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 Community Sports Board Anouncement   .Juzam.  1
 March Madness Bracketology!!   .Juzam.  27
 Irsay better hope he's right on Manning   Liquid741  26
 Which major Professional or College sport has the best playoff system?   Amendial  2
 "Chink in the Armor" Editor fired by ESPN, broadcaster suspended.   Liquid741  5
 Big 12 -2 -1 +1 -1 is now +1 again!!   .Juzam.  12
 Jeremy Lin: Knicks’ star is Warriors’ loss   Liquid741  3
 Patriots lose!   Liquid741  27
 Amendial's Superbowl Prediction Thread   Amendial  3
 @ Juzam   Amendial  14
 Do all schools in Iowa...   Amendial  9
 Colts name Chuck Pagano coach...Raven's DF coordinator.   Liquid741  6
 Changes to CB Sports FFL for the 2012 season   Amendial  11
 Amendial's 2012 Championship Weekend Predictions!   Amendial  17
 Amendial's 2012 Divisional Round Predictions   Amendial  12
 VN CB Sports FFL End of Year Changes Thread!   Amendial  5
 What happens when college basketball meets hockey!   .Juzam.  1
 Amendial's 2012 Wildcard Predictions!   Amendial  9
 @ CB Sports FFL   Amendial  23
 Cumulative Pick'Em Contest Results:   .Juzam.  3
 2011 Pick'Em contest overall results   .Juzam.  11
 Week Seventeen Pick'Em Contest   .Juzam.  21
 Week Sixteen Pick'Em Contest   .Juzam.  29
 What an idiot....   .Juzam.  3
 Week Fifteen Pick'Em Contest   .Juzam.  34
 This is huge in Indiana...   Liquid741  1
 If you are not cheatin you are not trying....   Amendial  1
 Week Fourteen Pick'Em Contest   .Juzam.  37
 NFL Thug Scum   Huges07.1  4
 If Alabama is number 2 tonight....   Amendial  11
 Start or Sit   Rela  2
 Week Thirteen Pick'Em Contest   .Juzam.  45
 Scoreboard!!!   .Juzam.  0
 Rate my FF team... now with hindsight!   .Juzam.  5
 What separates a champ from a chump?   Huges07.1  4
 Week Twelve Pick'Em Contest   .Juzam.  36
 OSU Womens basketball coach dies in plane crash.    Amendial  0
 Week Eleven Pick'Em Contest   .Juzam.  38
 @Liquid   Amendial  9
 Week Ten Pick'Em Contest   .Juzam.  41
 Brandon Jacobs or Chris Johnson   Rela  2
 Week Nine Pick'Em Contest   .Juzam.  34
 The Border War is Over!   Amendial  19
 Week Eight Pick'em contest   .Juzam.  33
 Week Seven Pick'em contest   .Juzam.  39
 Indy 500 Champ Dan Wheldon dies in Vegas crash   MagicmanV  3
 Who to play this week ?Colt Mccoy or Alex Smith   Galaniel  1
 couple of broncos icons   GrimTempest  0
 Drop Kolb for Tebow??   .Juzam.  2
 Anyone else having a very off year in FF?   Northwind_WE  10
 Kinda a cool fact and history in reference to the MNF game tonight   Lakobaath  0
 Seriously, a hot dog? I mean who throws a hot dog??   Liquid741  0
 Woman runs marathon, gives birth   Liquid741  2
 Report: T.O. hospitalized last Thursday   Liquid741  1
 Thanks, Juzam.   Huges07.1  2
 Week Six NFL Pick'em Contest   .Juzam.  36
 FF week 5 sit or start   spy33  2
 Raiders owner Al Davis dies at age of 82   Amendial  3
 Curtis Painter looks like my Wood/MetalShop teacher.   Huges07.1  0
 Football Pick'em prize   .Juzam.  5
 Week Five NFL Pick'em Contest!   .Juzam.  39
 Addai or Tolbert. Who would you start?!    Hardcore_Hibby  0
 Juzam's Week Four Contest   .Juzam.  50
 Fantasy Football: Sit/Start week 3   .Juzam.  10
 Juzam's Week Three Contest   .Juzam.  45
 Fantasy Football: Sit em, Start em - Week 2   .Juzam.  17
 Cam Newton   .Juzam.  7
 Juzam's Week Two Contest   .Juzam.  45
 Amendial's 2011 Division predictions!   Amendial  11
 @ FFL   Amendial  3
 Rate my FF team!!   .Juzam.  14
 Need help with a cool mountain bike!!!   joymusic  1
 Fantasy Football help!!   .Juzam.  3
 Juzam's Week One Contest!!!   .Juzam.  59
 Happy birthday Amend!   spy33  7
