Author Topic: Knight & Day
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Subject: Knight & Day
I enjoyed it. Thought both Cruise and Diaz did a good job, entertained me for a couple hours.


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Subject: Knight & Day
Cameron Diaz has always annoyed the piss out of me(she comes off as an arrogant bitch in interviews too), and Tom Cruise is at the top of my "worst celebrity alive" list.

I guess what I'm saying is I probably won't be seeing this movie tongue


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Subject: Knight & Day
Last movie I saw Cruise in was War of the Worlds, right around the time he started really going crazy, saying psychiatry was fake, jumping on couches, and force lightning-ly Oprah (although that one was kind of cool lol). And I really only watched it because Spielberg directed it, otherwise I would've passed on it.

Oh wait, I saw him in Tropic Thunder, although I had no idea it was him til the end. But eh, he wasn't the star in that movie anyway, so it doesn't count tongue

So yeah, I doubt I'll go see it, at best I'll netflix it when I run out of other movies to watch.

EDIT: And just because it's so dang funny, here's the clip where he uses force lightning on Oprah laugh


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Subject: Knight & Day
that video made me lol...too funny. laugh


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