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 wrath of the titans   spy33  2
 KVM Switches   Novoal7  0
 New Releases Tuesday 3-20-12   Rudypu_Candyass  4
 Anyone going to see Hunger Games?   Rudypu_Candyass  10
 John Carter   pkhere  4
 Am I watching to much reality TV   Rudypu_Candyass  3
 Dis anyone watch Missing   Rudypu_Candyass  1
 What to watch while working?   Syrilrian  15
 ** Thursday Post Ratings (03/08/2012) **   Rudypu_Candyass  5
 the Grey   Rudypu_Candyass  5
 earthflight - bbc docu   Caoilin  2
 New Releases Tuesday March 6   Rudypu_Candyass  3
 The Last Airbender: The legend of Korra   spy33  1
 The River   Demorak  1
 What DVD'S Are a must see   Rudypu_Candyass  4
 Ok hooked the Cable Back up   Rudypu_Candyass  4
 I only just now watched Community.   Yossarian_42  2
 in time   Caoilin  0
 cowboys and aliens   Caoilin  8
 Hugo   pkhere  2
 Is anyone else watching X-Factor this season?   Yossarian_42  1
 the help   Caoilin  4
 so smallville is going to continue?   spy33  9
 Fringe...   _Kewk_  14
 Once Upon a Time   _Kewk_  14
 The Aviator Recut into a Gay Love Story   LoodComedy  5
 the change-up   Caoilin  4
 misfits series 3   Caoilin  4
 I find 'Dexter Struggles With Religion' tedious.   Yossarian_42  3
 deathly hallows part 2   Caoilin  1
 and out walks the reason i was watching house   Caoilin  5
 once upon a time and grimm   Caoilin  7
 just watched captain america   Caoilin  10
 The Thing trailer   pkhere  1
 walking dead season 2   Caoilin  6
 up all night   Caoilin  2
 Paranormal Witness on Syfy   pkhere  10
 ...and another week goes by   pkhere  23
 ...see no post ratings AGAIN!!!!....   pkhere  4
 Breaking Bad   Sprawl-zero1eye-  4
 New Fall Shows   Stiger  5
 Ted Danson new CSI boss?   Steelwind_Oo  1
 season 7 supernatural<spoilers>   spy33  1
 Survivor South Pacific   Setharion  9
 The Secret Circle   Aroith  5
 ** Thursday Post Ratings (09/15/2011) **   Rudypu_Candyass  7
 New Release Tuesday 9-13-2011   Rudypu_Candyass  6
 Wilfred    FlyingTortoise  5
 Ever get passionate about a movie nobody seems to know about??   Floorplan  0
 2011 Fall TV Schedule   Rudypu_Candyass  10
 friends with benefits   Caoilin  8
 New Release Tuesday 8-30-11   Rudypu_Candyass  4
 Any new Shows Look good to you?   Rudypu_Candyass  5
 Castle is still a blast to watch... go Nathan!   Steelwind_Oo  3
 True Blood   Rudypu_Candyass  5
 rise of the planet of the apes   spy33  18
 My Cousin has a reality Show coming up On Animal Planet   Rudypu_Candyass  2
 i've been watching the lotr trilogy    Caoilin  5
 The Walking Dead Season 2 sneak peek   Urk_VN  2
 Netflix raising prices on their subs   Urk_VN  1
 falling skies   Caoilin  4
 torchwood - miracle day   Caoilin  2
 ** Friday Post Ratings (07/08/2011) **   Rudypu_Candyass  6
 Has anyone seen the new Transformer Movie   Rudypu_Candyass  8
 white collar    Caoilin  0
 Dear Abby,   pellien  1
 true blood season 4   Caoilin  9
 ok out on DVD this month which are worth watching   Rudypu_Candyass  5
 ** Thursday Post Ratings (06/30/2011) **   Rudypu_Candyass  5
 What are your 3 Favorite Movies   Rudypu_Candyass  15
 Feedback for Soap Website wanted   hbk4894  0
 watched IP man 2 on netflix last night   pkhere  7
 Went to Cars 2   Rudypu_Candyass  3
 ** Friday Post Ratings (06/24/2011) **   Rudypu_Candyass  7
 CSI Question   Quazimortal  3
