Author Topic: RIP Carl Macek, who helped give us Robotech
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Subject: RIP Carl Macek, who helped give us Robotech
So I got an email from the Robotech newletter saying that Carl Macek passed away on March 17. He's the guy largely responsible for giving us Robotech and helping to make anime more popular in the US, for better or worse. I'm glad that they were able to get an animated show over to the US that wasn't just comedy. Oh, and giant mecha grin

While some people considered mixing three different anime shows together (Macross, Southern Cross, Genesis Climber MOSPEADA) an abomination, I think that overall it wasn't too bad (although it seemed strange that New York in Mospeada survived largely intact when in Macross the Zentraedi pretty much wiped out all human civilization on Earth).


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