 Rising Melanoma Rate Hits Young Women Hardest   the_great_intex  3
 How many years of prison for dognapping?   Reapist  14
 Autism Awareness Day   Varece  30
 Real, or fake?   AkagiyamaMissile  8
 Helvetica, sans-serif, arial   -Eps  14
 so who else didn't go to sleep last night   -Eps  22
 German crash proof motorcycle.   Reapist  13
 ACF What are your favorite Picnic foods?   Caledric  31
 Some guy in a crappy car ran over my foot as I was leaving an event   Tipztoe  9
 OK one more thread..**.Need some good thoughts please**    pkhere  13
 Wisdom tooth is out...jaw hurts 8(   pkhere  12
 Markets predict Supreme Court will overturn health care law   Fozzie_Bear  1
 New wheels!!!!   pkhere  30
 Caption this...   AkagiyamaMissile  5
 First trailer for 'Total Recall' and 'Ted'   AkagiyamaMissile  22
 Well the Knicks have no issues lying to fans to sell tickets.   Sith_Mauler  9
 We knew this was going to happen....Mega millions info   Nestor_II  34
 TAP TAP TAP   Reapist  7
 ______ Morning   winga  14
 Went to Canada this weekend.   Xanzo  40
 Which team will win the NCAA basketball championship?   -Foxy-  27
 AK I love you man! Guess what I have been using to sleep lately?   Major-Spamming-Stone  4
 Nobody mentioned south park meme episode? bread on cat head?   -Eps  2
 are we the elite?   Anebriated  16
 Goodnight y'all...   AkagiyamaMissile  6
 Was up in Julian, CA today. Got some photos for you.   -Prismatic-  8
 G'night.   Reapist  4
 Fake or real?   Reapist  18
 Some kid really embarrased me yesterday.   Reapist  23
 dream house could have been a good movie   Caoilin  3
 The first 5 TOS friendly replies to this thread become my sig lines.   BritonGuy  17
 testing   -Eps  0
 How do people with ghost writers sleep at night?   BritonGuy  11
 Does your town have open burning?   Sgian_Dubh  30
 instead of PMing Mithan, drop him a line here   aon_mixed  4
 A cute bear video for Cao   the_great_intex  6
 Pucker Factor: 11 of the night. That Tow Truck Driver edition   AkagiyamaMissile  11
 ~~~~~Game of Thrones~~~~ NO SPOILERS!   Jezza_Belle  77
 When all of a sudden...   AkagiyamaMissile  17
 AWwwwww   -Eps  2
 Like a boss max combo bonous.   Sith_Mauler  4
 Just heard George R Martin died   OG_Loki  16
 Mithan is lame   -Eps  5
 I'm a big Star Trek fan, but...   jungalist  4
 MPAA Announces Kickstarter Campaign for Film Decrying Internet's Impact on Creative Works   Caoilin  4
 wine tasting   tsingtao2  31
 lmao. Wheres Ikk? Bulls just got blasted by OKC   Gilligan.USCG  10
 Appreciation: How much is evident in your life?   murron2  29
 I want Dallas to win the Pacific Division... but if we dont   Bakuun  1
 I told my wife, "Pack your bags! I won the lottery!"   Reapist  8
 this gif is cool crazy weird   aon_mixed  11
 So now we see what Pelosi ment    Fozzie_Bear  14
 Insanity Wolf is my favorite meme   Fozzie_Bear  3
 Summer Weekends now officially handled   Fozzie_Bear  23
 Test   ikkoikki  2
 lunch!   -Foxy-  5
 ryan-leaf-arrested-burglary-drug-charges   Brandun  13
 Mithan's Babe Post for April 1, 2012 (Vanessa Arias)   -Mithan-  21
 google maps goes to dragon quest for apirl fools!   tsingtao2  2
 Who is this?   Reapist  9
 HIOFI Cosplay Edition 4/1/12   GrimTempest  5
 How often do you wink?   Caledric  15
 Is scat allowed on ACF? NSFW   Sith_Mauler  3
 Wolf cookie   Reapist  5
 its kinda nice out...   Fozzie_Bear  5
 by request, a hiofi thread!   -Foxy-  23
 Reply to this thread...   timtheswordsman  1
 Or what   Itab  4
 NBC caught modifying Zimmerman 911 tape.   Sith_Mauler  24
 So March was the hottest on record here. yay!!!!   Sith_Mauler  8
 That didn't last long.   Caledric  1
 Attention: New Rule! From now all, only the Moderators can START THREADS here   -Mithan-  17
 Ok ACF... you are about to start dating someone new...   Caledric  22
 *sad face* These past 3 years have been the worst of my life    The_Town_Perv  35
 Blizzard launches a series of games aimed at the 6 and up crowd   aon_mixed  6
 So TOR has started sending out the "Please come back" emails.   Sith_Mauler  12
 RYE IT!   Fozzie_Bear  1
 HIOFI: Late Night Tassel Edition   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 who told katy perry she could act?   Caoilin  15
 This is a fight.   RRwho37_2000  15
 Hmm my birthday presents are fun   TickyAtack  36
 can we get a list going of the April fools stuff?   EbonDragon  25
 Tom Cruise   FineYoungCannibals  1
 i filled out the paperwork to get my grandfather cremated yesterday, i heard this story   aon_mixed  8
 From the; New & Exciting Ways to Kill Each Other Dept...   Aerlinthian  6
 so nervous...   Anebriated  4
 So, if i leave a 1dollar tip for a glass of free water at the bar   mightbe  8
 Just as we thought, Octomom is now on welfare in California....   Nestor_II  11
 Whats the funniest meme/gif?   Itab  7
 CDs from the public library   -Accident-  6
 Don't remember if I ever posted this, Christopher Hitchens last article   Terminius_Est  0
 This is cool, A wind map of the US....   Nestor_II  8
 Sci Fi short 'Waking Summer'   AkagiyamaMissile  2
 I don't care WHO said it...   Varece  3
 "She'll make .5 past light speed"   Terminius_Est  36
 Ohio State vs Kansas   Mangler_SC  13
 Louisville vs Kentucky   Mangler_SC  10
 Indiana gymnasium shredded by tornado   AkagiyamaMissile  9
 Who's been a GOOD boy?!?!? Who wants a coconut?!?!   AkagiyamaMissile  2
 What are you listening to ACF?   the_great_intex  31
 @reapist   aon_mixed  4
 Does anyone here use on your TV thru a PS3?   Reapist  3
 Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor in five minutes    Aerlinthian  3
 Bruins have (6) 20 goal scorers this season   Brandun  3
 What insect/rodent/animal would would have the best chance to take over the world?   Brandun  36
 Saturday time waster   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 TaxMasters to pay 195 million...   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 Justice for Trayvon. dozen Black teens beat up hispanic kid.    Fallen_daemon  20
 A reminder for tomorrow....(WARNING/LANGUAGE)   AkagiyamaMissile  11
 Google Maps Quest: Google Releases 8-Bit Version Of Mapping Tool For April Fool's Day   ikkoikki  11
 I have to write an essay about Australia   ikkoikki  17
 I don't care what you say, it's womens work!   Terminius_Est  2
 Alchol has me feeling no pain. Now I want to cook   Terminius_Est  2
 Do you feel sorry for Tiger Woods. (please read text)   Terminius_Est  51
 In your day to day life do you notice a bad economy?   WhipSmack  31
 I owie my back playing golf last Sat., I'm feeling good so all I did was   Terminius_Est  4
 Funny Disaster Date    combat_mage_sc  1
 write protected SD card? how to un-write protect it?   tsingtao2  7
 A WWII combat flight sim mmo.   Sith_Mauler  11
 I was famous for a night in Vancouver   Bakuun  78
 So why arent companies willing to train new hires anymore?   Sith_Mauler  28
 Aw YEAH! no mods on   Fozzie_Bear  20
 Looking for a new vehicle (or used)   zthar  9
 I found Combat's dog...   AkagiyamaMissile  4
 The search is on for the Mega Millions jackpot winner   Terminius_Est  9
 Respect 'Protest'   ryu_masamune  1
 Woot got a beta invite!    NonOffensiveName  5
 Tomorrow is April Fools.   BritonGuy  7
 Ive got a goldeeeeennn tiicckkeeetttt    NonOffensiveName  4
 r/popping   -Prismatic-  1
 Motorcycle People: Luggage   deadcactus  4
 I won it.   BritonGuy  24
 Why have there been so many threads about the lottery lately?    ikkoikki  13
 Zimmerman wasnt allowed to own any guns at the time he shot trayvon.   _Elwood_  21
 If any of you Washingtonians are bored tomorrow   OG_Loki  5
 I bought 2 grass-fed rib eyes and the butcher was all    OG_Loki  27
 You think if you won the mega millions   .-Vega-.  15
 as a kid i got lost coming down the summit of this mountain   _Elwood_  2
 FWP: What are your megamillions numbers for tonights drawing?   Itab  20
 Like a Boss with a hockey stick.   Sith_Mauler  11
 High Chicago   Terminius_Est  9
 just heard the neighbor's chihuahua go nuts like something was trying to eat it   Jezza_Belle  2
 what are you saturday plans?   Anebriated  30
 Loving Calamity   Rhodoman  4
 i don't understand who this was made for   Caoilin  12
 Why do they call it brain derived neurotrophic factor   .-Vega-.  11
 did JANES get a reboot without me noticing?   Fozzie_Bear  10
 Allergy suffering doctors of ACF   _Alexandra_  25
 Time waster...   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 I bought 15lbs of cod at krogers, today.   combat_mage_sc  22
 Probably OFN: Darren Aronofsky's Kohl's commercial with Jennifer Lopez   AkagiyamaMissile  0
 Caption this...   AkagiyamaMissile  8
 Can you tell this is not her first time?!   murron2  17
 Bohemian-Rhapsody-in-its-entirety-in-back-of-police-car   murron2  2
 if bill gates won the lottery tonight   Motar98  11
 Intellectual Property   ryu_masamune  32
 Pucker factor 11 of the day   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 just a reminder April Fools is Sunday.. any good ideas? any done to you?   Brandun  10
 They're all choked up over gaming in Cambodia   Jezza_Belle  11
 Today is national cleavage day   Jezza_Belle  15
 If Obama Won The Lottery Tonight   Fozzie_Bear  11
 Just got word: My House is Sold!   DunesVladHarkonnen  28
 It's a beautiful day...   deadcactus  8
 My Cars are finally on their way   Walker_ID  8
 The future of energy   suntzukali2  6
 If they already remade Battlestar Galactica...   Mangler_SC  10
 What book to movie crossover did the worst?    kigaro  96
 awesome slam dunk   suntzukali2  4
 whats your staple food?   -Darkfire-  34
 Mega Millions jackpot now an estimated 640 million dollars   Cuttlery  10
 @Canadians (and interested others) - did your read the new budget changes?   DunesVladHarkonnen  17
 Finally!   Varece  24
 Bloggy ranty post.   Sarena_WE  21
 Don't shop at my Safeway, today   Rhodoman  3
 I feel sleepy this morning.   Reapist  2
 WWII flight sim fans Birds of Steel    Sith_Mauler  1
 So, you think you can jump?   Reapist  2
 Data from more than 100 million credit and debit cards stolen.   Sith_Mauler  12
 A picture says a 1000 words.   Sith_Mauler  13
 My old squardon lost a plane.   Sith_Mauler  7
 Do you think anyone will win the lottery today?   Reapist  19
 How often do you drink?   winga  69
 site breaks down how much you'd get net out of 540 million lottery win for each state   putzbutt  76
 Whose penis do I have to suck to get into the planetside 2 beta?   ikkoikki  11
 WTF High Sunday 91 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Sith_Mauler  5
 Bikes? I don't see any bikes.   Reapist  4
 Did you buy mega millions tickets?   Cuttlery  48
 Another one that deserves the death penalty.   Reapist  8
 Just bought tickets for the babies first Twins game   Cuttlery  7
 ______ Morning   winga  6
 Has the gorilla prank been posted yet?   Reapist  3
 How many of you have tried and/or used the Opera browser?   HeartView  6
 Eh. Ehehe. Hehehehehe. They knew.   -Prismatic-  4
 Happy Birthday Ticky!!!!!   the_great_intex  40
 Someone doesn't know it yet, but tomorrow night their life changes forever   -Prismatic-  6
 I guess I should get a wedding gift   TickyAtack  25
