Author Topic: Share your Favorite Halloween treats With us
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Subject: Share your Favorite Halloween treats With us
It's a little over a month away post yours so we have time to trythem all


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Subject: Share your Favorite Halloween treats With us

We don't make anything, just usually buy the mixed box of nestle chocolate because it's nut free.

As a kid we'd always go to this old lady's farm for her candy apples. She lived there all alone and the only time we ever visited her was for the apples. But Halloween back home is a different thing, you drive to 6 or so places just friends of the family and at each it's a visit, often the adults will have tea or something. From 6 spots we'd get a heap of candy though, as much as the kids in town would get from a whole night of cruising the suburbs. last stop would usually just dump the bowl into your bag.

Nowadays here we just open the door early for the local kids and even though it's all pretty much people we'd recognize nobody does fruit or anything home-made. It'll just get thrown out anyway.

With all that, I'd ask my wife to make rice crispie squares with raisins and chocolate chips in them. happy


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Subject: Share your Favorite Halloween treats With us
Only thing special I make around Halloween is for the family. It is spanish peanuts and candy corn mixed in a bowl. Tastes like a payday candybar.

I spend well over 100 bucks on different candies to pass out to the kiddies.


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