Author Topic: New Fall Shows
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Subject: New Fall Shows
So, several of the new shows have hit the air. What do you guys/gals think so far?

We liked "Person of Interest." I don't know how long they can keep up the "here's a number, save this person" storylines, but it's good for now.

I found "Unforgettable" totally forgettable. I gave up half way through to go mow the grass.

"Prime Suspect" is in the toss-up category. The whole "Good Ole' boy" detective network thing is way over the top. Nowadays there are female detectives all over the place. Maybe it worked in the 1991 version, but the rampant vicious sexism just doesn't seem to fit with 2011. Those guys would be sued, disciplined and forced into sensitivity training.

The 7 or 8 minutes of "2 Broke Girls" didn't really do anything for me.


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Subject: New Fall Shows
All I've seen so far is Up All Night. The premiere was decent, the followup episode was mediocre. They have a very funny cast. The writers just need to come up with something better than "ZOMG PARENTING IS SO HARD BUT SO REWARDING" storylines before people lose interest.


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Subject: New Fall Shows
2 broke girls is horrible.
up all night was cute but if it had a second episode that aired already, i missed it.
terra nova is on my dvr. i haven't watched it yet.

i'm pretty sure i watched at least 2 other new shows but i'll be damned if i can remember what they were. plain


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Subject: New Fall Shows
Terra Nova was alright.

I will always enjoy Big Bang Theory, Community, and How I Met Your Mother, so those premieres were good. I didn't like 2 broke girls too much, but my father did. X Factor is American Idol part 2, as expected. I look forward to Dexter this weekend.

And while not a premiere, Breaking Bad is still kicking ass!


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Subject: New Fall Shows
"Sons of Anarchy".
All the rest is weak consumer society crap... tongue


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Subject: New Fall Shows
I have been watching syfy. Just because it's October and they are showing horror flicks. There is nothing worth watching on regular tv anymore. plain


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