Author Topic: Best Barney Lines!
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Subject: Best Barney Lines!
"When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story!"

"It should be all rise baby!!!"

One of my favorite is when he tells Lily congrats you are getting married, and then turns to Marshall and says, "Marshall dude, what the hell?"

What are yours? grin


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Subject: Best Barney Lines!
Super Dee Duper!


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Subject: Best Barney Lines!
Almost everything. Great character :>.

I also liked the "Suit UP!" thing, where he stole Ted's stuff when he wanted to move in with [Damn, I forgot her name. Robin?]; the part where Ted speaks with him on the phone.

"I know it's you Barney!"
"No. I am not Barney. But I heard he is an awesome guy."

Or something ^^.


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Subject: Best Barney Lines!
I don't remember any of his lines but I always thought it was funny that he only had one bullet and he kept it in his pocket.


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Subject: Best Barney Lines!
it's definitely the barney show.


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