Author Topic: earthflight - bbc docu
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Subject: earthflight - bbc docu

i can't remember if i posted about this here before. i know i did on acf.

i dunno if it ever came out in the us. i grabbed it as it aired in the uk so i've been watching their version. i'm sure it's superior. but i highly suggest renting it if you can or watching it whenever it makes it to natgeo/disc/science/whatever. it's really good. i mean beyond beautiful filmography but also a really interesting subject matter. surprisingly so for me. i didn't think i'd be into birds but i find it fascinating and as i said on another board, it's added a million things to my "want to see irl list".


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Subject: earthflight - bbc docu
I like these type of shows also will look for it ty


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Subject: earthflight - bbc docu
I searched for it on DirecTV, but it doesn't look like it's coming up any time soon.


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