Author Topic: Gamer bars, real or myth?
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Subject: Gamer bars, real or myth?
So what do gamers love more Well amongst my friends at least its a good beer. In Orlando, FL i was lucky enough to go to Gators Dockside a few times, a bar that served up good wings, cold beer and had a bad ass Rock Band setup going to a projector that people were free to play in front of the crowd.

Now that ive moved to NYC me and my friends have been trying to track down something similar in our area. Even if its just a bar owner who is open to the idea of mixing gamers love of games and drinking in one place.

Does anyone know of something like this?


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Subject: Gamer bars, real or myth?


In the late 70's in Little Rock, Arkansas, two establishments existed side by side in location but worlds apart in concept.

Inside the classic setting of the Missouri Pacific Train Station, two very different establishments enjoyed a brisk trade. A man named Buster ran a favorite watering hole. Buster's restaurant boasted casual elegance, warm historic ambience and wonderful eclectic food served up by some of the friendliest people in town.

Next door another man was also enjoying a bustling business. Dave ran "Slick Willy's World of Entertainment." Here people were almost irresistibly drawn by his selection of outrageous fun and games for big people. These two young entrepreneurs and neighbors became fast friends.
"Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?"

Dave and Buster soon discovered they had a unique traffic phenomenon. Patrons would often be seen going from one business to the other. An idea began to form: What would happen if they put both establishments under one roof?

After a year or so of scratching out a rough plan, Dave and Buster gathered a few hard-earned dollars, a few close friends and went in search of the right location to begin building a dream.
Dallas, 1982

Long before frequent flier programs, several thousand air miles led the two young men to "Restaurant Row" in Dallas, Texas. There, perched right at the end, they found an empty 40,000 square-foot warehouse.

Having been proclaimed certifiably crazy by many in the restaurant industry, Dave and Buster dove headlong into construction. By December of 1982, the doors were opened on the very first "Dave & Buster's."

Perseverance, faith and scores of talented people put Dave & Buster's on the map for good. The Dave & Buster's family has grown to include locations across the country and around the world.

Great food and big fun served up by the friendliest people in town: that's always been our guiding principle... and not such a crazy idea after all.

Store History
12/1982 Dallas, TX - Stemmons
01/1988 Dallas, TX - Central
10/1991 Houston, TX
10/1992 Marietta, GA
02/1994 Philadelphia, PA
11/1995 Addison, IL
01/1996 Chicago, IL
04/1996 Hollywood, FL
11/1996 Kensington, MD
03/1997 Ontario, CA
09/1997 Springdale, OH
12/1997 Denver, CO
05/1998 Utica, MI
07/1998 Irvine, CA
09/1998 West Nyack, NY
11/1998 Orange, CA
12/1998 Hilliard, OH
02/1999 San Antonio, TX
04/1999 Duluth, GA
06/1999 St. Louis, MO
08/1999 Austin, TX
10/1999 Jacksonville, FL
12/1999 Providence, RI
03/2000 Milpitas, CA
05/2000 Westminster, CO
06/2000 Concord, ON
06/2000 Homestead, PA
08/2000 Houston, TX
11/2000 San Diego, CA
03/2001 Miami, FL
07/2001 Plymouth Meeting, PA
08/2001 Frisco, TX
10/2001 Honolulu, HI
11/2001 Westlake, OH
11/2001 Phoenix, AZ
09/2002 Islandia, NY
09/2004 Arcadia, CA
02/2005 Omaha, NE
10/2005 Williamsville, NY
10/2005 Farmingdale, NY
10/2005 Nashville, TN
10/2005 Lawrenceville, GA
11/2005 Kansas City, KS
11/2005 Hanover, MD
11/2005 Concord, NC
11/2005 Philadelphia, PA
03/2006 Westbury, NY
04/2006 New York, NY
11/2006 Maple Grove, MN
09/2007 Tempe, AZ
11/2008 Arlington, TX
01/2009 Tulsa, OK
04/2009 Glen Allen, VA
06/2009 Indianapolis, IN
10/2009 Columbus, OH
03/2010 Wauwatosa, WI

The Million Dollar Midway: Play the Latest Games in Our Arcade!

The interactive and video arcade at Dave & Buster's runs on pure energy. Whether you're into shooting zombies and racing cars in our arcade, or playing a civilized game of billiards, there's something about a little competition that turns any time into a great time.
The Best of Times®

in-store video games

The Million Dollar Midway
With over 200 games to choose from in our arcade, you'll find everything from the arcade classics to the latest and greatest interactive and video games. With a rechargeable Power Card in your pocket and our famous game side service, you win no matter which arcade game you choose to play.

Power Hour ™
Attention all power players! We have an arcade special just for you. It's called Power Hour™, and it's the only time of day when you can play an entire hour of video games in our arcade for just ten bucks.*
See locations for times.

Winner's Circle
It may sound cliché, but everyone's a winner in the Dave & Buster's arcade. That's why we have an entire section dedicated to, well, winners. Use the gaming tickets you've won in the arcade and redeem them for anything from cool toys to high-tech gadgets.

Billiards and Shuffleboard**
Two classic games that are always in style. Pick up one of our top-of-the-line cue sticks. Or put your shuffleboard skills to the test. Either way, you'll have great food, attentive service, and the perfect playing environment in our arcade.

Learn More About Dave & Buster's Billiards | Learn More About Dave & Buster's Shuffleboard

D&B Lanes**
You've never seen bowling like this before. D&B Lanes is an over the top bowling experience highlighted by our multi-media show. Enjoy a video wall showing all of the latest music videos, full-menu service and black light bowling.

*Times and specials vary by location.

**Not available in all locations.

Not necessarily a recommendation but....


The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well,
on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away
and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to b
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