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 Morels   Friarspam  3
 Hungry For Change   Rill_of_WE  0
 Making anything speciaL FOR sT pATRICKS dAY?   Rudypu_Candyass  9
 Has anyone tried...   NonOffensiveName  11
 A New Year   GriffinShadowfeather  0
 What are you doing for Christmas   Rudypu_Candyass  2
 and the newest Iron chef is....   pkhere  7
 are you making the xmas dinner this year?   -Foxy-  6
 Whats on the menu for Thanksgiving   Rudypu_Candyass  5
 So ghetto but so good -- Raman --    _Kewk_  13
 Muffins   GriffinShadowfeather  4
 Hows this sound? Chicken and Rice Burritos   NonOffensiveName  4
 Anyone else enjoy the new oven crispy chicken from subway?? It owns me...   Setharion  7
 Who makes a Football Cheesedip   Rudypu_Candyass  5
 Labor day    GriffinShadowfeather  3
 Whats your Favorite dish to make?   Rudypu_Candyass  9
 Lazy Lasagna   LadyFreia  6
 How much $ do you spend(average) when you go OUT to dinner?   Equnoxx  21
 Looking for a recipe - English Zucchini Cake   Protogere  7
 I got a Roast and a Crockpot   Rudypu_Candyass  4
 OK Folks its Grilling Season   Rudypu_Candyass  16
 So Toinights Dish   GriffinShadowfeather  4
 So I cooked some brisket with Ginger, Orange Peel and Tomato   GriffinShadowfeather  4
 Roasted spicy mayo chicken with cheddar thyme polenta   Lokkie_the_Fierce  3
 Crohn's diet   Rudypu_Candyass  7
 @pkhere   shaggynuts24  11
 Navajo Fry Bread   shaggynuts24  2
 Wow never knew Ina Garten was so full of herself....   NonOffensiveName  4
 i need a tuna recipe please   shaggynuts24  8
 Induction Stove and Cookware   GriffinShadowfeather  6
 Are there any celebrity chefs that you hate/cant stand when you see them on tv?   NonOffensiveName  22
 Fish and chips question   Terminius_Est  10
 Whats your favorite thing to put in a Crock pot   Rudypu_Candyass  21
 Vodka Martini   HyperstarSponge  2
 You can have any kind/flavor of cake you want   -Foxy-  21
 Homemade Pizza   Rudypu_Candyass  8
 Need a few ideas for Trout   GriffinShadowfeather  3
 Diets/diet foods/good for you foods   -Foxy-  11
 Refried Beans???   Anotherstormslayer  6
 Vegetarian Lasagna   GriffinShadowfeather  5
 So what's the next contest ingredient er whatever???   pkhere  0
 Recommend something good using dates   Terminius_Est  9
 Good restaurants near Times Square?   Lokkie_the_Fierce  1
 Top 5 Brands of Turkey   Pzazette  9
 November Contest!!! Spaghetti Recipes come forth!   GriffinShadowfeather  17
 We're on the Board Spotlight and contest info!   GriffinShadowfeather  6
 When you hear the term "assertive flavor"....   NonOffensiveName  5
 I made an awesome vegetable soup last night...   NonOffensiveName  3
 Exploding tomatoes?   Nauri2  7
 Rice cookers?   GiantAshSnake  14
 Watching the new Hell's Kitchen   Rudypu_Candyass  5
 This chicken and rice I made tonite was OFF the chain!   NonOffensiveName  4
 I have a suggestion...   NonOffensiveName  11
 Have you ever done this?    NonOffensiveName  5
 Spaghetti and meatballs - the tasty tasty meat murdering version    NonOffensiveName  10
 strange to have 2-3 drinks a day?   Shenron_  6
 Spaghetti and meatballs - vegetarian   Protogere  3
 53-piece flatware set necessary??   ericonni  7
 i picked 2 pounds of jalepenos ... now what   shaggynuts24  4
 September's Contest - Post your recipes here!!!   GriffinShadowfeather  27
