Author Topic: When you hear the term "assertive flavor"....
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Subject: When you hear the term "assertive flavor"....
what does that mean to you? Im trying to define the sometimes fine line between and assertive taste and an overpowering taste. Maybe Im getting my point across here or maybe not :P

The example I've experienced recently is with blue cheese. I told a friend about an AWESOME spicy gumbo I made that needed alittle "something" to balance out all the heat and spiciness in it. I consider blue cheese an assertive flavor personally, that if used in moderation can add ALOT to a dish, but it can also destroy a dish. This same friend said that he hated blue cheese because for him it always overpowered whatever dish it garnished.

Is there anything that you generally wont use that has such an assertive flavor/taste(no matter how little or how much you use)that you wont use it? I know some people stay away from garlic for that reason as well, though personally I use it alot as well.(maybe sometimes too much lol)

Sorry if Im starting to sound like I should be on some cooking show like Top Chef or something. I do watch those types of shows and want to use the correct terminology :P


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Subject: When you hear the term "assertive flavor"....
blue cheese sick

assertive meaning main flavor of dish

uhhhh...that ingredient stands out

something like that

on Iron Chef the secret ingredient is to be the star of the dishes


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Subject: When you hear the term "assertive flavor"....
have to agree with PK Here on that one.


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Subject: When you hear the term "assertive flavor"....
assertive adds the flavor, strongly

but over powering means that is all you taste. you cant taste the rest for that flavor


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Subject: When you hear the term "assertive flavor"....
Assertive flavors are very tricky.

Tarragon easily overpowers anything in a dish, so it must be used sparingly.

Fennel seeds and Thyme are others. I love Thyme so must be very careful using it least I put too much in.

When I've tried to use blue cheese with restraint, I've never liked the results because I love blue cheese.


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Subject: When you hear the term "assertive flavor"....
I think of assertive as over-powering. If it does more than merely complement the dish, it's too strong. That said, I probably like stronger flavors than most people.

Flavors that can easily overpower are any of the blue-type cheeses, fennel, cardamom, allspice, anise, clove, garam masala, nutmeg, tarragon, thyme, oregano, basil, and even salt and pepper.....all have to be used in the right amount or they can easily ruin a dish.


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