 Do you consider fan fiction to be copyright infringement?    NonOffensiveName  27
 I love the first time i get to say "right meow" to a person   -Eps  23
 Do you have a cleft chin?   the_great_intex  12
 If Zimmerman is to be labeled    Rhodoman  47
 Man Attacked by Mountain Lion, Saved by Bear   jeune  13
 do dried apes rot?   iampk  7
 Hey Mithan   .-Vega-.  9
 I now own 2 motorcycles. I'm Hyper-lite.   Bakuun  8
 Name Some Games of '12   zarasaphire  13
 Why are Dyson vacuums on WOOT! so much?   EbonDragon  12
 For people who need background noise when they sleep   suntzukali2  7
 DAT SUN!   AkagiyamaMissile  5
 Bye bye Pennies!   jungalist  41
 What have you done for the zombie Apocalypse this week or this month? doomsday preppers show?   Fallen_daemon  2
 WoW Scroll of Resurrection   -_ReplicA_-  1
 For WoW Players   Lothland  15
 Am i being an idiot to refuse to even try this? (/flame suit on)   _sooz_  111
 (SPOILERS) Short clips from Game of Thrones: Season 2   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 Ugh, stupid resumes, lol...    Shazami  0
 name this rodent!    Caoilin  37
 Some basketball LOLz   Gilligan.USCG  2
 Anchorman 2 coming down the pike   combat_mage_sc  1
 Crunchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   Rockerchickie007  6
 New York City schools to ban the word 'dinosaur'.   AkagiyamaMissile  21
 Celebrity Apprentice   Tipztoe  0
 I always knew Ticky preferred Jewish guys.   AkagiyamaMissile  9
 Meanwhile, in Russia...   AkagiyamaMissile  9
 Cheese Doodles is SRS BZNS!!!   AkagiyamaMissile  4
 I'm doing a "Dragon Festival" in a few Weeks. wondering if an artist type can design me a shirt   OG_Loki  15
 What do you think of Fish Tail Survival Straps?   Reapist  4
 A solution for the creative types   HeartView  1
 Mind = blown (mostly for Game of Throne lovers)   NonOffensiveName  5
 did Metallica troll their fans with that Lou Reed album?   aon_mixed  9
 The world's slowest Linux PC   HeartView  6
 @China: WTF!? "Urine-soaked eggs a spring taste treat"   DunesVladHarkonnen  15
 who will you be voting for?   -Darkfire-  31
 uncanny   aon_mixed  8
 I don't think it's just during menopause   Lanacan  1
 "GO COWBOYS!"   Reapist  18
 HA!   Lithium_Power  1
 Dear ACF Blog: I got a cryptic facebook message Tuesday night from my old supervisor..   Itab  67
 teenage girl soccer player get tripped and beats the snot out of other player. vid   Fallen_daemon  54
 Lakers, Bulls, and Heat   Sith_Mauler  16
 I posted this the other evening and I think everyone missed it.   Reapist  6
  Dire Straits - Telegraph Road    Sith_Mauler  2
 Why can't elevators generate electricity?   JD_HOGG  6
 kiss kiss bang bang   aon_mixed  9
 Woot ultrasound abortion law struck down here, declared unconstitutional.    Sith_Mauler  8
 Have you seen the movie Looking for Mr. Goodbar?   Reapist  5
 _______________ Morning   winga  12
 OMG mothertrucking pollen.   Sith_Mauler  17
 Another clear cut case for capitol punishment if the facts are as reported.   Reapist  32
 I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took a....   Cao_Ren  10
 What would you do with 479M?   Reapist  91
 2 hours sleep   BritonGuy  13
 So, I found this band because of Wil Wheaton   Jezza_Belle  11
 Shopping for a hard drive   .-Vega-.  7
 You are not permitted to kill a woman who has wronged you,   Sith_Mauler  21
 You don't need to change your oil at every 3000 miles.   Fallen_daemon  30
 285, 270, 254, 115   EbonDragon  13
 Caption me   Reapist  3
 I'm glad I don't live here.   Reapist  5
 Anchorman 2 confirmed, Ron Burgundy makes announcement on Conan   ikkoikki  17
 Got my Audio-Technica ATH-M50s today...   deadcactus  1
 im playing heads up with my dad online   mightbe  0
 On what do you think the Supreme Court justices will primarily base their health care decision?   -Foxy-  25
 I gotta stop clicking youtube links from acf.   Sith_Mauler  1
 When potbellies are cute.   Reapist  15
 I dont get how someone can steal $200M and not be in jail?   Sith_Mauler  8
 Mega Millions - time to pick some numbers   Ferrydust  6
 whoa, look at the davy jones vid i found!   -Foxy-  2
 For Cutterly and Tessa   suntzukali2  1
 Barring a bad safety inspection...   Bakuun  22
 For all you cat lovers that tire of hearing how dogs protect their owners...   Hyperimiator  16
 Whats for dinner acf?   Kordirn  16
 Think any Afganis care about what this soldier did?   Hyperimiator  8
 One of the strangest songs that I seem to enjoy...   sliyurs  0
 snail facials, yeah, i'll just post the link and run like hell   aon_mixed  9
 Alicia Silverstone chews her son's food for him   aon_mixed  33
 happy birthday Kordirn!   -Foxy-  10
 i had no idea that judges were allowed to carry guns while up thar on the bench   aon_mixed  6
 Do flashing yellow stoplight arrows confuse you?   Dark_EternalFF  33
 My latest crochet project- Baby Booties!   _sooz_  11
 Electric eel vs alligator.   Sith_Mauler  17
 Wednesday time waster   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 9 months later: mermaid   aon_mixed  11
 Home Movies was sheer brilliance   ikkoikki  17
 HIOFI - "Guns and airbags" Edition   HeartView  8
 Caption me   HeartView  7
 HIOFI - "White Dress" Edition   HeartView  10
 I go pee I doing it rite?   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 HIOFI: Two heads is always better than one.   Sith_Mauler  12
 PSA for you lonely Nerds   Lanacan  5
 Hunger Games   Lanacan  2
 "I can't sit next to combat_mage."   Reapist  11
 Octomom is now a stripper.   Reapist  20
 Mass Effect 3: The Ending (Edit: Spoilers, Derp)   Allmightybob_MLF  9
 Well the NFL just made crackback blocks a personal foul.   Sith_Mauler  27
 Definition of a veteran.   Sith_Mauler  57
 Base jumping...Church edition?   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 Well, I was going to post as Cute_Milf, but these boards are stupid   4f735e1c4c1622c067  5
 It's TRAILERIFFIC! 'Rise of the Guardians', 'Strippers VS Werewolves', 'Hotel transylvania'.   AkagiyamaMissile  5
 What are you listening to ACF?   the_great_intex  19
 Tanks for everything!   .Sylva.  5
 Trailer Trash Whore (language)   Reapist  0
 Damned Easter Candy!   Jyiiga  14
 ACF'r's that wear ties to work...   Hawkson  6
 What are you looking forward to most when the Dems retake control of Congress, the Senate   Cuttlery  53
 Congress Jumps Shark   Rhodoman  12
 Jeune you hate white people, we get it.   Tipztoe  40
 there's a really cute milf in my classes this semester   -Eps  71
 Cumin   EbonDragon  16
 oh god my stomach...   -Eps  7
 This must be FYC's doing   Dark_EternalFF  3
 I found combat mage and he is a black guy :O. Real life uncle ruckus!!    Fallen_daemon  0
 Mega Millions - 476 Million now   Kriegprojekt  47
 The Stunning JFK Airport Baggage Scandal; 200 Thefts Per Day   Fallen_daemon  30
 Tebow is excited   jonus156  4
 Man I am NOT suffering fools well today   Fozzie_Bear  3
 Do you know who this is at a glance playing Mark Twain?   Reapist  7
 Hello!   Cuttlery  3
 a museum for nutshots   aon_mixed  3
 Why does Reap suck at links?   Fozzie_Bear  25
 Magic Johnsons investment group buys Dodgers for 2 billion dollars   Cuttlery  6
 Libertarian   HeartView  19
 Aliens are taking over France.   Reapist  5
 Why do I suck at links?   Reapist  3
 Wrecked review. (no spoilers by me, maybe by others)   Reapist  2
 _____ Morning   winga  12
 the dumbest crap on drawception is cracking me up   Caoilin  1
 No winners in the Mega Millions last night....   Nestor_II  1
 I got up at 3 AM to watch Base Ball   OG_Loki  8
 Late night HIOFI   AkagiyamaMissile  9
 Scary movie (or maybe our reality?): Obamaville   levgre  2
 Guess when Gaevren's baby will be born   purplehugmonkey  19
 Blu-Ray Player Question   Shazami  6
 question regarding returned mail   EbonDragon  18
 Spike Lee racist? He tweets wrong address of Zimmerman and now elderly couple is in danger.   Fallen_daemon  34
 It's been a long, stressful day. I unwind by __________   DunesVladHarkonnen  29
 My hospital bag is packed   Gaevren  21
 Do you have a 401k?   Ferrydust  47
 WTF is going on with the youtube lag?   Sith_Mauler  5
 How much do you have in your savings?   _Alexandra_  31
 Ya know...   Shazami  7
 Those who eat chocolate regularly tend to be slimmer   Terminius_Est  24
 Actor's memoir tells of affairs with Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor but not Whoopie Goldbergrg   Terminius_Est  4
 Eddie Rabbitt   -Foxy-  69
 Greatest Speech ever made... 72 years old and never did it ring truer   Caledric  3
 Bat_Avenger hits reddit top lists today, how about that   aon_mixed  6
 Typical of a NBA Player, Ex Chicago Bulls player is a dead beat   Cuttlery  17
 I've joined the ranks of ACF's brewers   the_great_intex  29
 I know its a longshot, but anyone here do face painting, or temp tattoos on people before?   Jezza_Belle  9
 If I win the mega millions Im out of here   suntzukali2  3
 Question for the ACF mental giants. What do you think of unions?   jonus156  37
 Majority of Republicans want Gingrich and Paul to quit.   Cuttlery  47
 Honey! im home!!   -Foxy-  21
 Trayvon protester Liberated a store to redistribute wealth and for justice!! Obama's sons?   Fallen_daemon  18
 seti @ home - space nerds   Tipztoe  11
 More drama from our sleepy little town.. a Milf has left her husband for another woman   Brandun  81
 36-hour face transplant 'most extensive' ever   AkagiyamaMissile  12
 BrowserQuest - A time waster brought to you by Mozilla   HeartView  8
 Police Report: Trayvon Suspended From School For Possessing Stolen Jewelry And Burglary Tool   combat_mage_sc  3
 Nooberness is kicking my butt at words with friends   Caledric  10
 NYC: Wall Street Occupier Wanted For Murder   combat_mage_sc  1
 When I win Mega Millions tonight   Cuttlery  19
 Due to current economic conditions the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.   Mangler_SC  6
 Yet Another Stabbing At Occupy San Fran Encampment, Second One This Week   combat_mage_sc  3
 Democrats Killed Trayvon!   combat_mage_sc  12
 I've seen over 350 episodes of the same show   -Eps  9
 Obama surrenders license for 45 days and gets one year probation   combat_mage_sc  2
 anyone ever try to get down to 10% bodyfat here?   shaggynuts24  38
 Jonathan Davis visits Ramstein AB, Germany (video)   .Kid.  6
 Today is the first day .... (baby thread)   the_tessa  17
 I never even noticed that dancing WOW cartoon before someone mentioned it here.   Reapist  5
 ZZR1400 vs. V-Max   Reapist  0
 winga...   Rockerchickie007  22
 “NO_LIMIT_NI***” = Trayvon Martin?    Bat_Avenger  8
 I would SO eat here...   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 New algorithm may make professional instrument tuners obsolete   -Accident-  5
 I like optical illusions like this.   Reapist  16
 Trayvon Case    Fallen_daemon  0
 Welcome back to the Dark Side, Rebecca De Mornay   AkagiyamaMissile  15
 who contributes less?   -Darkfire-  43
 In bid to keep Soccer irrelevant, not a sport, and only for the poor, US mens soccer doesnt qualify    Cuttlery  96
 Kawasaki's new bike....   Nestor_II  14
 how many cops...   aon_mixed  3