 Green Lantern   Quazimortal  11
 New Release Tuesday 6-14-11   Rudypu_Candyass  3
 ** Friday Post Ratings (06/10/2011) **   Rudypu_Candyass  14
 X-men First Class   Quazimortal  10
 Killer Robots Anyone?   ALCaPWN3D  1
 ** Friday Post Ratings (05/27/2011) **   Rudypu_Candyass  7
 TV Shows that are Going away   Rudypu_Candyass  14
 Kyle xy   spy33  6
 What summer Movie are you Looking forward to?   Rudypu_Candyass  5
 Game of Thrones   Sprawl-zero1eye-  8
 I hate FOX TV   greystar21  18
 A list of recent comedy movies.   DiamondDust_X  0
 DOCTOR WHO STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Caoilin  31
 Harry Potter and the Deadfly Hallows Pt 1   Rudypu_Candyass  5
 No Ordinary Family   Steelwind_Oo  5
 Do you watch any reality Shows?   Rudypu_Candyass  23
 Red Riding Hood (spoiler)   pkhere  7
 hollywierd is at it again- 3 musketeers this time   uglydwarf  1
 QUEST CHRONICLES a new web-series   solitairevoice  1
 Merlin And The Book Of Beasts   KaponeGames  4
 paul   Caoilin  5
 Liz Taylor RIP   uglydwarf  4
 New release Tuesday 3-22-11   Rudypu_Candyass  1
 Anyone see the Fighter or Hereafter?   Rudypu_Candyass  0
 New Release Tuesday 3/8/11   Rudypu_Candyass  0
 OkI'm thinking of seeing the new Matt Damon Movie   Rudypu_Candyass  4
 Watching Marmaduke   pkhere  2
 I Am Number One   Yossarian_42  3
 I Am Number Four   Quazimortal  10
 The Cape   Sprawl-zero1eye-  1
 Deadly Impact   Fzzt  0
 Bluray vs DVD vs streaming   Urk_VN  3
 How do you get your Movies?   Rudypu_Candyass  25
 New Release Tuesday 2-1-11   Rudypu_Candyass  2
 [SITCOM] George Lopez, Reno 911, Arrested Development   Groooovechampion  0
 New Release Tuesday 1-25-11   Rudypu_Candyass  0
 Dexter in 60 seconds   rmbaldwin  1
 theo on community   Caoilin  3
 Do you use Netflix?   Rudypu_Candyass  8
 New Release Tuesday 1-18-11   Rudypu_Candyass  2
 star trek tech test   uglydwarf  0
 saw the green hornet tonight   Caoilin  7
 The Rite   pkhere  2
 This Film Is Not Yet Rated   Steelwind_Oo  0
 wait...WHY have I not heard about this movie until now???   Bernion  1
 wait...WHY have I not heard about this movie until now???   Bernion  0
 New Release Tuesday 1-4-11   Rudypu_Candyass  0
 RIP Pete Postlethwaite   -WYSIWYG-  2
 Whats the Best Movie you saW IN 2010? And whats the Worst?   Rudypu_Candyass  18
 New Release Tuesday 12-28-10   Rudypu_Candyass  6
 dr who christmas carol   Caoilin  3
 misfits   Caoilin  1
 Which DVD did you watch this week and how was it   Rudypu_Candyass  5
 New Sherlock Holmes tv show (British)   StoneySilence  2
 Help me pick which movie to see in the theater (faster or unstoppable)   Fzzt  7
 dr who xmas special is a christmas carol this year   Caoilin  2
 The Expendables (could contain spoilers)   Rudypu_Candyass  21
 Green Lantern   Thugoneous  2
 The Last Airbender? (could contain Spoilers)   Rudypu_Candyass  13
 Top 20 comedy movies   mrmovie1983  6
 Smallville season 10   rmbaldwin  13
 The Dark Knight Rises   Boone-Eldar  18
 SG 1......does the series get better in later seasons?   Evolrider  23
 So that new Doctor Who show that you people love was on before Top Gear...   Yossarian_42  14
 why is juilia stiles ruining dexter?   Caoilin  21
 What are the Must see movies you want to see   Rudypu_Candyass  7
 Need your help guys   meistfx  2
