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Subject: George Lucas on Jon Stewart's show

Found this link from Rotten Tomatoes, and thought it was pretty funny. George Lucas was actually on to promote his new book, but Stewart immediately launches into Star Wars, and makes some really funny comments about it. I find it interesting that some people like the original trilogy, and absolutely hate the prequels, and there are people who are vice versa.

But like the website mentions, I think the reason why the prequels sucked was because there's no one who's afraid to challenge Lucas anymore, to tell him "no". And if you watch documentaries and the making of stuff on the Star Wars DVD's, you can kind of get that vibe from the people when they always say "George wants this" or "George needs that", and it seems everyone just nods and does what they can.

I suppose it can be hard to do that when you're around someone with that much "status". For all the crap that we give him, Lucas did create something that many people enjoy, and it made a lot of money, which for people who work directly for him, can be hard to say "I think that sucks" without fear of getting fired. Or at best being reduced to scrubbing out toilets around Lucasfilm.

I also heard that he was thinking about making all 6 Star Wars movies (I don't count the CGI movie) into 3D. I really wish he'd leave those movies alone, and either come up with the sequel, or at least a spiritual successor to it, rather than just revamping the same movies over and over. At this rate it won't be long before all the actors are replaced with CGI and suddenly Luke bursts out into a song and dance sequence with Stormtrooper back up dancers.

Oh wait, Family Guy already did that.


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