Author Topic: Which major Professional or College sport has the best playoff system?
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Subject: Which major Professional or College sport has the best playoff system?
With the news that MLB is going to add a fifth playoff team to each conference, I was just wondering what league everyone feels has the best playoff setup. I would have to say my clear cut number one is the NFL. I think the setup is perfect, and I think they have a good amount of playoff teams (just over 1/3 of the league makes the playoffs). I would say that College Baseball is my second favorite format, I love the three rounds of double elimination tournaments, would love to see College basketball follow suit. My number three would have to be the new MLB setup. This is a great improvement for baseball, as I never liked their setup before now since only 1/4 of the league made the playoffs. My number four has to be College basketball, I love the 64 team setup and the brackets, but the one loss thing does kind of look weak, wouldnt mind it as much if the field was reduced to 16. NBA and NHL are near the bottom of my favorites list just on the principle that they let in almost half of the teams. College football's postseason is exactly the same way, aside from the obvious flaw that they don't have a playoff system, almost half of the FBS schools get invited to a bowl game, just cant give much stock to a post season system that lets close to half the teams into the post season.


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Subject: Which major Professional or College sport has the best playoff system?
i as well love the fact that baseball is adding teams. its a no-brainer for more of a fanbase. take the average fan of sports...they might like college basketball so-so, but when march madness hits...the fanbase explodes! i like the 64bracket one loss your out. take Indiana for was king here, i mean on a ridiculous lvl. then all of a sudden they want to introduce class now we have 5 state champs instead of one. the frenzy that was once was is now just a newspaper headline in the sports section of your local newspaper.

i love the NFL setup, and now that baseball is adding teams...its only going to improve the game. hopefully baseball will add other tools to speed up game play..this would help with its image as well.


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Subject: Which major Professional or College sport has the best playoff system?
I like March Madness.


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