 Peyton Manning unlikly to play in Colts season opener!   Amendial  20
 Just a reminder to FFL   Amendial  6
 Hey everyone, im doing a 360 Madden 12 Sim Franchise League, anyone interested?   Setharion  1
 Anybody here interested in a Fantasy Football Money league? (From IGN FB)   XxBasketcase28xX  3
 Weekly football contests will be returning soon!!!   .Juzam.  3
 Amendial.. Did it hurt??   .Juzam.  8
 FFL on   Demorak  8
 This almost made me cry...   .Juzam.  0
 Are you ready....   Amendial  11
 I'm with the hitter here...    .Juzam.  3
 Vn CB Sports draft times   Amendial  5
 VN CB Sports FFL openings thread.   Amendial  18
 How many kansas freshmen does it take to screw in a light bulb??   .Juzam.  1
 CB Sports FFL 2011!   Amendial  11
 Riots in Vancouver.. :(   .Juzam.  0
 Is your college football coach clean??   .Juzam.  2
 NBA Finals   Amendial  9
 San Jose Sharks   sweetnovember381x2  2
 Speaking of the NFL draft winners and losers...   .Juzam.  0
 Philly fans go nuts during game with mets! no, not that way, well not this time...   .Juzam.  5
 NFL draft related....Worst picks ever!   Liquid741  14
 NFL Draft contest? Juzam?   Ashmaele  16
 Why soccer players don't use their hands...   .Juzam.  0
 Thoughts on NFL schedule?!   Amendial  2
 MLB season starts today...   Liquid741  21
 Mizzou Coach Anderson to take job at Arkansas!   Amendial  7
 Peterson compares NFL labor to slavery   Liquid741  0
 Youth sports debacle.. again   .Juzam.  3
 Official NCAA tournament conversation thread!!   .Juzam.  15
 NCAA Tournament Pickem!!   .Juzam.  3
 Congratulations, your team finished 20-0 this year! Where you gonna go?   .Juzam.  2
 Hellllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooo   Amendial  9
 Fantasy Baseball   Demorak  2
 NBA dunk contest...   .Juzam.  5
 Just a reminder...   .Juzam.  3
 Sources: Panthers owner disses Manning, Brees   Liquid741  4
 Dale Earnhardt tribute planned for Sunday's race!   Amendial  0
 Why its great to be from Wisconsin!!!   Northwind_WE  10
 Coach challenges his players.. and wins!   .Juzam.  2
 Madden gets more than its curse right!!   .Juzam.  7
 Muck Fizzou!!   Amendial  13
 Go Pack Go!!!!   Bernion  3
 Amendial's Super Bowl Predictions!   Amendial  0
 Super Bowl winner?   .Juzam.  7
 Titans and coach Fisher agree to part ways!   Amendial  8
 /Gasp.....Perhaps the NCAA does have at least a small heart after all.   Amendial  5
 Lebron James spoof using Favre   Slaval  2
 @ NW!!!!   Bernion  3
 University of Texas to launch a new network.   Amendial  11
 Amendial's Championship Weekend Predictions!   Amendial  6
 Bears will beat Packers sunday   spy33  6
 Another mass die off of birds spotted.   Northwind_WE  11
 Amendial's Divisional Round Playoff Predictions   Amendial  1
 @ Kansas State   Amendial  7
 some thoughts, will Rodgers/Ryan be the NFC's Brady/Manning matchup for years to come?   Bernion  2
 Now that Auburn are the false BCS Champs...   Caledric  15
 @ All players from the Fantasy Football League!   Amendial  8
 WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!   N-A-S-T-Y  4
 Marshawn Lynch   spy33  6
 A little late but, here Amendial's 2010 Wildcard Round Predictions!   Amendial  16
 Jim Harbaugh, 49ers agree to deal   Liquid741  0
 Vince Young out in TN   Scarne  1
 2010 FB contest results!   .Juzam.  13
 Rams and Seahawks   Stiger  5
 Steve Pederson   Midnight_Phantom  1
 Rooney rule   Midnight_Phantom  8
 Congrats Liquid!   Amendial  11
 @ NW!   Bernion  4
 Juzam's Week Seventeen Contest   .Juzam.  18
 CB Sports FFL Feedback thread!   Amendial  7
 Juzam's Week Sixteen Contest   .Juzam.  31
 I have always liked Mark Cuban for being different...   .Juzam.  6
 hmmm interesting story here.......   Amendial  12