 Tofu suggestions   Shenron_  3
 Suggestions for an Italian dish?   deadcactus  10
 Chicken and Chorizo "Gumbo"   Lokkie_the_Fierce  2
 Went to a birthday dinner yesterday and my sister made the best cake...   pkhere  0
 Kick A Dinner I Got to Assist With :)   vn_parsonjackrussell  1
 the wife made some awesome pasta last night   shaggynuts24  6
 Salad of the freaking GODS   Gaevren  10
 Yellow summer squash   Gaevren  5
 July Contest   Rudypu_Candyass  17
 Your favorite grilled cheese sandwich?   deadcactus  23
 LF a pork loin marinade   NonOffensiveName  9
 So Im trying to make bbq chicken wings....   NonOffensiveName  2
 I'm going to grind my own spices now.   Terminius_Est  3
 What are you doing for Fathers Day?   GriffinShadowfeather  5
 Chunky Monkey pancakes   Terminius_Est  1
 Anybody have a good cajun red beans and rice recipe   Terminius_Est  2
 BBQ Ribs?   Anotherstormslayer  8
 Chicken Piccata Toss   Lokkie_the_Fierce  3
 What are you doing/having for Memorial Day   GriffinShadowfeather  14
 Need frozen yogurt help   _sooz_  2
 Creamy Lobster Soup   Lynea  3
 Did you cook Mom anything for Mothers Day   Rudypu_Candyass  11
 How is it baking soda makes chocolate chip cookies rise?   Terminius_Est  2
 May Contest!!!!!!!!!   Rudypu_Candyass  14
 Whatcha cooking for dinner today?   Terminius_Est  8
 Do you grow a gaden?   Anotherstormslayer  7
 I getting addicted to....   Rudypu_Candyass  3
 Is there anything better than Mushy Peas?   vn_parsonjackrussell  0
 getting enough fruits and vegetables   Shenron_  11
 Lunch Ideas   Chabelis  5
 Making.. something... tommorow. Suggestions?   deadcactus  3
 This is different, Chicken Tagine, and I can cook it in my slow cooker too.   Terminius_Est  0
 BBQ country style ribs   pkhere  6
 Ok, so our family doubled in size overnight...   Phaydra  11
 Brunch Ideas   Lyli  1
 Ham Leftover Ideas   Lyli  8
 April Contest!!!!   GriffinShadowfeather  26
 I have had a minor disaster   Terminius_Est  2
 I made Red Velvet cupcakes...   deadcactus  4
 Going to braise some short ribs, need to sample the wine first to make sure it's OK to cook with   Terminius_Est  4
 How do I prepare fennel?    Terminius_Est  2
 Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese   Lokkie_the_Fierce  6
 Cooked rice in the microwave today, made a mess but it took about 1/2 the time   Terminius_Est  2
 So my Fridge died and took all my food with it...   Phaydra  12
 Oven Fried Chicken   Rill_of_WE  0
 favorite hole-in-a-wall restaurants?   shaggynuts24  8
 Ok The Rudy And Griffin Grilling Contest is on   Rudypu_Candyass  2
 Road Trip - Give me your food suggestions   Lokkie_the_Fierce  24
 Guy's hosting a gameshow on NBC?   Lokkie_the_Fierce  5
 Ok How dp you make chicken Wings   Rudypu_Candyass  7
 Bratwurst   Anotherstormslayer  6
 Gamer bars, real or myth?   Triiipledot  1
 Dinner tonight   Lokkie_the_Fierce  4
 Alton Brown has an intriguing recipe for roux   Terminius_Est  12
 Today is beans and cornbread   Terminius_Est  4
 Protip: When making a meat based meal...   Ah-Schoo  11
 Homemade Ravioli   Silverwuf  5
 I made authentic Chicken Paprikash last night   Lynea  5
 This afternoon is going to be a meat orgy.   Terminius_Est  2
 Someone Help me   Rudypu_Candyass  9
 Do you like your pork pink?   Terminius_Est  17
