Author Topic: Youth sports debacle.. again
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Subject: Youth sports debacle.. again

Everything wrong with youth sports today or just good strategy? discuss


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Subject: Youth sports debacle.. again
Indianapolis has been doing this in the NFL for years.


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Subject: Youth sports debacle.. again

Given that it's a youth league, I agree with suspensions... but it's tough to criticize a coach in an elite division for taking advantage of a broken system. He created a strategy that was within the rules of the game and benefited them in the long run. It wasn't ethical, but it wasn't illegal.

If they coached at the pro level, they'd probably receive contract extensions.


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Subject: Youth sports debacle.. again
Why didn't the other team just score 3 goals and give up like the ones that threw the game? All they had to do was not outscore the other team by 5 and it would have wrecked their whole plan.


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