 Box Office October 22-24, 2010   Rudypu_Candyass  0
 Box Office Resut Oct 15-17   Rudypu_Candyass  0
 If I ran a contest   Rudypu_Candyass  2
 piranha 3d   Caoilin  3
 RIP Stephen J. Cannell :(   Groooovechampion  5
 AMC: The Walking Dead.   Fourbysix  60
 Blue Bloods   Fourbysix  13
 No Ordinary Family   Steelwind_Oo  14
 holy crap i totally missed it crowd season 4   Caoilin  6
 Best Barney Lines!   Sprawl-zero1eye-  4
 The Last Exorcism....   Liquid741  1
 prince of persia movie   Shenron_  7
 City of Scars (Batman)   Sprawl-zero1eye-  0
 salt   Caoilin  2
 sherlock (new bbc show)   Caoilin  0
 No Inception Thread   Ynisfre  7
 Someone at work told me to netflix this movie...Hachi, a dog's tale. O M G!!!   pkhere  4
 wow warehouse 13 invoked a nerdgasm   Caoilin  2
 ok I usually hate those 'dumb' parody movies but...   Bernion  13
 despicable me   Caoilin  3
 Writer for Thundercats and Silverhawks, declared murdered   StoneySilence  3
 criminal minds   Shenron_  3
 Knight & Day   Fzzt  3
 just started watching burn notice   Caoilin  6
 Toy Story 3   Urk_VN  4
 Royal Pains   Bernion  12
 Good British tv shows (past and present)...   Steelwind_Oo  20
 Coming Soon: Katee Sackhoff in a Fight Club vs Werewolves movie   Bernion  9
 scoundrels on abc or yay another remake attempt!    Caoilin  6
 Surrogates ~beware spoilers~   Fzzt  1
 Iron Man prequal?   Thugoneous  1
 Hobbit movie held up by MGM's financial woes   Slaine_the_Insane  5
 Gary Coleman dies, aged 42   Slaine_the_Insane  7
 Six Feet Under (HBO Series)   Blynk_  2
 Grey's Anatomy *Spoilers* Finale   Fourbysix  1
 tropic thunder - best movie ever?   Shenron_  13
 I used to think Michael Bay seemed like a douche...   Ynisfre  15
 House season finale (possible spoilers)   calorifer  4
 Castle... two seasons down now and still rockin'   Steelwind_Oo  1
 I used to think Shia Labeouf seemed like a douche...   rmbaldwin  11
 Warehouse 13 and Eureka return in July   Steelwind_Oo  2
 pal/ntsc doesn't matter with hd tvs now right?   Caoilin  1
 HELP - Worldwide study about "Dexter"   zemase  7
 Chuck, Heroes, and The Cape   Timith_McMartis  2
 Twilight Fans get Owned...   rmbaldwin  3
 Community   Sprawl-zero1eye-  7
 treme   Caoilin  2
 Favorite Youtube Videos   DeathSheRode-tk  4
 If We Brought Back Board Games and Contests...   -Poptart-  8
 New Inception Trailer   Ynisfre  1
 Iron Man 2 *possible spoilers*   Slaine_the_Insane  9
 x2 on bluray - anyone have it?   Caoilin  1
 Thor   -Okami-  7
 Stupid Survey Friday: Who would win in a knock down drag out fight?   rmbaldwin  28
 Hamlet, starring David Tennant AND Patrick Stewart   -Accident-  3
 happy town - wtf?   Caoilin  6
 Hitler Parody - Hitler Doesn't Get His Nintendo Wii Black   Banddrag  9
 RIP Carl Macek, who helped give us Robotech   Urk_VN  0
 spartacus: blood and sand   Caoilin  6
 Kick-Ass   Blond_Knight  21
 Hey comic here for instant happiness   rmbaldwin  8
 I want to see HD movie!!!! Is it possible transfering HD signal from PC to TV set??   joannading  1
 SO I just bought this projection TV   SerpantorSaurus  3
 nooooooo   Caoilin  3
 Guy who did 90 minute of Star Wars EP1 did one for EP2   Urk_VN  3
 New Doctor Who... *spoilers, obviously*   Steelwind_Oo  87
 Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution   Timith_McMartis  5
