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Subject: Leftovers
several of us were talking and we all have different ideas on how long we keep leftovers as a general rule.

how long do you normally allow leftovers to stay in the fridge til you decide to toss them out.

just random, doesnt need to be specific on anything.

do you keep them a week? eat off the leftovers for 2 weeks? toss only when you clean the fridge every 6 months?

i suppose i should say IF you keep leftovers as soem wont eat them and some have kids and NEVER have to worry about them grin


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Subject: Leftovers
week then toss

but to be honest, I rarely eat leftovers


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Subject: Leftovers
not many left overs here, because they are not eaten

I don't keep anything considered "left over" longer than 3 days. that's what we do at work, so I do the same at home. I also do not reheat anything more than "1" time.


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Subject: Leftovers
I am usually pretty good about not having leftovers. I make enough for dinner and 1-2 extra servings for my husband to take to work the next day or to put in the freezer for a lunch on a non-leftover dinner night.

If there does happen to be an extra leftover, I try and toss it after a week if no one has eaten it.


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Subject: Leftovers
I keep stuff for less than a week.  Once it hits the week mark, it goes in the trash.  I'm usually pretty good about eating leftovers within a day or two, though.


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Subject: Leftovers

Either my kid or I will usually eat them up within a couple days. If they last a roughly week they get tossed, but that's pretty rare.


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Subject: Leftovers
We don't do left overs.

Occasionally... like once every 2-3 months, I may keep leftover pasta and eat the next day.

Growing up, mom kept the left overs no longer than 3 days.


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Subject: Leftovers
We take the trash to the dump every Saturday so the fridge gets cleaned out once a week. If there are any leftovers in there (aside from homemade beef jerky), they are tossed.

That also helps to get rid of the old carrots, celery, lettuce, onions and other veggies and fruit that never seem to get eaten up in a week's time.



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Subject: Leftovers
I've had food poisoning several times so usually 3 days MAX.


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Subject: Leftovers
5 or 6 days at most but it usually gets eaten the day after.


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