Author Topic: Weekly Media Round Up.
Title: Watching Caliente, BRB.
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Subject: Weekly Media Round Up.
So what did you watch this week?

Be it internet/Movie or TV what has entertained you or wasted your life?

Man Vs. Food. I watched a fat guy eat a big steak live from Miami. I was more disgusted than entertained, but I kept on watching.

Smallville: Absolute Justice. Why did Hawkman have to talk like the movie Batman? Dr. Fate pushed the story along, which doesn't mean anything in Smallville. I want to dislike this episode/show but the nerd in me enjoyed all the extra's.

Clark: Shoot Fate in the Head with Heat Vision!
Hawkman: Mace his head!
Stargirl: Spear to the head!
Green Arrow: Shoots an Arrow?? Sometimes it's best for the guy with sharp sticks to go ahead and take a bake seat.

We have the return of Manhunter's powers, who ends up being the answer to beating evil Fate.

I watched Grumpier Old Men on TV. It's aged well.

These are some things on the internet that might be old, but I just recently found.
I always try and keep up with unnecessary censorship.

Someone posted these guys on an Avatar review, great entertainment.

Then a prank war that has a great budget and even a few tears.


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