 Does this strike anyone's fancy? Sweet n Sour Spaghetti   NonOffensiveName  5
 Deviled Eggs   Anotherstormslayer  12
 Do you make any special treats for Valentines Day   Rudypu_Candyass  6
 Do you crack your eggs in a separate bowl?   Lokkie_the_Fierce  16
 ALTON BROWN's five favorite cook books.   Terminius_Est  5
 things to do with boneless skinless chicken breasts   shaggynuts24  6
 How do you make guacamole?   Terminius_Est  7
 Beef stew   Lokkie_the_Fierce  7
 Ok Super Bowl is coming up   Rudypu_Candyass  9
 OK Let's talk Chili   Rudypu_Candyass  20
 anyone else watching "worst cooks in America"?   pkhere  5
 So I had a glass of wine and then remembered that I forgot to add the garlic   Terminius_Est  6
 Anyone know a good way to powdered sugar something?    NonOffensiveName  5
 My wife always gets skinless chicken.   Ah-Schoo  10
 Since I saw Batali use it, I got some guanicali   Terminius_Est  8
 I made the yummiest marinade last night   Lynea  5
 Bar Keepers Friend   Gaevren  12
 How often do you clean the fridge?   Terminius_Est  17
 Chef Garces   pkhere  0
 Fajitas   GriffinShadowfeather  11
 Spicy macaroni and cheese with turkey bacon   Terminius_Est  7
 Scallops   Pzazette  13
 Is All-Clad worth the money?   deadcactus  15
 Hot Drinks for Cold Weather   shaggynuts24  4
 I just made my first food discovery of the new year!   NonOffensiveName  4
 Confessions of a closet master baker   Terminius_Est  2
 Self cleaning ovens don't like smoke detectors   Terminius_Est  7
 The BF made a loaf of bread...   Lokkie_the_Fierce  5
 Your First Meal of the New Year?   Lyli  11
 I cooked the red cabbage and added tumeric   Terminius_Est  2
 Portable storage?   deadcactus  4
 I'm somewhat inebriated and I'm going to cook.   Terminius_Est  10
 I've suddenly started prepping everything before I cook   Terminius_Est  4
 Got a nice big piece of Pancetta   Terminius_Est  8
 The BF's adventures in the kitchen   Lokkie_the_Fierce  12
 ok, xmas is over, time to shop for new years meal   -Foxy-  10
 Merry Christmas!!!   pkhere  0
 Smoked Pork Shoulder and stuff   shaggynuts24  1
 What are you doing for Christmas   Rudypu_Candyass  13
 Move over Bloody Mary's   vn_parsonjackrussell  3
 There's nothing easier for Christmas fudge than the recipe on the back of Marshmallow creme   Terminius_Est  10
 Low Calorie Recipe Sources   Rill_of_WE  8
 What's a good substitute for crême fraîche. What is it anyway?   Terminius_Est  3
 Snickerdoodles   GriffinShadowfeather  24
 What is it about buttermilk biscuits that makes them so much better than regular?   Terminius_Est  6
 Soft and Chewy Sugar Cookies   Pulp_Gareth  4
 Sausage Chili and Rice Soup with Cornbread Loaf   Pulp_Gareth  3
 Smoked Turkey times?   Liquid741  3
 Liked my cast iron skillit pizza so much, I got a 13 inch cast iron pizza pan   Terminius_Est  5
 Spoilers! Next Iron Chef isss.....   -Foxy-  3
 Please post your favorite Pumpkin bread recipe   Lyli  1
 So, i have a can of pumpkin...   Fredegarr  2
 Lunch for Today is beef and barley soup   Terminius_Est  6
 What is you Special Dish AtThanksgiving   Rudypu_Candyass  6
 Parmesan-Butternut Squash Gratin   Rudypu_Candyass  6
 Got my cooking textbook...   deadcactus  24
 Chocolate buttercream icing   Daimar  3
 Gala Apples   Malrothien  14
 I'm glad that Appleman guy got eliminated   pkhere  12