 I have discovered the Kindle App...   Fozzie_Bear  8
 My new wheels. Anyone know a good brand of trailer?   Cuttlery  30
 ____ Morning   winga  10
 who needs a street to ride a bike?   uglydwarf  4
 Foxys Up   Fozzie_Bear  10
 Reddit has some good GW2 info   Ferrydust  6
 ** Monday ACF "This post is a time machine" Post Ratings (3/26/2012) **   -Prismatic-  31
 Wouldn't it be fun to buy a 3 million dollar 1741 Stradivari violin   FineYoungCannibals  18
 do remeber the day i spoke english   mightbe  6
 Spring has arrived in the PNW   Jezza_Belle  50
 To Be The Best    _Elwood_  8
  Awkward   EbonDragon  12
 Who do you use for a brokerage account?   deadcactus  26
 Charged with 'Aggravated Pimping'   AkagiyamaMissile  2
 When suddenly...........   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 should someone with brain dysfunction be held accountable for their actions?   Anebriated  46
 artists of ACF, i need your halp.   Itab  43
 That was pretty epic   GrimTempest  23
 Real Men's shampoo or CM's LOL.   Fallen_daemon  1
 15 years ago today   notmforce2k  9
 Playable Lugian Race   WhipSmack  14
 Noodle master   EbonDragon  5
 Batman pulled over   suntzukali2  11
 About to try this Bunnahabhain 12 year Islay Single Malt Scotch...   Dark_EternalFF  11
 HIOFI: Hot wom.... WTF! Its a man disqualified from the Miss World Pageant!   -Mithan-  29
 dinner!   -Foxy-  21
 Marshawn Lynch to co-star in a cowboy movie opposite Gary Busey   OG_Loki  4
 hey cutt!   -Foxy-  24
 my cat just regifted for me   Caoilin  6
 God this world needs a good war.   Gilligan.USCG  8
 lmao. ESPN just did an "excited" count on Tebows Jets press conference   Gilligan.USCG  8
 This looks SO COOL!!! Zombie 5k run for your life...   Bakuun  7
 God this country needs a good riot.   Fallen_daemon  4
 You know why I eat those napkins? You don't have to buy toilet paper.   Reapist  0
 Halp?   Webscar  8
 You guys aren't funny   paulg_68  42
 BT and others beware, someone is selling doctored gold!!    Fallen_daemon  3
 So mad Top Gear is over   -Eps  3
 I thought I would never see this happen Russia, allowing the US&Nato the use of a base in Russia.   Sith_Mauler  5
 Obama: If he had a son, he'd look just like Trayvon Martin   JD_HOGG  38
 Its going to be one hot mothertrucking summer.   Sith_Mauler  2
 One greedy mother !@#$, someone is flaming the hate for money.   Fallen_daemon  2
 Is it racist when a black man calls a hispanic dude a cracker?   Fallen_daemon  54
 HIOFI - "Bearboned" Edition   HeartView  20
 run for your lives, they dun took our icons!   Fozzie_Bear  6
 I'm kind of excited for this movie coming in tomorrow from Netflix.   Reapist  0
 Ubama Lawyer Laughed At In Supreme Court For Dubbing Individual Mandate Both A “Penalty” And “Tax”   combat_mage_sc  0
 Are icons disappearing?   Reapist  4
 looks like tinypic has given the ol' ..|., to   aon_mixed  6
 Trayvon Martin might have been the attacker after all, not Zimmerman   JD_HOGG  215
 Tinypic: This image or video has been moved or deleted   GrimTempest  41
 rofl, our mayor owned some guy on Twitter (reddit repost)   DunesVladHarkonnen  14
 HIOFI - "Holy jeans" Edition   HeartView  15
 How often do you charge your cell phone?   Reapist  30
 Ontario legalizes whore houses   Cuttlery  29
 Awkward Family Photos   Lanacan  5
 Father's Day is coming up   aon_mixed  1
 Adventures In Parenting: I Regret Eating My Placenta   aon_mixed  15
 I can't go for that   AkagiyamaMissile  5
 Obama: This is my last election…After my election I have more flexibility.   Bat_Avenger  22
 On the plus side, i've lost 4 lbs in 2 days   _sooz_  5
 Do any of you youngsters even know what a Second World Country is?   Reapist  15
 ACF I need help finding something   EbonDragon  11
 Welp... car is totaled   the_great_intex  30
 neutering a cell phone question   aon_mixed  10
 NERDGASM! Dr. Who season 7 promo clip!!   AkagiyamaMissile  10
 Why would Angelina Jolie lie about this?   Reapist  10
 Interesting stats about Millenials and Consumerism   Dark_EternalFF  1
 html programming teachers tellin us to pound it to the right   -Eps  4
 HIOFI: Cosplay Edition 3/26   GrimTempest  17
 I don't care if this is a repost   Talehon69  6
 Repo games   Tipztoe  3
 Stand back I know KARATE!!!   Lanacan  3
 I am making a ACF pandora channel   Cuttlery  25
 If I was filthy rich this would be in my garage.   Reapist  25
 probably a typo, hopefully   aon_mixed  3
 Kitty likes the light off   Lanacan  2
 Fail of the day   Lanacan  3
 Time waster   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 Bad dog   Lanacan  4
 Caption this   Lanacan  6
 I'd like two rasberry scones & coffee to go please   Lanacan  6
 Don't get pushed by a cop. You might get arrested for it!   AkagiyamaMissile  16
 Ball teaser.   Reapist  10
 comcast routing issue between us and level 3   Fozzie_Bear  17
 Remember back in the day   Hiakisha  9
 I haven't gotten high in a lot of years but this is still a killer jam.   Reapist  5
 I bought today's woot item.   Reapist  12
 I am going to complain in this thread   Cuttlery  50
 ______ Morning   winga  7
 Geek moment of the week   Fairly_Gimp  6
 Official: North Korea moves long-range rocket to launch pad   -Foxy-  15
 WTF blood everywhere   TickyAtack  18
 alot =/ a lot   -Darkfire-  15
 Just got back from Hunger Games (maybe spoilers!)   DunesVladHarkonnen  14
 For people who like large unusual off-road vehicles.   Sith_Mauler  1
 HIOFI: Can You Name All The Trophies edition   AkagiyamaMissile  6
 Have you grown tired of reality TV shows?   Reapist  36
 What are you listening to?   notmforce2k  7
 HIOFI: High Tech edition   AkagiyamaMissile  21
 Did you ever really want something......and not get it?   Ptilk  34
 Found in Detroit    notmforce2k  1
 Thunder vs Heat   ikkoikki  18
 Note to self, do not get tiger balm in your armpit in the future...   Ptilk  12
 Whats better then apple cider ?   suntzukali2  12
 James Cameron has traveled to the deepest point on the planet.   Sith_Mauler  16
 I've logged over 500 hours on Civ V   OG_Loki  9
 Anyone have any experience with having the inside of your nostrils/sinus debrided?   AlsoFaromir  5
 Put Gallagher on the list   Varece  6
 The Norfolk Admirals have won 20 games in a row   Brandun  10
 How much is an afghan life worth ? ..... 50K   Bat_Avenger  20
 Yay Frozen Pizza for supper.....What good kinds are out there?   Brandun  24
 baulder's gate enhanced edition!    Caoilin  5
 Ate fried green tomatos for the first time today   combat_mage_sc  9
 Gos down smooth?   Fozzie_Bear  2
 Thanks Rho   -Ducky-  4
 What does ACF think of this as a commuter bike?   Bakuun  14
 Dear ACF Blog: My head is bleeding   Puppy_Pants  14
 Katy Perry - Part of Me   AkagiyamaMissile  10
 My first grey hair...   _sooz_  32
 In order to continue, we must first verify you're a human. Please type the letters you see below.   murron2  8
 Something about this really appeals to me...   murron2  6
 Caption this...   AkagiyamaMissile  11
 DRIVING HEAVEN: Introducing the PEEL P50   murron2  13
 It's air conditioner weather in Houston.   Terminius_Est  7
 At what level in the ACF IQ pool do you think you fall?   Reapist  19
 I'm so proud of my Balls   OG_Loki  7
 I'm so proud of my Bulls   ikkoikki  3
 I bet you some old marine or his kids has a nice collection of bones.   Fallen_daemon  25
 bleh, I hate when my current dr leaves the practice   -Foxy-  7
 Hit It like _______? (Sunday)   Reapist  10
 WARNING: False Prophets Rise Again to Deceive the People in the Presidential Race!   Element_X  12
 Why aren't men more like bird men and women more like birds?   BritonGuy  9
 crappola... just got busted...   Hardcore_Hibby  120
 this is a real person's face    Caoilin  14
 who here do you think fall into the acf highest iq   mightbe  85
 I challange you to find out who this is.   _Elwood_  27
 Game Night in NW Pennsylvania   n00berness  16
 If ACF is still around [in some form] in another 10 years...   jungalist  17
 wow. at this rate they're going to foul out the entire Syracuse team   Gilligan.USCG  2
 Kids, watching me while I make a Gin & Tonic   Dark_EternalFF  27
 Think getting drunk will help my allergies?   Dark_EternalFF  7
 At first I was all :'( then I was all :')   AkagiyamaMissile  34
 Youtube finally added a "Show comment" button :O   Chogram  12
 Cheney recovering from heart transplant   -Mithan-  57
 Soliciting advice from ACF pimps and whores....   Ptilk  10
 Remember -Lysol- the former manager/moderator? She's evolved...   aon_mixed  17
 le sigh    Caoilin  10
 Dear ACF Blog...   Kordirn  10
 how so you openen your straw?   mightbe  15
 steam can eat my ass   Fozzie_Bear  31
 pescetarianism   Onslaught.  31
 A Game of Thrones fans....   AkagiyamaMissile  0
 Went to Wendy's today and ordered a salad for lunch   Darshawn  30
 Relationship advice from.......GWAR   AkagiyamaMissile  0
 How is Charles Barkley on the air?!?   Mangler_SC  24
 i know we've been thru this a million times before: best CD freeware ripper   aon_mixed  5
 I have discovered the true purpose of parenting   Dark_EternalFF  26
 what should i have for lunch?   Gilligan.USCG  4
 SO... about the headliner of my car and the subequent repair   Fozzie_Bear  2
 whats up with youtube lately   -Darkfire-  9
 finnish education   uglydwarf  1
 wabbit season! ....or is it?   aon_mixed  2
 Anyone living in British Columbia or Oregon? free ship!!    Fallen_daemon  13
 Looks like this story will be around for a while   Rhodoman  6
 Fantasy Baseball draft today   OG_Loki  10
 And they still weren't able to find the wet spot. (ofn)   aon_mixed  0
 Audiophiles   Rhodoman  5
 No zombies are safe now I got me 100 rd drum magazine.   Sith_Mauler  1
 4th largest US gun maker is out of guns ....   Brother_Tempus  20
 whats your favorite pizza   Fozzie_Bear  38   Terminius_Est  3
 Cold leftover pizza: Breakfast of Champions!!!   Terminius_Est  11
 Riding the booster rocket of a Space Shuttle (OFN?)   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 If you play Tera, you can be a Panda   Jezza_Belle  5
 jesus i was late for a meeting today and had no idea   Anebriated  4
 Facebook is going to start taking companies to court, that ask for usernames/passwords.   Sith_Mauler  18
 What should the Supreme Court do with the health care law President Obama signed two years ago?   -Foxy-  1
 What is the oldest email in your current email Inbox?   deviousdragon  19
 question for folks that have lived in japan   -Foxy-  48
 WTF Game of Thrones WTF WTF!!! (MAJOR SPOILERS)    NonOffensiveName  42
 This is for Caoilin   Jezza_Belle  9
 So there I am on google image search, looking for tattoo stencils, when I find this....   Jezza_Belle  3
 If you ever wanted to learn to fly...   deadcactus  7
 i mistakenly txt'ed a girl telling her to have a nice s*ht   mightbe  7
 What are you doing right now?   _Alexandra_  59
 Looks like the Redskins are getting caught up in the bounty hunting scandal with Greg Williams.   Sith_Mauler  0
 What do you like on the inside of a woman?   Reapist  11
 Well I started my new diet.   Reapist  20
 Have you seen any good movies lately on Netflix, hulu, or amazon instant?   purplehugmonkey  36
