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Subject: Steve Pederson
Athletic director at Pittsburgh. Was cheered out of town in 2002 when he was hired by Nebraska. Promptly fired Frank Solich after a 10-3 season, flew the Husker jet down to Arkansas to bring Huston Nutt to Lincoln to announce his hire. Except Huston said ... nah.

Scrambled to find a coach & picked up Bill Calahan when his Oakland Raider team committed mutiny. Calahan decimated the Husker football program, and in 2007 he and Pederson were fired.

Inexplicably, Pittsburgh hires him back.

Now he fires Dave Wannstedt & hires Mike Haywood. Somehow during his background research, he missed something. So Haywood goes beserk on the mother of his child & forces Pederson to fire him as the lesser of two evils. That leaves Pittsburgh with no coach 40 days before signing day.

The guy's a friggin' snake. I feel sorry for Panther fans, but the administration there got everything they asked for. No good coach is going to work for him. Recruits gotta be jumping like rats off a sinking ship. Would hate to be an underclassman in that program. Pederson needs to find something he's good at & do it, because he's not good at being an athletic director.


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Subject: Steve Pederson
eh...its Pittsburgh. try being a Indiana fan.


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