Author Topic: New rule could affect hurry-up offenses
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Subject: New rule could affect hurry-up offenses

its going to be interesting on how this change will effect the play on the field. they say this will mostly effect the Colts and Pats, but honestly the type of teams that do run hurry up offenses will adjust and be just as successful imo. they are good for a reason, they adapt and change with the flow of the game.

i however feel that they should put some armor on the refs...and use more refs in the booth watching the game from above. this would make more sense then putting them behind the offense.


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Subject: New rule could affect hurry-up offenses
This is a good idea, the refs have been a offensive weapon for years. They have been put out in the middle of a dog fight with no protection and its a miracle more of them were not hurt last season. I doubt this changes the game all that much, but the part that stuck out most to me was the part about holding calls becoming more frequent. This will be interesting to see how it plays out.


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