Author Topic: Dear Abby,
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Subject: Dear Abby,
I've been friends with Kris since we were in the seventh grade over 20 years ago. We were roommates in college, and I was the best man at his wedding. And I was the first to take him to a strip club after his divorce. We've always had the same tastes in movies, books, TV shows, etc. But recently, something incredibly distressing happened.

No, he didn't try to touch me in my swimsuit area. Even though I'm not into that, he's a good-looking dude, and I could do worse, right?

Rather, he told me when we had finished watching the horror show that is Transformers: Dark of the Moon that he thought it was the best Transformers movie yet. We both agree that all of the Transformers movies spit in the faces of our childhoods...but he ACTUALLY believes that this abortion of random scenes from Michael Bay's lower cerebral functions is the best of the trilogy. I was physically pained during this three hour craptacular, and he's trying to defend it! I mean, I'm not even certain anyone that worked on this film actually saw the previous two. At least follow your own history, for pete's sake.

My question for you is...

Should I remain friends with him after this horrible lack of judgment? Could this be a sign of a mental breakdown on his part?

Distressed in Texas


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Title: RUSH > ALL
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Subject: Dear Abby,
The film critic I listen to said 1 > 3 > 2 I think.

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