 anyone ever sold plasma before?   Motar98  44
 Can someone explain why Angry Birds is a successful merchandising thing?   purplehugmonkey  35
 Pet Insurance: Does anyone have it? Any experience?   Gildash  30
 Jerry Jones suing the NFL over the salary cap penalties.   Sith_Mauler  22
 The new rainbow party?   aon_mixed  0
 15 bucks for Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Steam   Fozzie_Bear  8
 took my eyes almost a full 30 seconds to grasp the concept of this picture (perspective art)   aon_mixed  5
 how not to kick balls   aon_mixed  5
 Nine-year-old boy is allergic to food   combat_mage_sc  40
 I believe it's safe to say by now Roger Goodell would have at least ...   Second_Chance  0
 Whats a good $ amount to ask for?   ikkoikki  29
 So , My penis has grown 3 inches in its first 2 months. At this rate it will be 120 feet tall    Reapist  11
 hunger games and price oddities between physical and e-reader editions, much wtf...   aon_mixed  24
 Today is National Puppy Day!!   the_great_intex  10
 Friday Time Waster   AkagiyamaMissile  2
 That's different....   Lanacan  0
 @whoever turned the AC on yesterday...   DunesVladHarkonnen  22
 Nature and Industry. "Somewhere" timelapse.   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 Honey why is there a giant cockroach in the living room?    Reapist  3
 Is The Hunger Games a chick flick?   Reapist  21
 What did the horny toad say to his boyfriend?    NonOffensiveName  5
 2009: Ubama Takes Credit For “Success” of Solyndra — 2012: Ubama Says He Had Nothing To Do With It   combat_mage_sc  29
 Who here has an Apple computer?   Reapist  21
 I have decided to leave work early today   Cuttlery  11
 What are you listening to? (Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Edition)   the_great_intex  23
 UK: Woman Dies After Muslim Nurse Refused To Help As He Was Praying   combat_mage_sc  10
 The Hunger Games    Sith_Mauler  13
 So , My Boy has grown 3 inches in his first 2 months. At this rate he will be 120 feet tall    Brandun  26
 Study confirms BP oil spill products entered food chain    Aerlinthian  30
 WTF is wrong with people in the US? Its not a right to throw snowballs at random cars.   Sith_Mauler  95
 Honey why is there a giant rock in the living room?   Sith_Mauler  4
 Don't caption me   HeartView  3
 Caption me #2   HeartView  10
 Caption me   HeartView  12
 Come to bed?   Sith_Mauler  2
 Like a Boss?   Sith_Mauler  2
 Usher - There goes my baby   aon_mixed  3
 Seriously I don't....   Lanacan  17
 if RG3 won the Heisman, why is Luck "No. 1 NFL prospect"   tsingtao2  14
 Post your favorite Easter Images here!   Caledric  19
 Online dating sites are just an excuse for girls to be more lazy than they already are...   Ordal  3
 @Rikostan Have you seen my baseball?   the_tessa  7
 Anyone else here order a Raspberry Pi?   HeartView  9
 DE's Order is being shipped!   Lanacan  6
 Nice Tux   Lanacan  1
 Hey, is your wife pretty good lookin?   Reapist  0
 Yay! Higher education!   deadcactus  1
 we're gonna need a bigger boat (and can)   aon_mixed  3
 Santorum says Obama better choice than Romney   Cuttlery  16
 Be careful, I might build a vortex cannon.   Reapist  8
 Wut? Police ignoring laws they think are unfair to illegals?    GrimTempest  49
 ______ Morning   winga  9
 When you read a book...   Lynea  49
 I know reposting from reddit is a most heinous crime, but this was pretty good   Talehon69  4
 Happy birthday sarena and fyc!   -Foxy-  26
 Why can they ticket you for not wearing a seatbelt?   TickyAtack  58
 Anyone use Amazon AppStore for Android?   Hawkson  11
 immigrant college graduates associated with increase in patents per capita   Anebriated  1
 Gun enthusiasts of ACF -- My first gun! (and goggles)   EbonDragon  27
 The big lie about gas pricing.   Hyperimiator  39
 where do all the guitar picks go?   Anebriated  18
 If it looks like the world is really ending this year 12/21/2012, I am calling an ACF meet, in ...   Hyperimiator  12
 Finished my friend's rose brooch   _sooz_  5
 Stopped procrastinating and started Crossfit.   Bakuun  7
 Bunnies Ogling Carrots    Rhodoman  7
 here's a softball item to caption   aon_mixed  6
 New blog post, WITH PICTURES!    OG_Loki  16
 Self-Evaluations at Work...ever had to do one?   murron2  41
 Someone put MForce on suicide watch   Gilligan.USCG  6
 Bruce lee vs Georges St-Pierre?   FineYoungCannibals  17
 Hit it or run for it?   Terminius_Est  14
 What are you listening to ACF?   the_great_intex  25
 How many days a week should we have mail service   Cuttlery  38
 Have you ever been to a wedding where a fight broke out?   DunesVladHarkonnen  15
 HIOFI - "Do these stripes make me look fat" Edition   HeartView  31
 Dear lady can you hear the wind blow?   Reapist  6
 Police Chief in that FL shooting Jeune was talking about has "temporarily" stepped down   Fozzie_Bear  55
 Dinner   combat_mage_sc  18
 So I find out tonight whether I have Jury Duty on my freaking Birthday...   Sarena_WE  24
 Bad Jaden!   AkagiyamaMissile  0
 Wow you hit a certain age and the junk mail starts changing...   Steelwind_Oo  8
 Twilight is on tv right now   jonus156  3
 I am so going to suck my nose with a Nose Frida tonight...   the_tessa  2
 Reap's Boat?   Lanacan  0
 That Face   Lanacan  11
 Would you?   Lanacan  1
 HIOFI: Cosplay Edition 3/22   GrimTempest  19
 More info about BSG: Blood & Chrome   AkagiyamaMissile  0
 Minecraft coming to your Xbox-360 on May 9th   the_great_intex  2
 Oh, that's my exit!!   AkagiyamaMissile  5
 Caption this:   AkagiyamaMissile  12
 have you eye balled the new hurricane tracker @ [nsfw]   aon_mixed  7
 LOL our home owners insurance is dropping us because we got robbed twice   Brandun  67
 This is disgusting   _Alexandra_  7
 Definitely on porpoise.    aon_mixed  13
 KILL IT WITH FIRE of the day   AkagiyamaMissile  14
 I don't ask you all for much... but   Jezza_Belle  30
 read this: it's quite badass   aon_mixed  10
 Woman accused of orally raping man inside his house   Sith_Mauler  28
 BF3 Fans 3 new dlc's in 2012   Sith_Mauler  4
 In order to win the superbowl, the Broncos...   _Gimpzilla_  5
 AH-64 Apache Crash Afghanistan    Sith_Mauler  11
 rofl, grim's prom picture   aon_mixed  12
 Ex-MILF Getting Baptized.   combat_mage_sc  19
 Well that was interesting   .-Vega-.  21
 A Cool Space Graphic from the BBC "Space Race"   DunesVladHarkonnen  7
 what's up with this new TV trend of showing spoilers before each commercial break   Tipztoe  6
 HIOFI: On the hood?   Sith_Mauler  8
 US jobless claims drop to four-year low   Sith_Mauler  9
 "I live in Seattle, but I go skiing in Vermont!"   Dark_EternalFF  3
 Have you seen The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? (spoilerz?)   Reapist  8
 Ever play in a treehouse as a child? You might like one of these...   murron2  6
 Grab her by the tail! After you're done with the snake that is.   Reapist  4
 Get these Mother Luvin Titanoboas out of New York City!   Reapist  7
 So it's going to be Romney vs Obama, who do you think will win?(not who you want to win)   levgre  65
 _____ Morning   winga  10
 Are you kidding me the NFL wants to change rules for the Patriots again.   Sith_Mauler  16
 Does it matter who writes celeb chefs' cookbooks/recipes?   -Foxy-  13
 I've discovered a new sect of crazy on youtube: People against digital electrical service meters   -Prismatic-  13
 And TY Ticky with the CCCombo breaker.   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 I have a sty in my eye -- ouch   silvadel  14
 Star Trek Online f2p   Sith_Mauler  4
 Biggest propaganda. How do people not see through this?   WhipSmack  11
 What will you be doing in 37 years?   notmforce2k  21
 How Lazy Are you?   Ferrydust  32
 Surgery april 5th   Dadoleon  8
 this is how you fight back against high gas prices   Motar98  21
 So who made it into the WoW:MoP beta?   RRwho37_2000  32
 A cute lion video for Cao   the_great_intex  11
 my friend says i should know who ernest p whirl is   mightbe  6
 A Canadian invented this   Terminius_Est  1
 so im trying to access the files of this phillipene scammer who gave me permission to access them   -Eps  14
 Amazon prime is becoming less of a good deal   TickyAtack  16
 So I broke up with my girlfriend, but we still live together...   griffyn79  37
 Sinus surgery sucks   AlsoFaromir  20
 Have you ever seen a hot chick in a commericial and...   Caledric  13
 About to watch Tower Heist   combat_mage_sc  7
 romance is dead? says who?   aon_mixed  1
 What do you like in your spaghetti?   combat_mage_sc  31
 Is there any way to get my VN user profile ID number still?   sliyurs  20
 wow there are crazy people out there.   Fallen_daemon  3
 Good Guy Outdoor Research!   Bakuun  1
 Good iPad games?   -Mithan-  3
 April Fools is coming up.   BritonGuy  6
 Got a New Email. Subject: Guild Wars 2   DunesVladHarkonnen  24
 HIOFI - "Remove those please" Edition   HeartView  8
 Are threads vanishing or am I in some weird alternate universe?   Ah-Schoo  34
 What's your preferred activity to clear your head?   _sooz_  44
 Just put together my first snowboarding helmet cam video. (yt)   Gildash  24
 I'm 34 today.   myxomatosis8  14
 Wednesday time waster   AkagiyamaMissile  0
 OK probably OFN or whatever...I'll just leave this here..   AkagiyamaMissile  4
 Do you suspect Robert Bales will blame Ambien?   Reapist  11
 M$ Charged my Paypal $125 for M$ Points I didn't buy   Webscar  2
 What is the temperature where you live?   winga  41
 Rank the Sports/Activities/umm wtf is this crap...   Caledric  9
 [WCF Thread] Remember Jennifer Jones' awesome tap-back against 5?   JD_HOGG  7
 Why is a 12 yr old even on facebook?   aon_mixed  4
 Anyone use Propecia/finasteride (hairloss drug?)   the_great_intex  19
 I should read the first page   Cuttlery  0
 lollerskates... Tebow now a Jet   Caledric  19
 Well, that should kill any and all NFL "Bounty" programs.   -MrBean-  39
 Cam footage at resort of Mexico earthquake yesterday.   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 About Secret Service only protecting those that are nominated to run for president   Fozzie_Bear  9
 Lots of snow on the valley floor.   RRwho37_2000  1
 tomorrow the axe swings for 25 people in this office   Tipztoe  37
 Like a MA'AM!   AkagiyamaMissile  11
 Manning takes retired number away from 84 year old man   Brandun  98
 What is your job title?   winga  80
 Karen Gillian's replacement companion on this season's Dr. Who is...   AkagiyamaMissile  15
 Could I destroy the entire Roman Empire if I traveled back in time with with a modern Marine infantr   aon_mixed  323
 Mine   Lanacan  6
 The average American household, has an income of over $62,000.   Sith_Mauler  40
 some of the various ways by which people pee-pee   aon_mixed  4
 Blondes doing math.   Reapist  17
 ______ Morning   winga  11
 Replacing carpet- carpet tiles/attached pad carpeting?   Gaevren  16
 Good Morning Foxy!   Kordirn  24
 Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome (Teaser)   -TheHunt-  21
 so slavery is still a thing   Caoilin  2
 my awesome Airbrush finally got here...   Jezza_Belle  7
 What are you listening to tonight ACF?   Kordirn  4