 Top 100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do   vn_parsonjackrussell  18
 Made pizza using my cast iron skillet   Terminius_Est  6
 Any books that actually teach you how to cook?   deadcactus  12
 I got the stuff to make a red sauce yesterday but I forgot what I want to make it for   Terminius_Est  2
 I did it again ...   Lokkie_the_Fierce  6
 ISO Fish/Shrimp and Vegetarian Recipes   Lynea  0
 Pork roast has led me to wonder about a pressure cooker   Friarspam  13
 Sashimi - First Thoughts   shaggynuts24  7
 Need a wine and dessert recommendation for tonight's dinner   Fallen_Crow  11
 Diabetics...look away   pellien  5
 What kind of peeler can I use to peel a squash with?   Terminius_Est  17
 I'm making lasagna today, first time is years   Terminius_Est  11
 What's for dinner?   Malrothien  65
 I need fresh cranberry recipes   Silverwuf  9
 Dinner for today is Cabbage Rolls!   Terminius_Est  9
 i need a recipe for smoked turkey legs   shaggynuts24  2
 MODS delete   tehgoatboi  20
 Note to self - things in the oven are hot   Lokkie_the_Fierce  11
 I love falafel but I h8 frying it because of the extra calories   Terminius_Est  0
 my wife bought wings yesterday.   Ah-Schoo  10
 My house is full of the smell of baking bread   Terminius_Est  5
 The Next Iron Chef starts this Sunday...   pkhere  13
 ISO - Tiramisue Recipe or Tips   Cynxy  7
 Boiled Peanuts   Cynxy  10
 Is anyone watching The Naughty Kitchen with Blythe Beck on Oxygen?   vn_parsonjackrussell  2
 I have a dilemma.   Malrothien  11
 Anybody have a good banana bread recipe that works?   Terminius_Est  14
 Share your Favorite Halloween treats With us   Rudypu_Candyass  2
 Butter vs margarine   Ah-Schoo  11
 Roasted chicken   Gaevren  16
 Jambalya   Rudypu_Candyass  5
 Leftovers   -Foxy-  9
 Best iphone food apps   styxmachine  3
 Need a couple of good chicken recipies   Pzazette  14
 Give me your healthy recipes ... with one "catch"   Lokkie_the_Fierce  9
 Doctoring my muffin mixes   Gaevren  8
 Found a good cooking howto place, all video.   Terminius_Est  0
 ** Wednesday CB: Cooking, Food and Drink Post Ratings (09/16/2009) **   GriffinShadowfeather  5
 When making pasta, I prepare it with sauce by...   Lokkie_the_Fierce  23
 why is pepperoni red?   Shenron_  3
 Spaghetti Sauce over...   Tencor_MT  7
 Woooot! Bake Sale time!!!   Phaydra  2
 Shrimp recipes!   NonOffensiveName  18
 Chopped Champion series started on FN last night   pkhere  2
 Ribs, ribs, and more ribs!   Gaevren  11
 Feeling domestic, so planned dinner for the next week or so...   Lokkie_the_Fierce  15
 Chicken and Dumplings   Lokkie_the_Fierce  10
 Making homemade chicken noodle soup today   BluSkye  6
 Just got back from our annual family reunion   .Ayla.  4
 Zuchinni   pkhere  8
 Shrimp with roasted garlic pesto pasta   Lokkie_the_Fierce  6
 Whats your favorite veggie and fruit combo smoothie?    NonOffensiveName  3
 Fried Hollandaise   Terminius_Est  5
 What are some good recipies that uses smoke trout?   Terminius_Est  1
 Great pie dough that uses Vodka.   Terminius_Est  9
 Squash Casserole   Lynea  4
 A recipe that calls for 1/2tsp of baking soda and 1/2tsp of cream of tarter   Terminius_Est  5
 Julie & Julia (2009)   Rudypu_Candyass  10
 Blueberries   Anotherstormslayer  10
 To flip an omelet, you must use the courage of your convictions, "YOU CAN DO THIS" and do it!   Terminius_Est  8
