Author Topic: Community Sports Board Anouncement
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Subject: Community Sports Board Anouncement
Well, I don't know how many of you follow other boards on the VN network, or how closely you pay attention. But the end is near. Actually, very near.

Sometime next week, the higher ups will be merging the VN boards into the IGN network. While I haven't anything official to report at this time, I am planning on this board disappearing. I have been trying to get into the IGN sports boards but they are just organized so horribly that I haven't even brought myself to post over there yet. I will probably start posting on the IGN side somewhere so if you care to keep in contact, please follow (or whatever they call it) over there.

If things go away, I wanted to say thank you to the community for not giving me much to moderate over the past several years. It's been fun.


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Subject: Community Sports Board Anouncement
just another example of some jackass in charge making decisions...we need to get a plan together, if we plan to keep our FFL going. or it might go bye, bye as well.

i havent even been to the new boards. not sure if i will yet...we need a plan!


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