 Independence Day 2 and 3?   -Okami-  12
 New Xmen and Wolverine movies   -Okami-  21
 Hot Tub Time Machine...   Liquid741  0
 [HUMOR] AL Challenge go to Vegas (Movies)    alnormandie  2
 Party Down   Ynisfre  2
 Plastic Bag (short film)   Ynisfre  0
 New Doctor Who... so close   Steelwind_Oo  7
 New Moon   Sprawl-zero1eye-  10
 breaking bad season 3   Caoilin  14
 Justified   Ynisfre  6
 The Pacific   Iarwin  10
 Batman Ends   Ynisfre  2
 Corey Haim dies at 38   Kauth_Lightblade  6
 Rome   Ynisfre  11
 Remember Me   Ynisfre  4
 Anyone going to see Alice in Wonderland at a Imax 3d?   Blond_Knight  39
 Really Sick of 'Home Cam' Style Movies   Ocura  12
 Shutter Island *Spoilers*   Bernion  1
 The Crazies...   Liquid741  0
 From Paris With Love ~no spoilers in 1st post but beware~   Fzzt  3
 The fate every Twilight fan deserves...   rmbaldwin  5
 Boner is missing...   rmbaldwin  11
 legion was terribad   Caoilin  10
 Wolfman....   Liquid741  6
 Centurion   Ynisfre  2
 Superman Reboot.   Thugoneous  29
 Capt. Phil Harris from "Deadliest Catch" dies   ZigmundZag  4
 New Avatar Trailer. (the real one)   Swooshbamwhackbonk  9
 Fast vs. slow zombies, and other zombie-related topics   Urk_VN  17
 Caprica   Cathryes  5
 Weekly Media Round Up.   Thugoneous  0
 Human Target   Timith_McMartis  8
 Jim Cameron's Abadah 3D   rmbaldwin  0
 Zombieland releases tomorrow on DVD and Blu Ray   Iarwin  16
 Which Matrix is your favorite?   Timith_McMartis  19
 Avatar is the highest grossing movie all time....but   rmbaldwin  18
 spartacus: blood and sand   Caoilin  23
 Paranormal Activity   Urk_VN  5
 24 S.8   Ynisfre  6
 GvsE   Steelwind_Oo  0
 Fido   Urk_VN  0
 Legend of the Seeker Season 2   Aroith  6
 Book of Eli   Swooshbamwhackbonk  9
 World's Greatest Dad   Ynisfre  4
 Robert Pattinson in Spider Man 4....confirmed   rmbaldwin  10
 oops   Inasnum  1
 Captain America   -Okami-  1
 Fringe....How is Charlie back?   Iarwin  8
 Clash of the Titans...the trailer   rmbaldwin  23
 castle   Caoilin  12
 In the Loop and Moon   Ynisfre  3
 Harrison Ford thinking about nuking the fridge again with a possible Indy 5 movie   Urk_VN  9
 Fission Mailed on the Metal Gear Solid movie...for now...   Urk_VN  1
 George Lucas on Jon Stewart's show   Urk_VN  0
 Who is your favorite Lex Luthor?   Sprawl-zero1eye-  21
 Spidey 4 is dead?   Ynisfre  17
 Someone want to explain DVD Recorders to me   Beid25  2
 it's a good thing kate beckinsale is beautiful   Caoilin  2
 The future of 3D movies...semi-spoiler for Avatar   Urk_VN  8
 Daybreakers   Quazimortal  3
 Peoples Choice Awards 2009/2010   Fourbysix  10
 Star Trek 2   rmbaldwin  32
 Favorite Batman movie?   Timith_McMartis  15
 wow the lovely bones sucked   Caoilin  4
 X-Men: The Animated Series   rmbaldwin  3
 Anyone seen "9"   Cathryes  13
 Fav. Moives...for my Queue in Netflix.   Liquid741  2
 brothers   Caoilin  2
 Who is your favorite Superman/Clark Kent?   Timith_McMartis  10
 Karate Kid remake   -Okami-  11
 District 9 question   Cathryes  16
 Decade's Over- Time for a List   Ynisfre  9
 So what did you watch on Christmas?   Cathryes  5
 Doctor Who Christmas Special (2009) *spoilers, duh*   Steelwind_Oo  11
 hit girl   uglydwarf  13
 Avatar 3D   Iarwin  39
 Titans they don't match they Clash!   Thugoneous  12

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