Author Topic: Caprica
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Subject: Caprica
Anyone watching it? Im having a hard time getting into it. I just wish it would pick up alittle sad


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Subject: Caprica
I really enjoyed the pilot. Thought it was a decent premise with a tie in to the mythos, but now it seems slow getting off the ground.


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Subject: Caprica
i enjoyed the pilot, but i haven't had the urge to watch the second episode on hulu.


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Subject: Caprica
It seemed okay, although I fell asleep. I did enjoy the pilot though so I'll give it another shot.


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Subject: Caprica
Yeah I thougth they got some good momentum going but now it feels stalled.
I'll keep watching though as I like to see the cylon backstory.


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Subject: Caprica
I am a huge BSG fan, but this series is so slow I simply can't get into it. I don't think it'll get renewed.


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