 Cliff Lee to...Phills?   fearthisjuggalo  4
 Favre is inactive for tonights game   Cuttlery  13
 Juzam's Week Fifteen Contest   .Juzam.  32
 So it is all set and ready to go!   Amendial  11
 John Elway would like to join Broncos   Liquid741  1
 Jerry Jones cautious on Jason Garrett   Liquid741  3
 Josh McDaniels fired   Cuttlery  5
 Juzam's Week Fourteen Contest   .Juzam.  32
 I would like to apologize.......   Amendial  16
 The Titans Suck....   Amendial  4
 TCU to the Big East in 2012!   Amendial  8
 Juzam's Week Thirteen Contest   .Juzam.  33
 @ Juzam   Amendial  2
 NFL HOF Nominees   Stiger  10
 taught 'em how to Bucky!   Bernion  18
 Amendial - FF question   .Juzam.  1
 -BOXING FANS-   Kamaroz  2
 WATAF @ Board Spotlight spot.   Webscar  17
 Brad Childress Fired!   Amendial  14
 Bigger meltdown this weekend??   .Juzam.  3
 Quantrill rides again!! but..   .Juzam.  8
 Juzam's Week Twelve Contest   .Juzam.  35
 NCAA women's basketball enables transgendered sportsperson to compete   JashonM  1
 Only one endzone will be used in a college game this weekend!   Amendial  12
 Five charged in Kansas ticket scandal...HMMMMM?   Liquid741  1
 Juzam's Week Eleven Contest.   .Juzam.  32
 Hail Mary!   Amendial  6
 Dirty Play of Brilliant Play?   Slaval  4
 Contest peeps.. Thursday games starting this week...   .Juzam.  0
 Jerry Jones Fires Wade Phillips Today!   Amendial  13
 Juzam's Week Ten contest...   .Juzam.  40
 Interesting read on quarterback slides...   Amendial  0
 Coach laments Randy Moss trade   Liquid741  0
 Funniest Punt ever?   .Juzam.  1
 Giants win the pennant! Giants win the pennant!!   .Juzam.  1
 Has Baseball become that irrelevent?   Amendial  8
 So Randy Moss is on the move again   Cuttlery  13
 @ Liquid   Amendial  3
 Juzam's Week Nine Contest   .Juzam.  35
 Just in case........   Amendial  3
 NFL Network Top 100 Players   Stiger  19
 Juzam's Week Eight contest   .Juzam.  36
 Breaking News from ESPN:   Amendial  3
 Bed bugs invade Lawrence, KS: Declared 2 TD favorites over Jayhawks   .Juzam.  1
 Juzam's Week Seven Contest   .Juzam.  29
 Party in Mad-Town tonight!!   Northwind_WE  0
 Well now that I have internet again......   Amendial  2
 Favre will retire before he gets suspended   Northwind_WE  3
 Juzam's Week Six Contest...   .Juzam.  31
 My god, did I miss a bloody battle on this board?   Amendial  2
 Quick guide to the baseball playoffs...   .Juzam.  4
 Juzam's Week Five Contest   .Juzam.  34
 @ Liquid   Amendial  3
 Brandon Marshall...please insert foot, Jackass....   Liquid741  1
 Reds headed to playoffs for first time in 15 years   Liquid741  0
 Someone trade me a Fantasy Football QB!!!   .Juzam.  13
 Juzams Week Four Contest   .Juzam.  36
 Something to talk about...!   Liquid741  8
 Juzam's Week Three Contest!!   .Juzam.  35
 Juzams Week Two Contest!!!   .Juzam.  58
 just throwing this out there....(NW look in here!)   Bernion  12
 NFL TV Maps   Scarne  0
 Bush to be stripped   .Juzam.  3
 Should I or Should I not....   .Juzam.  5
 Juzam's Week One Contest!!!   .Juzam.  48
 Offical CBSFFL thread!   Amendial  17
 Amendial (CB FF League question)   .Juzam.  2
 UFC 118 (Predictions and Discussion)   Cydoc  0
 Pirates Elminated.. forever!   .Juzam.  2
 Is Favre really done?   .Juzam.  30
 31d 22h ....   .Juzam.  12
 New rule could affect hurry-up offenses   Liquid741  1
 FFL   Liquid741  3
 Yankees owner Steinbrenner dies at 80   Liquid741  2
 Woot! National League finally wins!   Liquid741  0
 ESPN   Liquid741  9
 Not one post about Lebron? Amazing...   Liquid741  9
 @ Spy and everyone else on this board.   Amendial  5
 Amazing finish for USA today!   Amendial  1
 Soccer WTF   Midnight_Phantom  17
