Author Topic: Amendial - FF question
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Subject: Amendial - FF question

It doesn't have an effect on me as he cant play him this week, but is Spy's picking up of Deion Branch an example of what you were talking about the flaw in the free agent situation a few weeks ago?


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Subject: Amendial - FF question
Yes, that is exactally what I was talking about. The only option to fix this problem is to set every player back on to waivers Thursday night, which I am against because it takes away teams abilities to make Friday and Saturday changes, which is big because sometime injuries are not known until Saturday or Sunday morning. So our options are to play by an honor system and have people not pick up players who play Saturday or Sunday until the normal waiver period. I am going to send an email to Yahoo requesting that they add a third option of only changing players from FA to Waiver when they start their game for the week, that will solve the problem and allow people to still add and drop players right up until that players team takes the field.


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