 Would it be possible for Tebow???   Crystal_Knight  17
 Who cheats more? Women or guys?   the_great_ontex  32
 I am watching LOST for the first time...   the_great_ontex  25
 Because....   AkagiyamaMissile  4
 Peanut butter & jelly, Crown & Coke, some things just go together but Meth & Milk?   Sith_Mauler  8
 I hate goverment, gutless wonder, civil servants.   Hyperimiator  0
 Why are laugh tracks still used?   TickyAtack  10
 obama is gay, probably fake news. but kinda makes sense.   Fallen_daemon  3
 This is for everyone here.   Jezza_Belle  20
 Snow cone machine = win   Gaevren  5
 Those darn Slytherins.   AkagiyamaMissile  8
 [NBA] Anyone watching the Maimi/Phoenix game?   Gilligan.USCG  37
 'twas a good day    DunesVladHarkonnen  14
 getting health insurance just makes me want to punch them...   Anebriated  46
 How do you respond from having your 11 game winning streak ended with less then a second left in OT?   Caledric  0
 Lesbians + Canada + Hockey =   AkagiyamaMissile  4
 ITT: Boobies   Hawkson  5
 my godiva easter catalog came today   -Foxy-  5
 beleive it or not, i took the sat's back in 2003/2004   mightbe  10
 is there going to be another season of futurama   mightbe  0
 Cuteness overload   Gaevren  15
 Iron Sky: The First Four Minutes    Sith_Mauler  1
 My dinner > your's   combat_mage_sc  25
 grits or oatmeal?   mightbe  55
 who poops with the seat up?   aon_mixed  35
 Need a good place to make a bumper sticker   the_great_intex  14
 I'm in a statewide art competition   EbonDragon  23
 the sith_mauler meme? why wasnt i informed of this?   aon_mixed  14
 lol at this exit loan interview   Anebriated  12
 He got an asian F and isnt happy about it    NonOffensiveName  5
 Have you ever reported someone driving a 'company' vehicle?   murron2  20
 nothing much to see here, just a bunch of high heels   aon_mixed  1
 What should I make for dinner tonight   Cuttlery  26
 Vibrating Tattoos??   Shazami  3
 BREAKING NEWS: 7.6 magnitude earthquake strikes near Acapulco, Mexico   tsingtao2  14
 The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center   -Mithan-  12
 White supremacist promises not to discriminate on the job.   Reapist  2
 has the internet ruined you?   aon_mixed  12
 California State Univ. Shutting down Admissions   the_great_intex  25
 I had to show my geography teacher where Navarre is...   ikkoikki  11
 I've been binging on buffalo wings...   deadcactus  26
 What you may not know about weight loss.   Reapist  41
 Ron Jeremy for President....   Nestor_II  1
 we have torpedos!    Reapist  1
 Going to Vegas in June- What are your favorite places to visit?   Rockerchickie007  20
 Scenario: You are at a job interview. The interviewer asks for your Facebook userid and password.   Dark_EternalFF  60
 Ellie Idol HIOFI   -Mithan-  15
 Something I've come to notice lately   -Prismatic-  21
 American ISPs to start enforcing copyright laws on July 12th   .Kid.  15
 Caption this...   AkagiyamaMissile  12
 What goes up must come down.   Reapist  0
 The Man from Earth   HeartView  3
 Post apocalyptic short film 'Ruin'.   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 i hope this takes off: 3D .gifs, without need for glasses   aon_mixed  25
 Have you known someone who would get drunk at work?   Brandun  44
 yoga pants   aon_mixed  19
 Real, in depth coverage.   Reapist  3
 HIOFI - "Winter Wonderland" Edition   HeartView  16
 Hello   _Mathonwy_  22
 Still sucking after 108 years, Harry Cox   aon_mixed  2
 oh... HEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL NOO! FU Michael Bay!   Caledric  15
 check out the wheel placement for this campaign ad   aon_mixed  12
 Hold on! I halpz!!   AkagiyamaMissile  8
 So Obama sends teen daughter to Mexico for spring break and any news report gets censored   Sith_Mauler  60
 Odd: Patrick Cox and his TaxMasters have gone bankrupt   aon_mixed  1
 HIOFI - "Focus" Edition   HeartView  11
 Is a kindle or Ereader worth getting ?   suntzukali2  33
 New trailer for 'Snow White and the Huntsman'.   AkagiyamaMissile  12
 Wat. Was watching Star Trek TNG, and I noticed a familiar face from a later movie...   Talehon69  7
 ______ Morning   winga  8
 Seriously think this place could have come up with a better name   -MrBean-  6
 you know WHY i quite WoW   mightbe  15
 New blog post   OG_Loki  16
 Jay Leno is now sporting a 70's porn stache.   Sith_Mauler  3
 Disney admist John Carter is a flop.   Reapist  26
 A deal ACF can be sink their teeth into. Free Pizza with a Vasectomy   Ferrydust  11
 Anyone here from Brooklyn?   Fenping_DT  7
 400-pound male gorilla escapes, bites female zookeeper   Terminius_Est  10
 Which natural disaster do YOU fear the most    Ferrydust  84
 So any sandbox mmo's coming out in the near future.   Sith_Mauler  12
 NYC: Bloomberg no more food donations.   Sith_Mauler  11
 Heading to the store...what do you all need?   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 The Shoes 'Time to Dance' music video. (NSFW/VIOLENT CONTENT)   AkagiyamaMissile  2
 A question for those of you who've actually read all 1200 pages of Atlas Shrugged   Arc_DT  39
 Apparently im socially obligated to throw a party because im turning 30   _sooz_  62
 dinner is total pig out night!   -Foxy-  4
 we have tornados!   -Foxy-  25
 ITT: We post the view out our front windows   -Prismatic-  11
 President Obama is committed to building the transportation infrastructure we need for tomorrow    Hyperimiator  33
 Caption this...   AkagiyamaMissile  20
 Cool 'man vs nature' project, Portugal artist.   AkagiyamaMissile  5
 People wonder why the U.S. is broke   suntzukali2  59
 Prometheus 'international trailer'.   AkagiyamaMissile  13
 My idler pully lasted 13 years   -Prismatic-  5
 Mastercard SecureCode is so freaking annoying   _sooz_  6
 HIOFI - Cosplay Edition   GrimTempest  14
 Do you play the devils advocate?   CulenTrey  22
 anyone know of some good poultry?    Reapist  20
 The Tax system explained in Beer   faefrost  34
 Random Health Poll for ACF: Whats your resting heart rate?   GrimTempest  42
 ACFers who support "Occupy" movement   JD_HOGG  19
 Just the Tip   Reapist  14
 Help America's Tallest man get some properly fitting shoes   Gangster_Of_Love  16
 Sonic Drive In is now healthy.   Reapist  16
 Spring is here!   _sooz_  10
 Did combat move?   winga  8
 game of thrones!   Fozzie_Bear  7
 WTF....Batman Live?   Sarena_WE  5
 Farmville is coming to World of Warcraft... seriously   aon_mixed  30
 A Game of Thrones MMORPG? Oh no...   -VanDraegon-  7
 A police officer “corrected” a key witness. (no mention of jeune's law)   Reapist  38
 Manning Now a Denver Bronco   Brandun  56
 I know a lot of you look for answers about car audio here....   Reapist  18
 I hope the Niners get Manning.   combat_mage_sc  19
 wtf, how?   aon_mixed  7
 Some people like to choke chickens...some like to choke themselves.   Reapist  12
 $45M in Feb, $300M total so far.    Sith_Mauler  1
 Firefox has blocked this site from automatically forwarding you to   Webscar  5
 A man walks into the bedroom with a sheep on a leash and says...    Reapist  6
 _____ Morning   winga  9
 anyone know of some good poetry?   -Darkfire-  11
 Dark Shadows   Jezza_Belle  10
 maybe i missed it in the books or i just simply don't get it   Caoilin  25
 TMNT....   Kordirn  2
 you're welcome acf   Caoilin  15
 Good _______ Morning ACF   BritonGuy  7
 Vega, there's a frightful lack of your helpful knowledge around here these days.   BritonGuy  5
 Why do people go to Yahoo Answers for serious advice?   BritonGuy  6
 all nighters suck balls   -Darkfire-  5
 My SSD took a dump   EbonDragon  25
 MPH?    notmforce2k  14
 Ahhh this explains the slowdown of ACF and...   Gaevren  6
 What are you listening to ACF?   the_great_intex  24
 Almost makes me want to buy American   vn_last_man-mt  13
 Yet another baby dress!   Gaevren  7
 Sometimes it's the little things in life   notmforce2k  30
 Hm... Netflix still worth it?   Shazami  22
 Walking Dead - w/spoliers   Reapist  44
 Hello ACF   -Mithan-  21
 Best protein powder?   deadcactus  25
 some beautiful pictures of Ireland   -Foxy-  23
 Everquest 1 free as of today, new server Vox   WhipSmack  31
 you are a movie producer   -Foxy-  20
 Someone's getting fired.   AkagiyamaMissile  5
 I feel as rough as a stucco bathtub.   Mangler_SC  13
 Another new Game of Thrones Trailer   Jezza_Belle  20
 TV Reminder Sun 3/18/12   AkagiyamaMissile  5
 is fried chicken finger food?   -Foxy-  14
 Moar pictures   Cuttlery  5
 HAHAHAHA   Jezza_Belle  1
 Seahawks sign Matt Flynn   OG_Loki  15
 Dunes left a note regarding his absence tomorrow   aon_mixed  6
 Hunger Games   Jezza_Belle  18
 Cuteness overload   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 Anyone live in Tucson?   deadcactus  0
 Time for a sexy party?   AkagiyamaMissile  7
 Can I use this sausage?   purplehugmonkey  10
 I decided on my next vehicle. 3 cylinder Geo Metro   WhipSmack  5
 WTF? A pipe bomb found at a garage sale   Terminius_Est  3
 And lets not forget the May release of the Avengers   Fozzie_Bear  2
 Backyard chemists, Bath Salts and kids...   Varece  15
 80 Degrees yesterday so we went up north   Cuttlery  15
 Oh and, new trailer for 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'   AkagiyamaMissile  2
 OK so, the 'Prometheus' trailer I posted yesterday wasn't the full true one, this is..   AkagiyamaMissile  13
 I love my cuisinart    Terminius_Est  9
 Phoenix Suns Invest In Cryochamber, Reap Muscle Recovery Benefits   ikkoikki  4
 Crown Royal Reserve   tsingtao2  11
 cheap meat at the grocery store and its nice out.   Fozzie_Bear  20
 lunch!   -Foxy-  15
 Best Badass Moments of Sgt James Doakes [NSFW: cussing]   aon_mixed  2
 oh the stories you'll tell   aon_mixed  4
 topic reverted but not really: god hates our country   aon_mixed  2
 Does anyone know how I might repair a dent in a wood floor?   ACX  18
 So, Im downloading Windows 8.   Kriegprojekt  3
 Today is my birthday, I need to think of something to do for my birthday.   Terminius_Est  16
 Snowing like hell here.   Reapist  16
 lol saint patty humor   suntzukali2  0
 Ugh, I only make breakfast like that about twice a year.   Reapist  16
 Snowing AGAIN   OG_Loki  5
 Fire Fox 11.0    OG_Loki  7
 My new ink!   _Alexandra_  74
 breakfast done, chore time!   -Foxy-  21
 Forever Alone.   AkagiyamaMissile  17
 Hit my mailbox on the way home, got this week's Entertainment Weekly...(NERD SQUEAL!) 'GOT' SPOILERS   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 JFC!!! And i thought last night at work was a killer.../blog on   AkagiyamaMissile  4
 Awesome, it's just about 3:00am here and it hailed out   -Prismatic-  7
 Do we NEED the federal reserve? Why, or why not?   MoFoEskimo  23
 This guy has balls...   ArchrikerHG  8
 I've labeled this a blitzkrieg against our livers.   TickyAtack  7
 Safeway grocery delivery   Varece  5
 When is spring break?   ArmandoFF  10
 I thought Kelly Clarkson was a skinny blonde girl   jungalist  10
 Brandon Lloyd joins Patriots   CulenTrey  8
 The best gag reels of all time, ever. (NSFW?)   MoFoEskimo  5
 The Lorax. (no spoilerz by me)   Reapist  12
