Author Topic: NCAA women's basketball enables transgendered sportsperson to compete
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Subject: NCAA women's basketball enables transgendered sportsperson to compete
Allums, a George Washington University student and basketball player, has sparked a controversy. Allums can play women's basketball next year. This is controversial because Kye is a female-to-male transgendered person. This decision took consultation with the NCAA and a number of other groups. George Washington University, ultimately, made the final decision.

Article source - Kye Allums - Transgender athlete to still play women's basketball by Personal Money Store.

Allums helps make the change from woman to man

Kye Allums had been just one of the many girls that were a tomboy. She was like this her whole life. He goes to George Washington and is 21 years old, and he stated that he “always felt like a man trapped in a woman’s body” in some interviews. Kye has been becoming a male lately. It has been a couple of months. Kye is a 5’1’’ guard. He was quoted saying, “I did not choose to be born in this body and feel the way I do.”

Kye Allums to play in National Collegiate Athletic Association women's basketball

Kye Allums initially started actively playing NCAA women's basketball for George Washington University on a scholarship. It's a really hard thing for the University and NCAA to determine since Kye still intentions of competing in basketball, even with the transgender issue. The National Center on Lesbian Rights and Women's Sports Foundation offered guidance to the school. The compromise reached allows Kye Allums, who's still physically female, to continue competing in female’s basketball as long as he does not undergo testosterone or drug therapy. National Collegiate Athletic Association rules make it so it isn’t allowed for women to have more testosterone than what is naturally produced in their bodies.

Sex split athletics are difficult

Though Allums is the first transgendered athlete to play in National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball, this is not the very first time the issue has been confronted. The Olympic athlete Caster Semenya had been questioned. The physical gender was the concern. A male who became a woman is suing the Ladies Professional Golf Association in order to compete as a professional woman golfer. This is Lana Lawless. Many think that there should not be a man and female separation in athletics anymore anyway. The only way people will stop worrying about the transgender issue with gender identification is if sports change entirely. If athletics were all co-ed, then it wouldn’t be a concern.

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Subject: NCAA women's basketball enables transgendered sportsperson to compete
This was on ESPN, the main thing to know about in this case, is that for right now he will will only be indentifying as a man. They are not going to begin the actual transformation until after his college career is completed. So really, physically and biologically he is a women, and will remain so until after college, so it makes perfect sense to have him keep playing womens basketball.

I think we need seperate sports still. Basketball is the obvious reason why. Almost every men's college player can dunk with ease, whereas very few women have ever dunked in a college basketball game. They have a complete size disadvantage, and in general a strength disadvantage. To make everything co-op is going to start excluding women for the most part.


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