 I am in need of a good kalhua recipe that uses vodka   .Ayla.  14
 nvm   NonOffensiveName  0
 Does anyone know if "Greek" yogurt is a very common item to find in a grocery store?   NonOffensiveName  12
 Anyone know the name of that special dough that you can buy ready made...   NonOffensiveName  6
 Chefographies started last night   pkhere  17
 scuppernong leaves   Grumble69  5
 For the second time in my life, I baked a cake from scratch   Terminius_Est  11
 Enlighten me on convection...   BluSkye  11
 Recommend me a good chef's knife   Lokkie_the_Fierce  32
 Food Network is going to pick a new Iron Chef   pkhere  20
 Tribute to Julia Child   Terminius_Est  7
 Cucumbers   Phaydra  9
 Stuffed mushrooms with scallops   Silverwuf  1
 drinks thread   shaggynuts24  26
 Tomatoes from the garden,   Anotherstormslayer  15
 Finally, the Bacon Explosion is going to happen!   Pulp_Gareth  17
 Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets   shaggynuts24  30
 Finally, I'm getting a gas stove!!   BluSkye  11
 Searching for a wing sauce recipe   Gingersnap727  5
 So I splurged, I really don't need it.   Terminius_Est  7
 Nurses can't get a job?   Terminius_Est  0
 How would canned tomatoes be for making salsa?   Fredegarr  9
 Millionaire's Shortbread   Lokkie_the_Fierce  4
 I can't find my thyme   Terminius_Est  9
 Cherries are in season!    Anotherstormslayer  6
 Bratwurst   Anotherstormslayer  13
 Spinach-Mozzarella Stuffed Burgers   Rudypu_Candyass  5
 ** Monday CB: Cooking, Food and Drink Post Ratings (07/13/2009) **   Rudypu_Candyass  9
 Resolved to eat more fish, but I'm a southern boy, the only way I've cooked fish is to fry it   Terminius_Est  12
 Tyler Florence took some tyme, wrapped bacon around it, and tied it with a string.   Terminius_Est  8
 Here's a burger recipe that seems a shame to call it a hamburger.   Terminius_Est  3
 Whatcha going to cook over the holliday?   Terminius_Est  10
 I love making fresh pasta dough   Terminius_Est  9
 Chicken Pesto Pasta   Lokkie_the_Fierce  10
 Mushroom guide   shaggynuts24  6
 ** Thursday CB: Cooking, Food and Drink Post Ratings (06/25/2009) **   GriffinShadowfeather  4
 Pesto Mashed Potatoes   Lokkie_the_Fierce  4
 Whats your Favorite thing to Grill   Rudypu_Candyass  15
 Anyone else watching "The Next Food Network Star"?   pkhere  43
 Is anyone actually interested in the new season of Top Chef?   NonOffensiveName  6
 My weekend project, Tomales!   Terminius_Est  12
 DIxie Crossroads   LadyLuc  6
 What's the easiest way to dry herbs?   Lokkie_the_Fierce  5
 Secret to milk storage   shaggynuts24  20
 Grilled Halibut Time   Rudypu_Candyass  4
 Here's some curry paste recipes from Bonza_Gal   Terminius_Est  2
 Cooking eggplant   Gaevren  9
 Picnic foods???   Phaydra  6
 Lots of fresh cherries for sale now, what's good to make with them?   Terminius_Est  8
 Peruvian Tuna Ceviche   Lynea  4
 Double Cheese Stuffed Burgers   Rudypu_Candyass  9
 Jambalaya Pasta   Malrothien  5
 pinto beans done right   shaggynuts24  14
 zuchini in garlic tomato sauce   shaggynuts24  4
 Need some advice on starting an herb garden   Darshawn  7
 A book on the history of food shows on TV   Terminius_Est  0
 Spicy Thai Chicken Wings   Rudypu_Candyass  3
 pepperoni   Shenron_  4
 Happy Cinco de Mayo!   Lynea  3
