Author Topic: Start or Sit
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Subject: Start or Sit
So this is last week before the playoffs in my league and if I win I'm in.

Need to decide who to start as my 2nd RB. DeAngelo Williams or CJ Spiller.

Williams has been hot the last 2 weeks, seems as though the Panthers are trying to justify giving him all that money in the off season. Going against a bad run defense @ Tampa Bay.

CJ Spiller will have tons of opportunity to prove if he was worth that draft pick 2 years ago. Going against a decent defense at home vs Titans.

Only reason I'm having to decide between these scrubs is because I had Fred Jackson. cry


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Subject: Start or Sit
I think that either will be around 6-8 points when the week is over.

However, if there is to be one of those two who could score 20 points, I would think it is Spiller. The Bills don't mind running if it is working.


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Subject: Start or Sit
Probably Williams. I have the same choice in one league and I'd rather see Spiller do something before I start him. The Bucs give up more fantasy pts to RBs than anyone other than the Panthers.


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