Author Topic: The River
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Subject: The River
Thoughts on this, if anyone has watched the first few episodes?

Much better than what I thought it would be about from the vague previews. Lots of crazy stuff going on (magic/paranormal).
It's filmed sort of documentary style, but not too overboard with it.

Good show to watch imo!


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Subject: The River
I gave up on it after 3 episodes.  I can handle the magic/paranormal hokey cheesy crap.  But I just can't stand watching people act so stupidly.  Hey, let's have the girl with the fresh, awful, gaping, terrible wound on her leg hop down into the nasty water to clear the boat's propeller.  Hey, there's a really nasty tribe of killers in the area, let's all just camp out here, and no, we don't need anyone to stay up and keep watch.  Hey, this tree with all the dolls hanging on it is the creepiest thing any of us has ever seen in our lives...let's sleep here.


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