 anyone catch the Iron chef with "Butter" as the secret ingrediant?   .Ayla.  5
 Julie & Julia   Gaevren  2
 Dear Bacon, I love you   shaggynuts24  23
 chicken cutlets   shaggynuts24  4
 What can I do with pearled barley?   Terminius_Est  5
 Squash pizza with pancetta and egg   Terminius_Est  6
 Grilled Plantains?   shoobzie  23
 What's the difference between roasting and baking?   Terminius_Est  19
 What is your favorite way to cook brocolli?   Terminius_Est  13
 Ginger Garlic Scallops in Butter   shaggynuts24  1
 WTH? Aaron McCargo has his own show?   Lokkie_the_Fierce  15
 do u eat penis?   Shenron_  20
 Fill in the blank: My kitchen is a ________________ when I'm finished.   Terminius_Est  13
 Burgers   Lokkie_the_Fierce  14
 shrimp sauce picante   shaggynuts24  9
 1 quart peeled garlic cloves, 6 to 12 bright red habanero peppers   Terminius_Est  7
 Ham and Cheese Strata   Rudypu_Candyass  6
 Easter is comming up, lets talk eggs.   Terminius_Est  20
 Dinner Impossible   pkhere  25
 Anyone watched chopped last night??   pkhere  0
 When you make home made fries,   pkhere  31
 OMG why didn't I know about this board!?!   BenitoSantiago  19
  you are having scones, biscuits (american), toast   -Foxy-  27
 help me make soup/stew?   bodeyraffa  9
 Used Julia Child's method to make perfect white sauce.   Terminius_Est  13
 The coolest wedding cake   vn_parsonjackrussell  6
 MOST awesome sammich I tried today   NonOffensiveName  4
 middle eastern dishes? post them ....   shaggynuts24  6
 what is your "never fail" snack/meal?   shaggynuts24  26
 why cant anyone pronounce chipotle?   solid3  13
 Send Your Kids to Dinner with a Food Network "Star"   vn_parsonjackrussell  5
 Are you ready for a throw down?!?!?!?!   pkhere  2
 Anyone for a little Stir fry   Rudypu_Candyass  16
 Decide tonight's dinner from this list of ingredients:   Lyli  13
 Cashew Chicken   Terminius_Est  11
 Pork Chops   Rudypu_Candyass  13
 Iron Chef Cat Cora AND Wife: Pregnant!   n00berness  9
 I'm all for time saving shortcuts in cooking!!    Darshawn  3
 Garlic and ranch turkey burgers   Terminius_Est  3
 Scharffen Berger® Chocolate Mole-Infused Chicken Mango Sausages !!OMG!!   gwydiana  4
 Post your Favorite Sushi Recipes   Rudypu_Candyass  4
 Japanese Extreme Food Dare to Try?   extremefoods  14
 Wheat Free/Gluten Free Bread   GriffinShadowfeather  0
 Hurricane Wine   shaggynuts24  0
 Rocky Mountain Oysters   Terminius_Est  15
 Casey Throws Sideshow Bob Under the Bus - Top Chef New York (Spoilers Inside)   vn_parsonjackrussell  5
 Ok so someone gave me a George Foreman Grill   Rudypu_Candyass  9
 lamb chops with mint, coriander, cumin and garlic   -Accident-  1
 hold on to your steamers its Asparagus season!   .Ayla.  4
 Anyone else watch Ace of Cakes??   pkhere  7
 Steal an ingredient and post your own recipe!   .Ayla.  6
 Dallas Restaurants?   Pulp_Gareth  26
 Memphis: Restaurant Recommendations?   Lokkie_the_Fierce  2
 The Changes are Here   Rudypu_Candyass  2
 what do you make from scratch that is totally awesome?   shaggynuts24  10
 Pastrami a la chuck roast   shaggynuts24  4
 Has anyone Played this Game?   Rudypu_Candyass  6
 Fresh strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries   -Foxy-  11
 Spam, spam, spam, spam (Off we go into the void)   Terminius_Est  0
 Spam, spam, spam, spam   Terminius_Est  0
 Tuesday night on Food Network *Chopped*   pkhere  29