 Hi ACF, did you know Christina Hendrick's phone got hacked and nude photos are out?   the_great_ontex  19
 Who else knows that always sunny in Philadelphia is the greatest show on television?   MoFoEskimo  34
 So IU has made it to the Sweet 16!!!!   Chogram  1
 holy fk blizzard   Caoilin  11
 bonobo apes   Sith_Mauler  5
 today's woot is tempting   Caoilin  3
 A Cheers to the VN Boards!   the_great_ontex  4
 Black bean burger recipe (for Ducky or anyone else)   OG_Loki  10
 So, I had lunch at a fast food restaurant   caffeino00  1
 I was filling out rifle/shotgun permit form and realize I don't have proof    Fallen_daemon  25
 saw the movie "Alterered"    Fozzie_Bear  0
 Sushi night!!   -Foxy-  10
 ACF, what are you drinking today? (St. Patty's Day Edition)   the_great_ontex  33
 The 7-day trial for The Old Republic is not impressing me   Poit-Narf  30
 What's all this about brackets...?   ikkoikki  8
 Anyone have this Orcs Must Die game?   GrimTempest  7
 So Minecraft is coming to Xbox 360... right?   Rodriks_Fury  3
 I got a package today   Webscar  24
 How hot do you like your noodles?   AkagiyamaMissile  0
 Core changes to games during beta are almost always failures   silvadel  12
 Will Hugo Chavez die this year?   -Mithan-  2
 New trailer for Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus'.   AkagiyamaMissile  14
 a little something for the irish out there   uglydwarf  5
 So Sopa failed and now isps will become 'copyright cops' starting July    Sith_Mauler  36
 Awesome Water Commercial   Webscar  4
 Car People: My headlights suck   deadcactus  31
 Ok, the Soda Stream is an awesome invention!   _sooz_  53
 Any good bluetooth headphones with ANR?   deadcactus  4
 Now this is a guy I can respect   Gaevren  7
 I like it when Duke loses.   Mangler_SC  2
 NRA gun lobbying gone wrong?   jeune  28
 Humm... It's snowing...    Shazami  17
 Obama seeks halt to tax subsidies for oil industry   Fozzie_Bear  88
 wife is still not back with my dang samich.   Fozzie_Bear  12
 ~*~*~ HAPPY ST. PATS! ~*~*~   DunesVladHarkonnen  4
 Loki's wife is mad at me   Reapist  3
 lol every video on the front of Yahoo is one I've already seen like a WEEK ago   Fozzie_Bear  3
 Gas prices reaching record levels, as more refineries are scheduled to shutdown.....   Sith_Mauler  13
 My wife is mad at me   OG_Loki  6
 So I guess GW2 Closed Beta invites started going out about 3 hours ago...   Talehon69  8
 Newt: "We're not prepaired to be ruthless enough to force them (Afghans) to change"   Terminius_Est  65
 Whackin' It 2012   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 Wow, this could be a whole lot of awesomesauce...   AkagiyamaMissile  9
 Work tonight...combination March Madness/spring breakers...   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 fu servers   Jezza_Belle  8
 to lose trust in your feelings   Anebriated  5
 dudets, and mithans   mightbe  0
 Slainte!   Jezza_Belle  3
 More SWTOR nerfs to come...   caffeino00  6
 Gingerale & whiskey.   MoFoEskimo  13
 A dog's seeing eye dog   the_great_ontex  6
 worst song remake???   mightbe  0
 Well bringing my friend over was a mistake.   TickyAtack  26
 rumble me feathers   mightbe  4
 *sigh* another election auto-caller...    Shazami  3
 Weekend plans?   _Alexandra_  30
 These upsets and my bracket at work...   Bakuun  1
 #15 seed Lehigh drops #2 seed Duke 75-70   Bakuun  7
 Meghan McCain to Playboy: ‘I love sex and I love men’   Terminius_Est  17
 Just chillin my in Mech   -Eps  3
 I used to love vanguard   -Eps  18
 SO STONED   -Eps  4
 Do you agree with Rick Santorum that Puerto Rico .....   -Foxy-  38
 Blog post: On MiOEnergy water enhancer   OG_Loki  8
 I confess   caffeino00  3
 what posters do you not know much about   mightbe  1
 does your music have to be crisp clean sounding   mightbe  8
 should i go down to the bar or stay home watching tv series   mightbe  13
 A little bit of ACF history   ACX  26
 worst food poisioning experience?   mightbe  33
 #15 seed Norfolk St drops #2 Missouri 86-84   Bakuun  13
 Breaking News: Staff Sgt. Robert Bales Named as Afghanistan Rampage Suspect: Official   combat_mage_sc  6
 Warning this Golf joke is for serious golfers only.   Hyperimiator  4
 bug eyed black chick gets butt mauled by bear   aon_mixed  19
 Sweet, got my Hybrid Audio speakers in my car.   Reapist  0
 Thank you for your Pizza Hut order?   combat_mage_sc  24
 How's your bracket doing?   Albdestroyer  10
 Where did the use of "con" originate in MMOs?   Poit-Narf  42
 Friday time waster   AkagiyamaMissile  0
 Kony made him Horny.    Fallen_daemon  0
 Who, besides Combat, will display this bumper sticker?   Reapist  2
 HIOFI - "Rachael Leigh Cook" Edition   HeartView  23
 Loving my new stache   TheNinthSeal  11
 "Why I Pirate" - An Open Letter to Content Creators (LONG read)   -Mithan-  96
 I got my new ipad this morning, some questions for itunes people   -Mithan-  5
 What were your top 10 "best" movies of 2011?   -Mithan-  14
 Hot Chick picture for ACF!   -Mithan-  34
 Rate the care package i sent my cousin.   combat_mage_sc  14
 So much wasted potential doing a task no human needs to do   -Prismatic-  10
 MUST HAVE!!   Lanacan  0
 Been there, slept like that   Lanacan  9
 S'up Yo   Lanacan  2
 So how is everyone?   Element_X  14
 Which is better? (Birthday gift for a woman in her 30's who loves roses)   _sooz_  13
 There is a God!   Lanacan  3
 say hello to the HPP Superbird (charger homage to the original plymouth)   aon_mixed  7
 Lunch!!!   pkhere  9
 Ex-Rutgers student guilty of hate crime   combat_mage_sc  49
 McCain's daughter, "I'm strickly dickly,"   Reapist  14
 Ariz. bill could require another reason for birth control coverage besides birth control   Sith_Mauler  35
 The Irish Palm Pilot   Reapist  16
 These had to hurt, lightning scars....   Nestor_II  11
 The Chrono Zoom Project   HeartView  3
 Why do people still believe religious myths?   levgre  30
 Does anyone else that posts here have a pet with a microchip?   pkhere  25
 Santorum: If elected I will wipe out the US porn industry and drive the business overseas   Myn_Darklighter  58
 Hit It like _________? (the day before)   Reapist  11
 I finally got some medicine for my sinus infection yesterday.   Reapist  16
 anyone here play LOTRO?   Fozzie_Bear  30
 ______ Morning   winga  5
 Use white noise or other ambient sounds to help you fall asleep? Give this a try...   Mattock_  16
 Trailer for 'Dark Shadows'.   AkagiyamaMissile  15
 What are you listening to?   Xanzo  15
 Was JFK killed by aliens?   BritonGuy  1
 Balls.   -Prismatic-  1
 EQ1 Free2Play launched today   Talehon69  2
 Hey ACF: Want to see my meat?   the_great_ontex  13
 Elder Scrolls Online   Tai-Daishar_MT  3
 Index is intoxicated, you may take advantage of him at this hour.   BritonGuy  20
 Dire straits - Brothers in arms ( Full Album )    FineYoungCannibals  0
 Nirvana - Nevermind (1991) - Full Album    FineYoungCannibals  10
 Metallica - Metallica (Full Album)   FineYoungCannibals  0
 Mother blasts ball into her kid’s face   FineYoungCannibals  7
 Chili competition at work tomorrow.....   Eradiani  27
 aon_mixed is a fat canoe   Gaevren  16
 Looks like we found combats vehicle..   Kordirn  8
 Flathead County Police Blotter   aon_mixed  1
 New blog post on my current obsession (IF)   OG_Loki  34
 I finally found mp3 link of the Hyperimiator song, please check it out.   Hyperimiator  2
 Hmm... Gmail Themes?   Shazami  2
 almost went raging bull and pulled an fyc yesterday   Anebriated  6
 I just bought a snow cone machine of dooooom   Gaevren  49
 Had to do a time trial in a torrential downpour.   Bakuun  17
 whatcha listening to tonight acf?   -Foxy-  13
 is the video of the guy diving shopped? something doesnt look right   Fozzie_Bear  4
 STOP!   -Foxy-  14
 this house is in the ghetto and it's asking for 1.1 million dollars. I think the two white girls   Fallen_daemon  7
 No way in hell...   AkagiyamaMissile  8
 Which two ACEffers would you enjoy watching have sex??   OG_Loki  105
 Why Our Country is in the Crapper and No One Can Flush   murron2  6
 What is the reason behind expensive keyboard/mouse combo's?   Chogram  27
 I used to be a wanderer.......   Reapist  8
 man hands update   Caoilin  11
 deer google...   aon_mixed  8
 Ok it's posted.   Itab  3
 Verizon Cell Users   Shazami  12
 during the course of sexual intercourse   mightbe  20
 Wisconsin Legislature passes homebrew bill   Lanacan  9
 Are you psychotic? (online test)   Reapist  6
 XFile fans rejoice.. you can now have a 3some with Scully   Brandun  9
 HIOFI - "Will you wait for her to take it off?" Edition   HeartView  20
 Fear not, men on ACF who aren't me, fruit flies know EXACTLY how you feel   Dark_EternalFF  7
 Indochino Ads - YouTube/FB   DunesVladHarkonnen  2
 @ Boston fire Backbay   Tipztoe  7
 If Syracuse loses to UNCA, I will flip out   Gilligan.USCG  16
 So... are ALL believers leaving in the rapture or not?   HeartView  31
 Ringworm and scabies have contracted OWS protesters   combat_mage_sc  10
 Philadelphia is effectively banning public feeding of the homeless.   AlsoFaromir  47
 [NBA] Lakers trade Walton (LOL FINALLY), and Fisher also (Damnit!)   Gilligan.USCG  7
 Self-Described “Obama Fanatic” Pleads Guilty To Threatening To Kill Sheriff Arpaio And His Family   combat_mage_sc  0
 Did you celebrate men's valentine's day yesterday?   Former_Camilla  29
 Will Jezz nail her interviewer?   Dark_EternalFF  12
 Anno 2070   Sith_Mauler  10
 North Carolina: Former KKK Member, Running As Democrats   combat_mage_sc  6
 Will Jezz interview her nail>   aon_mixed  4
 Where did Gaevren leave her camera?   Gaevren  15
 I dug myself a hole   .Kid.  22
 I can't find my camera and it is driving me INSANE   Gaevren  15
 Thursday Time Waster!   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 phone interview in 5 minutes!   Jezza_Belle  22
 Who has Gallagher (comedian) in the Dead Pool?   JD_HOGG  10
 HIOFI   AkagiyamaMissile  8
 doesnt the tv show: community come back tonight?   aon_mixed  5
 Quick clip from the Total Recall reboot...   AkagiyamaMissile  12
 Pickles: Dill or Sweet?   Gaevren  30
 You just got a perfect SAT score and perfect GPA   JD_HOGG  18
 Is Gaevren a robot?   meltedmossy  5
 You crazy Orientals....   Lanacan  2
 Can we fill the front page with nothing but polls?   Gaevren  4
 Was the moon landing a hoax?   Gaevren  24
 talk @ the lunch table today : Moss could of been better than Rice if Moss wasn't such a tool   Brandun  16
 Ender's Game the movie 2013 Starring Harrison Ford among others....   Sith_Mauler  12
 Dwight Howard of the Orlando Heats staying in Orlando   Cuttlery  9
 Buffalo Bills sign Mario Williams   Cuttlery  9
 Should the killing of bald people be allowed?   HeartView  9
 U.S., Britain to agree emergency oil stocks release   Sith_Mauler  48
 What type of Chips do you prefer?   Caledric  45
 Looking at a couple different PC's, tell me why these will suck   Cuttlery  21
 Have you ever had a day where you just said eff it and decided not to goto work?   Caledric  21
 Dunes to make me bored again...   Caledric  20
 Be   Rhodoman  5
 Have you invented a word?? Do you use it often? what is it   Brandun  26