 Lakers claim second straight NBA title   Liquid741  0
 CB Sports FFL 2010.   Amendial  33
 Texas trio of schools staying put in Big 12 [10]   Amendial  11
 NCAA hits USC with big punishments   Liquid741  8
 WTG Chicago!   .Juzam.  7
 Another conspiracy theory to mess with Amendial...   .Juzam.  1
 Nebraska going to the Big Ten   Bernion  17
 @ Juzam   Amendial  4
 @ Amend   spy33  1
 Mariners' Griffey retires   Liquid741  5
 Tigers' P robbed by terrible call   Liquid741  4
 WOW! Tennis outfits have came a long way...hope it continues...   Liquid741  9
 Abdul-Jabbar says NBA entry age should be 21   Liquid741  6
 EA Sports to charge for online play starting in June!   Amendial  28
 Baseball story that will make you smile/laugh...   Liquid741  2
 KU baseball sweeps Missouri!   Amendial  10
 Go Hawks!   spy33  5
 Teen fan tasered by Phillies security after running onto field   Liquid741  15
 Suns to wear 'Los Suns' uniforms to honor Phoenix's Latino community   Liquid741  33
 Bucks!!!!!   Bernion  16
 Awesomeness.. covered in awesome sauce..    .Juzam.  4
 NCAA Tournament Expands to 68.......   Amendial  1
 NFL Draft Thread   Bernion  10
 So yeah...   JDman-  0
 AAAARGGGH!   .Juzam.  11
 McNabb to Washington??   .Juzam.  9
 Go Butler!   Liquid741  16
 I guess I will start it off.    Amendial  19
 Offical NCAA Tournament Thread!   Amendial  14
 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge!!!    .Juzam.  47
 Number 12 Nebraska Takes down number five Missouri!   Amendial  1
 NRL    Slaine_the_Insane  1
 What was Ben Roethlisberger thinking?!   Liquid741  3
 Will be interesting to see how this turns out...   Amendial  6
 3D skiing edit!   VCharette  1
 Why couldn't I have been born with the natural ability to sack the Quarterback?   Amendial  5
 Roethlisberger Accused Again   Ynisfre  32
 The Bill Self coaching history at Kansas University...    .Juzam.  5
 Hey Juzzy, we going to do a March Madness bracket this year?   Amendial  2
 Its about time somebody else noticed this:   Amendial  9
 Going to my first KU game tomorrow night!   Amendial  9
 Winter Olympics 2010   Ynisfre  7
 The tools at ESPN, and sports radio in general   Midnight_Phantom  16
 conversation between a ku and MU fan... lol   .Juzam.  4
 Source: Berman Is Considering Move To Direct TV   Liquid741  3
 Got accepted into the University of Kansas today!   Amendial  22
 Amendial's Superbowl Sunday Prediction!   Amendial  18
 Irsay plans to break bank for Peyton   Liquid741  5
 Kurt Warner HoF?   fearthisjuggalo  2
 The Brett Farve Pass....and History.   Liquid741  16
 You know the Pro Bowl has low standards when....   Amendial  11
 Who Dat, Who Dat, Who Dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?   Amendial  7
 AFC Championship...   Liquid741  27
 Two days until the first Border War game of the year!   Amendial  11
 Amendial's Championship Weekend Predictions!   Amendial  13
 Is the current playoff scheduling format unfair?   Amendial  19
 @ Juzam   Amendial  12
 Jets!!!   Liquid741  28
 Bears DE found dead at age of 26   Amendial  1
 MVP for the Colts tonight is......   Amendial  6
 La Russa/Jack Clark/McGwire saga...   Liquid741  1
 Amendial's Divisional Round Predictions Thread!   Amendial  21
 LT Slide   fearthisjuggalo  6
 @ New England   Amendial  5
 Sources: Carroll likely to replace Mora   Liquid741  9
 Some think the Jets are favored to win the SB...   Liquid741  51
 Cumulative contest results   .Juzam.  10
 2009 Contest Results   .Juzam.  10
 Colts...hard to watch yesterday   Liquid741  26
 Help a learning Swede out :)    -Ergo-  12
 I have offically had enough!   Amendial  102

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