Author Topic: Just got back from our annual family reunion
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Subject: Just got back from our annual family reunion
what a mixed bag the sat night buffet was! we had:

Green salad this salad had everything but the kitchen sink it!
3 bean salad
fruit salad x'2 one with cool whip one with honey/yogurt
Potato salad
Pasta salad
Watergate salad
Macaroni salad

Lumpias (this was my contribution, I made 100 of them!!!)
terryaki pork kabobs with chunks of pineapple and bell peppers
Bacon wrapped tuna with a terrayaki glaze that was to die for
BBQ chicken
Home made scallop potatoes with ham
Fried green tomatoes
Fried zuchini

Dessert sheesh I hope I can remember them all

Home made German choc cake
Blueberry cobbler
Black berry cobbler
apple pie
cherry pie
peach pie
Some kind of a coconut pudding with vanila wafers I have had it made with bananas before and trust me the banana version is better.

I think there were a few other pies but I was so stuffed I didnt go back over to that table until later and most the stuff was pretty much wiped out by then.

We also tried something new this year that was a great hit. On Sunday morning we did a pancake feed. We set up restuarant style and had a small menu consisting of, Bacon, sausage, and 3 types of pancakes: Apple Blueberry or plain. eggs were also offerd but not encouraged LOL. We had the tweens play waiters/waitresses. Everyone loved it and we will now have it every year. I cooked pancakes for 2 hours but it was great as everyone was stopping by and chatting (the 5 gallon coffee pot was by the grill we had set up for the cakes)

One thing we decided on doing is if you make something you bring along the recipe which will then be put into a binder for everyone else to copy down if they want to. This binder will be saved from year to year and will also double as a register for everyone who was there as well comments about the event.

Well I have a ton of junk to still put away, as well as coolers to scrub and all that good stuff.


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Subject: Just got back from our annual family reunion
Wow that sounds like a ton of food...


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Subject: Just got back from our annual family reunion
Sounds delicious.

teriyaki tongue


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Subject: Just got back from our annual family reunion
mmmm blueberry cobbler and fried zuchini...that woulda been all I needed happy


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Subject: Just got back from our annual family reunion
Wowza, just looking at all that gives me a bellyache lol.

It sounds like a blast, I may try that pancake bit, I've never thought of that one before!


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