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Subject: NCAA Tournament Expands to 68.......
Why not just do away with it at this point. The NCAA is ruining something that was once wonderful. 68 is doable, but we all know it is not going to stop there. The first three out in the 68 team field will whine and complain and eventually we will start letting them in too. The process will continue until we have to take 2 months to crown a champion (like the NBA aka the "who cares league"). I am sorry Mississippi State it was a shame that you missed the big dance, maybe you should learn how to rebound a ball with less than 4 seconds left to play. Virginia Tech maybe you should learn how to win conference games that you were supposed to win. But there is nothing that can be done about it now, so lets just move on and implement this thing the right way. Making the small majors play in the four opening round games is wrong, they won an automatic bid, they should not have to play in the opening round games. Put the last eight at large teams in the opening round games and then slot them into the 12 spot. That is the best system, do not penalize a team that won its conference tournament.

Heres and article of someone who sees clearly on this subject:


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Subject: NCAA Tournament Expands to 68.......
too many cookie baking mothers out there that want their sons to be winners...

its a joke!


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