 NATO in Afghanistan - Afghan Women on Night Operations    Bat_Avenger  1
 Is the Holocaust a Hoax?   Webscar  26
 Diablo III Launching May 15 – Digital Pre-Sales NOW OPEN   aon_mixed  29
 Great, now I have a sinus infection.   Reapist  1
 I'm having a rough morning   -Prismatic-  35
 ______ Morning   winga  5
 I can totally see where somebody would get addicted to sleeping pills   Fozzie_Bear  8
 Should the killing of bald eagles be allowed?    -Foxy-  69
 Whats for breakfast Foxy?   Kordirn  4
 HIOFI - "Wake up and smell the Coffey" Edition   Kordirn  7
 Bear Grylls/Discovery part ways...   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 Post test   Bronamo  5
 effin dog   TickyAtack  10
 I think this dude has the tardis of pants!!    Fallen_daemon  8
 Do you think the world would be better with controlled populations expansion?   -Mithan-  24
 I think we need to arrest the degredation of the human species (the weak survive now), w/ cloning,   Hyperimiator  2
 Any podcast systems similar to iTunes for Android?   Chogram  3
 Bulls v. Heat.   Albdestroyer  24
 In favor of abortion?   Reapist  81
 Do you feel left out and can't compete with combat mage? well there is a pill for that.   Fallen_daemon  0
 So I gear up for a nice little hike with the dog...   Steelwind_Oo  11
 white sunglasses are douchey   EbonDragon  2
 someone have finally figured out how to make soccer entertaining    Motar98  9
 @Nerf-Evil and Ikko   DunesVladHarkonnen  2
 question about vaginal tearing   -Darkfire-  83
 work out music   Caoilin  9
 Do you make polls for other people?   Gilligan.USCG  7
 Someone make a poll please.   Reapist  0
 Great racing game, or greatest?   Bakuun  15
 Our first outside time this year   Cuttlery  16
 Happy Pi day!   Jezza_Belle  7
 Help!! Dead Hard Drive Recovery   The_Town_Perv  7
 dinner!   -Foxy-  20
 yo, BT, peep this   aon_mixed  0
 Bear Grylls Dead @ 37   combat_mage_sc  10
 Which one of you ACF men was at my gym today?    TickyAtack  28
 wtf kind of police sketch is this?   Dark_EternalFF  2
 Just a friendly PSA.   AkagiyamaMissile  0
 Anyone watch Californication?   DunesVladHarkonnen  3
 i go poke poke, and she goes meow meowwww and i go yea yea   mightbe  3
 douche canoe (and variants) is a popular word on ACF, it seems (gaevren/avenger)   aon_mixed  11
 [NBA] D'Antoni out as Knicks coach   Gilligan.USCG  3
 Intermittent Farting   JD_HOGG  1
 FYi, Sith got implants!   Reapist  1
 Spanish teacher wont let me take my final exam..   -Eps  14
 NBA thread. Marc Anthony resigns as Knicks head coach   Cuttlery  10
 I remember my trip to Australia.   Reapist  2
 And that's why Australia is scary   Ibbeh  18
 Poll: 95% of all people hate you   JD_HOGG  4
 Poll: Obama leads all GOP candidates in head-to-head contests   Fozzie_Bear  18
 Women getting their revenge!   Second_Chance  98
 i'd like to see Reapist try to reel in this catfish   aon_mixed  9
 I just got a sales call from some financial planner guy   JD_HOGG  16
 Probably OFN, asian dance troupe + tron suits   AkagiyamaMissile  7
 Flying through Monument Valley   AkagiyamaMissile  7
 Exec: Goldman officials called clients 'muppets'   Fozzie_Bear  11
 Intermittent Fisting   -Eps  11
 JD HOGG needs to keep track of his ho's better....   -VanDraegon-  6
 Hair clippers. I need a new set. Suggestions?   winga  3
 Stephen A. "Camel Face" Smith   Caledric  2
 New trailer for 'Battleship'.   AkagiyamaMissile  8
 It's snowing again!   Reapist  3
 Are you a metrosexual?   combat_mage_sc  21
 Its 11am... Nap time!   Caledric  11
 Have you ever used sex to get something you wanted?   BritonGuy  39
 How in the name of all thats   jonus156  4
 pickup lines   aon_mixed  8
 If the universe completely collapses wouldn't that form a black hole?   Ordal  21
 Temp. close to 80 predicted today!!!   pkhere  6
 ______ Morning   winga  12
 it's Pi Day, Pi Day, gotta get down on Pi Day   -Accident-  8
 Even the IRS can't go after people for tax debt beyond 7 years, but...   Gaevren  8
 Mawry: I'm 12 Years Old and I'm A Bad B*tch   -TheHunt-  25
 The most astounding fact about the universe   suntzukali2  16
 New Computer advice   zthar  18
 Should applicants for jobless benefits have to pass a drug test?    -Foxy-  37
 I just filed my taxes   Ferrydust  8
 wtf @ origin   Caoilin  12
 Ladies: An Announcement   the_great_ontex  26
 i flipped my pancake   mightbe  1
 Carbon Dioxide doesn't harm anything   levgre  6
 Baby dress #2!   Gaevren  10
 Six Hour Nap   deadcactus  2
 And I bet they sell out~   JoAyanami  1
 I just made some strong magaritas   -Prismatic-  5
 Intermittent Fasting   OG_Loki  101
 You all had a riot without me?   Hawkson  13
 What arrrr you drinking eating tonight ACF?   AkagiyamaMissile  15
 What arrrr you listening to tonight ACF?   the_great_ontex  4
 It's not often an 'Almost Darwin Award' winner has his stupidity come back to try again...   AkagiyamaMissile  7
 OKC's Kevin Durant....YEESH!   AkagiyamaMissile  2
 Putting a SSD into an old laptop...?   ikkoikki  1
 how MineCraft fits in to the space time continuum - possibly old but very cool.   _Elwood_  1
 Dick Cheney cancels trip to Canada says it is too dangerous.   Sith_Mauler  9
 Professor Skrillex???   AkagiyamaMissile  0
 free SWTOR weekend pass to anyone who wants to check it out   Ferrydust  14
 HIOFI - Not Quite Back to the Future Edition   Gilligan.USCG  27
 don't you hate it when you go downstairs and .....AHHHH   Caledric  2
 New blog post: on my diet.   OG_Loki  12
 Dick goes Limp vs Canadians speaking their mind.   _Elwood_  1
 Seahawks resigned Red Bryant   OG_Loki  1
 What browser you use?   combat_mage_sc  51
 My father listens to the TV at a volume too loud for me -- any solution?   silvadel  33
 Which inventions do you think the inventor should have DIAF for inventing?   Caledric  52
 At a track meet, what to do?   JD_HOGG  14
 So just got my posts put in for implants.   Sith_Mauler  18
 ahhh soccer in the rain...   Anebriated  5
 Do you shop at the dollar store?   Dark_EternalFF  55
 REI dividends are out...   Bakuun  7
 So this is what a stoner looks like........   Reapist  3
 NFL trade thread   ikkoikki  11
 Have you ever seen an SUV disintegrate?   Reapist  41
 I told the blond clerk at the drug store to sell me head & shoulders.   Reapist  7
 This thread is for very cool music lyrics... what'da ya got?   Brandun  27
 Someone's cutting farts in here *sniffle*    JD_HOGG  2
 Smartphone Laser Tag!   jungalist  4
 SOB, it's snowing here now.   Reapist  8
 Got lightscribed at the gym today   aon_mixed  22
 Dear ACF.... Which would you choose (Houses & Looking to Buy)   Lanacan  31
 Got lightsabered at the gym today    Reapist  5
 OK, that was funny.   Reapist  2
 Spring is in the air here!   Bakuun  15
 I watched part of some documentary about gangsters   Anebriated  5
 Who do you think will be the first FA signed today?   Caledric  14
 Why Mangler is not allowed to take messages for his wife.   Lanacan  3
 Bill & Ted 3 Script Has Keanu Reeves’s Stamp of Approval   aon_mixed  16
 You have to admire this man for killing himself like he said he would.   Reapist  11
 Brrr… Greenland and Alaska Have More Ice This Year Than In Previous Record Year   combat_mage_sc  7
 Tessa is to pick up on the way home   Cuttlery  15
 Give me a good bottle of whiskey to purchase   Gilligan.USCG  43
 Ubama’s Favorite Chicago Lawmaker Caught Hobnobbing at Commie Headquarters    combat_mage_sc  7
 Someone's cutting onions in here *sniffle*   _sooz_  2
 What would get you to stop eating red and processed meats?   BritonGuy  49
 Occupy Colorado Springs Protester Calls American Soldiers “Trash”   combat_mage_sc  16
 Ubama Administration Finalizes Rules: Obamacare Will Fund Abortions.   combat_mage_sc  12
 top 10 cheapest cars to own.   Fallen_daemon  8
 The Mighty Drones !   Bat_Avenger  0
 OMG, they're actually remaking Total Recall?   Reapist  11
 Melatonin question   _sooz_  11
 Land of the poor millionaires   Sith_Mauler  8
 Middle school uses a cop and taser to intimidate 12 yo girl to give up her FB password.   Reapist  18
 Tuesday time waster...   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 Got lighthead at the gym today   Caledric  5
 US&EU crying for more rare earth materials to make more weapons,    Sith_Mauler  8
 Beautiful Dance Moves   Lanacan  4
 Somebody is finding a new job.   Sith_Mauler  12
 Disturbed   Sith_Mauler  0
 Seahags fans, are they going to pick up Flynn?   Cuttlery  13
 Foxy show us your feet!   Caledric  12
 Spring sucks   Sith_Mauler  4
 Tuesday morning Funny...   Nestor_II  1
 Looks like i'll be going to California this summer   _sooz_  90
 insurgents fired on an Afghan government delegation   Bat_Avenger  1
 Squirrels are demons.   BritonGuy  38
 _______ Morning   winga  5
 Zombie pin up calendar... brilliant   Steelwind_Oo  9
 Hi everyone   Gangster_Of_Love  18
 Got lightheaded at the gym today   TickyAtack  26
 If your income stopped cold right now   FineYoungCannibals  50
 lol OK I'm done...   AkagiyamaMissile  4
 Explain to me why a person who is living paycheck to paycheck......   FineYoungCannibals  40
 Who wins the Peyton Manning Sweepstakes?   Tai-Daishar_MT  17
 BONING: Have you ever boned at an event? Ever been boned?   timtheswordsman  7
 Anyone Play WoW on Stormreaver? or what server(for for /other/ guys)   -Eps  10
 BOEING...Have you ever BOEINGED at an event? Ever been BOEINGED?   AkagiyamaMissile  2
 Furry Warning: Cute, but messed up (likely NSFW)   Webscar  22
 What to do with Foxy   Caledric  14
 my type of peoples!! rednecks puts .50 bmg to a 12 gauge shotgun.    Fallen_daemon  0
 Fed to Spread Propaganda To Grades 8-12 Students About Constitutionality Of The Fed   Brother_Tempus  15
 Mass transit use rises as gas prices soar   levgre  68
 What do you have prepare for the end of the world(shtf)   Fallen_daemon  32
 Cats   the_tessa  14
 My dog is trying to scare me.   Reapist  5
 Car Magazine: Audi to Buy Ducati   -Foxy-  2
 Cop tazers 9 year public school student for truancy, mayor moves to dissolve police department   Brother_Tempus  44
 don't you hate it when you go downstairs and .....AHHHH   the_tessa  120
 The saddest story you will ever read.   Reapist  3
 Reading #ididnotreport on Twitter is heartbreaking   _sooz_  11
 Dunes......   Reapist  2
 It's a small world after all.   Gibbon_raver  2
 Anyone feel like rioting tonight?   AkagiyamaMissile  32
 WoW LOL   _Elwood_  24
 what's the best job for a sensitive butterfly like myself?   Anebriated  15
 Was that Staff Sgt who killed those 16 civilians a sympathetic figure?   Second_Chance  57
 Frito-Chili Pie   Sith_Mauler  10
 PSA: If you ride a bike, please wear a helmet. (Warning, gory pics inside)   AlsoFaromir  55
 More ME3 Ending stuff (Spoilers)   -Mithan-  4
 Sooz, stop spamming my inbox with your idiocy.   Onslaught.  67
 Pucker Factor: 11 of the day   AkagiyamaMissile  6
 El Chicago Toros vs. Nuevo York Knickerbockers   ikkoikki  25
 Hey guys, I'm from the vesti...   wahedi  40
 Flying becomes exponentially less exciting each time you do it   Onslaught.  68
 So, this new doctor had the job of doing circumcisions at the hospital.   Reapist  7
