Author Topic: Someone want to explain DVD Recorders to me
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Subject: Someone want to explain DVD Recorders to me
ok so as the topic says, im rather unfamiliar with DVD recorders. My grandfather is looking into one as an alternative to paying comcast whatever price they want for the DVR box per month. The way im understanding it is that it essentially records the program right to a DVD just like a VCR did onto a tape. Is that the right thinking? Are these really worth it as opposed to just renting a DVR box from your cable provider? any insight or opinions would be great. thanks.


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Subject: Someone want to explain DVD Recorders to me
essentially yes, though I only had a dvd recorder for a short time

believe me it's much easier to just do a dvr, especially if he records a lot of stuff, I don't think the rates are that unreasonable these days


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Subject: Someone want to explain DVD Recorders to me
IMO, Bern's right. A DVR is much easier. For the lesser technically inclined, I'd even go as far as either renting one from the cable co or getting a tivo as the on screen guides and scheduling of recording is pretty simplified.

My 1st gen DVR had a DVD recorder built in. I miss that unit, but it went through 2 rounds of repairs and I wasn't going to pay the third. Now I have to download the files from the tivo if I want to burn them to a disc. Frankly, I don't burn to media all that often. I generally watch them and delete them. YMMV.

Anyhow, if you're dealing with people that never quite got the VCR clock to stop blinking 12:00 back in the day, you'd be much better off with a managed solution.


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