Author Topic: Fission Mailed on the Metal Gear Solid movie...for now...
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Subject: Fission Mailed on the Metal Gear Solid movie...for now...

They did bring up some interesting points. It's hard to make a movie that would justify a game like the Metal Gear Solid series, unless you have a really good filmmaking team that works alongside the game company without too much red taping and too many chiefs calling the shots.

My guess though, is that Hollywood wanted to make a straight, shoot-em-up action movie with little else in terms of plot. Most likely Snake just goes around shooting things, and stuff blows up while he casually walks away from the explosion or while hiding in a cardboard box. And then he ends up fighting a giant, CGI mecha. Casualties will be high, including lots of enemy soldiers, bosses, and most likely character development.

I heard that Hideo Kojima is very strict/sensitive about the image of Snake/MGS as a whole, which probably also played a role in why there was trouble in getting a story that both Hollywood and Konami could agree on. While I haven't heard anything specific to this movie, I do recall hearing that Uwe Boll wanted to make a MGS movie, and Kojima shot that idea down like Snake bringing down a Metal Gear.

So, what do you think happened with this? Is it Konami/Kojima's fault, or is it because Hollywood wants to bastardize Metal Gear Solid, and turn it into another Resident Evil? Or maybe they figure people already watched a 15 hour movie ala MGS4 grin And would you go see a MGS movie if one came out?


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Subject: Fission Mailed on the Metal Gear Solid movie...for now...
i like how uwe boll is going after really well respected and loved game series to make movies out of. cuz it's hilarious the ways in which people tell him no. blizzard all but told him to go fk himself. laugh


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