Author Topic: [SITCOM] George Lopez, Reno 911, Arrested Development
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Subject: [SITCOM] George Lopez, Reno 911, Arrested Development
I stumbled over these gems the last year and I have to say they are hillarious.
Especially George Lopez has this funny level of humor I never expected (although I should have known due to his awesome standup comedy stuff). While most of the (running) gags are overused at times, it just hits perfectly.

Arrested Development and Reno911 have this special humor thing too. Not everybody may like it but it is somewhat beyond those averagejoe sitcoms where you just have these overused flat dialogs and a laugh track.

George Lopez simply put that crap aside with all the mexican humor.

I feel like that time when Firefly was out all that time and I noticed it far too late (noticing it via the Serenity movie) - so now I wonder if anybody knows any other sitcom that is truly special and somewhere close to GL, Arrested Development and Reno911? happy

Feel free to add comments/rants if you think otherwise grin

edit: I tried Tyler Perry`s Meet the Browns but the screaming dialogs got annoying.


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