 Wendy's New Fish Burger   Malrothien  44
 Fake Fried Fish   Lynea  5
 Baked chicken in the microwave?   Silverwuf  7
 Watched a show on food network yesterday where students were in a contest to win   pkhere  3
 what did you make for breakfast?   shaggynuts24  11
 Hold on to your hearts! Its a baconater thread!   .Ayla.  22
 so i'm off work today   qwikk  7
 @Lynea   shaggynuts24  10
 Anybody have a good brownie recipe?   Terminius_Est  20
 My cookies are burning   Malrothien  12
 I'm   vn_parsonjackrussell  6
 nuclear taters   shaggynuts24  4
 The last new face   GriffinShadowfeather  15
 another new face   qwikk  6
 Let me introduce myself   Rudypu_Candyass  20
 Everytime I start to cook anything, I make enough for six or eight people   Terminius_Est  3
 Are you cooking a romantic Valentines Day meal   Rudypu_Candyass  19
 Food Storage Recipes   Sheyla  13
 Chicken Taco Stew   Lokkie_the_Fierce  6
 Thanksgiving Side Dish Winner!   -Chanell-  7
 Lemon Herb Baked Halibut    shaggynuts24  0
 Broiled Salmon with Garlic, Mustard and Herbs   Silverwuf  2
 Minestrone Soup   Silverwuf  5
 Tuna and Pasta Sicilian Style   Silverwuf  0
 Baked Rigatoni with Bechamel Sauce   Silverwuf  12
 Jerk Chicken with Cornbread   Silverwuf  5
 Whats your Fav Dish to make for a Superbowl Party   Rudypu_Candyass  5
 Im making my world famous 3 cheese salad!    NonOffensiveName  0
 Where do you find a Good low    Rudypu_Candyass  1
 What would you do with a sirloin tip   shaggynuts24  9
 What is the first meal you ever cooked ...   shaggynuts24  11
 Hell's Kitchen Season 5   Daimar  17
 Type 2 Diabetes   Lyli  13
 Ran across a recipe website last night and (maybe?) a most unusual place?   NonOffensiveName  7
 Slow cooker pulled pork   Terminius_Est  1
 The perfect cup of coffee   Berek_H  9
 What can a dieter put on steamed or grilled veggies.   Terminius_Est  11
 food (x) wouldn't be food (x) without (y)   shaggynuts24  7
 What is your favorite "morning after" food   shaggynuts24  11
 what would you do with?   .Ayla.  3
 Those made for tv kitchen Gadgets   .Ayla.  3
 dean fearings new restaurant in dallas   -Foxy-  3
 Mario Batali's new tv show on PBS   Terminius_Est  0
 vegetarian soup recipes   Shenron_  8
 So when are we going to get the results of the Thanksgiving contest?   Lynea  27
 Whoop I am on Food Network   vn_parsonjackrussell  5
 ISO your quick/cheap/easy recipes!!!!!!   Phaydra  15
 Corned Beef   shaggynuts24  14
 yumm elie kreiger made proscuitto wrapped cod   -Foxy-  6
 nigella feasts   -Foxy-  3
 Crockpot Chicken Cacciatore   Lokkie_the_Fierce  3
 I got this for christmas   Terminius_Est  0
 So, I got a crock pot for Christmas....   Lokkie_the_Fierce  18
 I would love this for Christmas Dinner   vn_parsonjackrussell  4
 Non-Dairy Oyster Stew - Need ideas   Kesaithnaiva  5
 A Homemade Food Gift for the Lady in Your Life   vn_parsonjackrussell  1
 Ultimate Gift for the Woman in Your Life and No It's not a Dishwasher :)   vn_parsonjackrussell  7
 Ok cookers, I need a recipe plan!   Malrothien  19
 Post your holiday baking/cooking!   Jayna_Kilmer  16
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 Homemade strawberry syrup.   Fredegarr  3
 CB Cooking, Food, and Drink Monthly Trivia Contest -- Announcement   Nyxxie  6
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