 BOOBING: Have you ever boobed at an event? Ever been boobed?    aon_mixed  18
 Super Sekrit Grapevine says Peyton signing with Cardinals on Thursday.   TheUnholyGhost  24
 Cowboys docked 10 million in cap space Redskins 36 million   Cuttlery  19
 WTF Dunkin' Donuts??!! (At least Combat will be happy.)   Lanacan  15
 Would you wear a Midget...   Webscar  5
 Wow...Texas. *slow clap*   DunesVladHarkonnen  21
 This year marks the 75th year of a pointless, disastrous war   the_great_ontex  33
 pompous   WhipSmack  5
 Would you play?   AkagiyamaMissile  11
 What is that pic of the white kids trying to be all hard? Like wannabe gangsta rappers   Second_Chance  9
 I'm such a coward.   combat_mage_sc  34
 LOL how do people use chopsticks???   Brandun  64
 Monday time waster...   AkagiyamaMissile  7
 Even former Mossad chief is against war with Iran.   Fallen_daemon  3
 Does any chain restaurant make a better breakfast than Cracker Barrel?   Reapist  46
 Being the President must suck.   Sith_Mauler  3
 That's not Honey...   Webscar  3
  What would you do if your life was put into a Zombie Apocalypse?   Sith_Mauler  42
 Buffet   Reapist  5
 I think maybe the Nyquill was a bad idea last night   Cuttlery  14
 I love him   Lanacan  0
 ______ Morning   winga  2
 Did a bad thing at work   suntzukali2  13
 so tim tebow was in tampa over the weekend and denied interviews   aon_mixed  4
 This needs to be incorporated into some Steampunk themed movie   Aerlinthian  5
 I swear...Sunday nights into Monday hit and miss...   AkagiyamaMissile  18
 HA! you will never guess what i did   mightbe  39
 Just finished making a baby dress for a friend   Gaevren  11
 It all begins tomorrow   notmforce2k  11
 Most you've ever paid for a standardized test?   deadcactus  23
 someone invite me to fitocracy   OG_Loki  37
 The Walking Dead (Spoilers)   Maleraka  64
 Walking Dead spoilers is a must   Sith_Mauler  0
 Went and saw Joh Carter of Mars. (spoilerz?)   Reapist  2
 happy birthday me   EbonDragon  26
 Holy crap the Colts are cleaning house.   Sith_Mauler  7
 Robots are not supposed to think   murron2  11
 Not surprised, but the Pac-12 regular season champ was left out.   Bakuun  8
 NBA trade thread   ikkoikki  37
 I guess the hate and discontent is rising to record levels on the tor forums.   Sith_Mauler  18
 Civ V 75% off on steam   OG_Loki  4
 Nearly $3M for 'wrongful birth' suit   Sith_Mauler  47
 Sunday time waster   AkagiyamaMissile  0
 NCAA Bracket is out.    aurther-the-leader  1
 The Mouth   Rhodoman  0
 3 Child Prodigies: a Pianist, a Pool Shark and a Painter   murron2  4
 HIOFI Outpost style   IMHO  1
 What was the first song you danced to after being married?   murron2  24
 I just recently started The Wire   MoFoEskimo  4
 Have you ever seen a fish fit a camel in it's mouth?   aon_mixed  10
 Apparently ME3 is a gigantic troll   OG_Loki  22
 Dinner!   -Foxy-  13
 Hand Jobs that will blow your mind!   murron2  10
 hey Cuttlery get off the damn couch.   _Elwood_  4
 When everything is just crap, what comfort food do you turn too?   Bakuun  9
 .   ikkoikki  3
 I am TOTALLY going as this next halloween   Fozzie_Bear  1
 need info on car repair   Fozzie_Bear  29
 Men...what say you about women and beards...   _Alexandra_  5
 Hot southern chick, assualt rifle and exploding targets............   Sith_Mauler  7
 What happened to Linsanity?   Albdestroyer  12
 Some good threads with good points made today   pkhere  2
 SOB! I forgot i ordered this while drunk lastnight.   combat_mage_sc  7
 How do you keep track of time during the day? Wear a watch or check your phone or computer?   murron2  24
 See if you can see this video of the wife's bird.   Reapist  9
 Do you believe in/accept home schooling for children?   -Foxy-  112
 Boogity Boogity Boogity!   Former_Camilla  8
 Art Ross Trophy will be:   Brandun  7
 If you could claim that you discovered one thing...what would it be?   murron2  17
 Bullying: There is nothing lighthearted about it.   murron2  39
 So who has a clock which has been fast since fall and is now correct?   purplehugmonkey  2
 What the NFL and NHL will look like in a few years   Albdestroyer  8
 BOOING: Have you ever booed at an event? Ever been booed?   murron2  46
 Women...what say you about: men and beards? Men can you grow a beard?   murron2  42
 Some where somebody mated with a pig.   Sith_Mauler  6
 Bought a pound of fair trade columbian coffee yesterday   OG_Loki  11
 what aon does on the weekend   Motar98  1
 Steaks are marinating...went to the store 8)   pkhere  0
 Anyone sold much on Craigslist? Question for ya   Mattock_  32
 Woman goes down under with horse for 3 hours in mud! (with pictures)   NonOffensiveName  3
 PUPPY ALERT: Now THIS is a lot of mouths to feed!   murron2  5
 meat loaf is in the oven   -Foxy-  20
 Manning narrows most likely options to Arizona and Denver   Cuttlery  10
 giant bone accident (dumb dog)   aon_mixed  6
 Could you say no to these faces?   Cuttlery  29
 McDonalds breakfast is the greatest thing ever   Cuttlery  47
 how to photobomb yourself   aon_mixed  10
 US soldier walks off of base and shoots civilians in Kandahar.   Terminius_Est  22
 Mother surprises by giving birth to a 14 pound baby boy.   Terminius_Est  5
 TV Tonight! Sunday 3/11/12   AkagiyamaMissile  5
 What phone should I upgrade to?   RRwho37_2000  13
 what is u r listening to   Motar98  4
 Playing hockey while sick just sucks.    Bakuun  1
 Mmmm alcohol.   TickyAtack  5
 Nestle Dark Chocolate Chips are good   silvadel  7
 Ron Paul wins Virgin Islands popular vote   WhipSmack  4
 Iraqis starting to get it. 14 emo teens stoned to death over last 2 weeks.   Cuttlery  13
 I just picked an unexpected booger   MoFoEskimo  3
 NBA Finals > Superbowl   ikkoikki  33
 If you got a refund on your taxes this year   Gaevren  28
 A plug for GOG game if you are bored...   Jyiiga  9
 it's pretty creepy reading descriptions that fit you in journal articles   Anebriated  3
 Here is a real if you grew up poor, not that richy rich questions by mcrich reapist.   Fallen_daemon  1
 one hour forward tonight   aon_mixed  29
 convince me why I should buy a pair of Red Wing steel toed work boots for $189   tsingtao2  32
 i looked in the mirror and saw someobe   mightbe  0
 I gave a 10 percent tip tonight.. I can't remember the last time I tipped that low   Brandun  40
 Man, Fenton glass is some expensive isht.   combat_mage_sc  20
 Did you grow up poor?   Reapist  67
 Have you ever seen The Grapes of Wrath?   Reapist  47
 Do you think Martians look like chickens?   Reapist  1
 Free webhost?   Winnie_the_Pooh  1
 Anyone know much about the Mitchbitchy Outlander SE   the_tessa  83
 DE this your next car?   Lanacan  9
 Saturday time waster...   AkagiyamaMissile  0
 HIOFI: 'Would you still hit it?' edition   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 hey guys i found me my next vehicle!!   the_tessa  22
 Bakuun, looks like you got some competition...   AkagiyamaMissile  1
 Dear god....I feel so horrible...   AkagiyamaMissile  2
 Asura's Wrath:   Onslaught.  1
 OK so I have been solved of my anti-humanity   tillsb  39
 BadBadNotGood   Cydoc  1
 Finally home! (pics)   Malrothien  51
 Must suck to live in these states.   Sith_Mauler  14
 When....suddenly....   AkagiyamaMissile  8
 How was John Carter?   -Mithan-  20
 ME3 multiplayer is damn good   -Mithan-  12
 recommend a netflix title for me    jonus156  7
 Age Check. Ever buy Regular gas?   Sith_Mauler  62
 i need a nap   -Foxy-  16
 I had a dream that my wife was licking the toilet seat.   WhipSmack  10
 Ariel   Allmightybob_MLF  3
 Looking at buying a refurbished laptop...   ikkoikki  7
 Do you know what sux ass about 3D movies?   Reapist  14
 top 10 foods that can make you sick.    Fallen_daemon  9
 If Mother Goose worked in Hollywood   Terminius_Est  1
 Who is the biggest white trash on ACF?   WhipSmack  21
 Willy Wankya   aon_mixed  2
 Building the Keystone Pipeline would raise gas prices in the US.   Cuttlery  26
 So NFC West fans, how do you feel about the Rams now?   Sith_Mauler  9
 OMG! He's going to do THAT to her in front of all those people?!!!   Terminius_Est  3
 gittin jiggy with **it   aon_mixed  8
 Its almost 50 degrees already today   Cuttlery  9
 off to find the minivan of my dreams in a little bit here   the_tessa  22
 Boys don't ask her out   Terminius_Est  6
 Is there anyplace I can buy and download Mechwarrior 4?   Fozzie_Bear  8
 How can you be in two places at once when you're not anywere at all?   Terminius_Est  6
 Pugs are awesome.   Sith_Mauler  2
 The Story of Stuff - Broke   Jezza_Belle  0
 Thanks Florida...and Australia!   AkagiyamaMissile  8
 First day of school...   AkagiyamaMissile  10
 Caption this piktar   Terminius_Est  7
 where did everyone move their domain to from godaddy?   Jezza_Belle  11
 Ewww..... Seriously......... That is so gross.........   Jezza_Belle  14
 Jimmy Ellis, 'Disco Inferno' singer, dies at 74    -Foxy-  3
 What percentage of people should go to college?   silvadel  34
 Washington Redskins acquire #2 pick in draft from St Louis   Cuttlery  27
 2 Denver Broncos players suspended for having "non-human" urine in their system   Cuttlery  17
 Chatting with a guy at work who said his wife is on leave from the police force again   Ferrydust  13
 New Challenger Video: Super 8 Film Of Space Shuttle Disaster Uncovered   Ferrydust  19
 Why are cops always trying to scare you   -Prismatic-  21
 What minivan should I not consider tomorrow?   the_tessa  38
 I don't care whether or not it's fake, Ghost Adventures is a damn entertaining show   _sooz_  36
 why do republicans want to murder higher education?   Anebriated  58
 Ah good old nyc, where criminals/rapist have more rights than the owner of the house.   Fallen_daemon  1
 dudes! dudets! i found the answer to the universe   mightbe  11
 Nephews going to NY. Leaves in 20 minutes. WHAT SHOULD HE DO THERE?   Ferrydust  8
 whatcha listening to tonight acf?   -Foxy-  5
 i hate nature   Caoilin  7
 life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness   -Foxy-  6
 stupid women video deserves its own thread   Fozzie_Bear  0
 The power of nature. (yt timelapse)   AkagiyamaMissile  3
 What made you smile today?   _sooz_  51
 This girl's a nerd...and it's awesome   DunesVladHarkonnen  11
 Seriously why can't some of you young people with your g/f's post youtubes like this and link em?   Hyperimiator  7
 Whoda thunk it? Pediatricians have the most obnoxious out of control childeren.   Reapist  7
 betrayal at krondor for $3   Caoilin  9
 I know there was a thread yesterday, but the Taco Bell Doritos tacos are amazing   Gilligan.USCG  7
 Calling Mech Junkies   Jyiiga  25
 hooking up with a single malt   zthar  9
 Ladies, have you ever been pissed on during a first date? And, would you then have to just go on and   Reapist  8
 Solar Storm Paints Stunning Northern Lights   Lanacan  6
 This is how you mix a can of paint.   Reapist  5
 Guy hit in head with .50 caliber ricochet.   Reapist  12
 the Mythbusters new show UNCHAINED REACTION   Tipztoe  9
 oh oh oh!   Reapist  29
 Colts cleaning house, looking to trade Freeney   Cuttlery  17
 Sarah Palin   Reapist  11
 John Carter