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 Server populations these days.   mankar  4
 Vote for AC on Massively!   RuhelosSeele  0
 Capture The Flag - TD   Hot_Shot_TD  1
 username problems   4f7359f1e4b00809b7  1
 cant get patch   GJUNG  1
 Is Turbine working on any new games?   chouranyu  1
 Where does a 2hander level after Withered Lugians?   solidstate101  2
 Turbine needs to fix the melee healing debuff/void healing debuff.   ozkar123  2
 Way to kill UA turbine.   Cyclid  4
 Anti-RPK Honor Movement on Darktide   rheon777  1
 Any Decal fix estimates?    lougattzz  2
 Post max damage you have found on various weapons!!!   Excogitate-Pudendum  0
 HELP   gamer4f40c732e4b09  1
 ISO ANY OLD DKOBZ/GUNZ MEMBERS   gamer4f40c732e4b09  0
 Glad to be back in AC   mzstormyrose  0
 BLACK SCREEN WITH DECAL!   bleholalia  1
 Where can you go to look at characters, like treestats?   ViperWounds  1
 Topic: Ken, this is an outrage -- HOW COME ADMINS WILL NOT BAN THIS GUY?    DTSince99  8
 Looks like Wikkii is down yet again eh?   Bl00dW4R  0
 Brillar is leaving the game   IceJasper  2
 Brillar is leaving the game   IceJasper  0
 Just got back into AC   Subway_Sandwich  0
 Am I the only one not excited about the Feb patch?   einherjar_LC  14
 Returning Player - Question on Leveling Weapons   Docere  2
 Connection to the server has been lost!   Docere  13
 New Player - Question   Docere  4
 Old Player Considering Returning - Questions   Docere  5
 What's up with Decal?   lougattzz  2
 Process for recovering an old account   einherjar_LC  9
 What is max damage on sword now?   CrazyxxKilla  1
 February Question and Favor   TalleyDT  4
 200 Frostfell MMD's to anyone who can help me log in.   jimb1979  1
 Anyone remember this quest from way back?   echotheory  15
 Need help from anyone   Mayoee  1
 Bring wood for the fire, and I will tell you my story....   oldblackjack  1
 Interactive map of Dereth?   echotheory  6
 If you were promised a new release of Asheron's Call, would you pay more each month?   SomeRandy  10
 New Patch, "Present Dilemma" 11/13/11   Vault_News  0
 Where can you post about AC if it is not VN or AC Forums?   Peace_on_Dereth  1
 Gift Boxes   DrTandtheWomen  1
 Back after 7 years!   jimb1979  3
 Daoc   Samanthawise-  0
 AC Stratics   shontsu  1
 VOTE: Proposed February Update Options   Hot_Shot_TD  21
 Just Resubscribed   Scoboose  3
 Alinco   MindBogger  0
 Skill/attrib redistribution...   Killerthreat  1
 Hot Shot Productions   Hot_Shot_TD  4
 Question about loot system.....   Hancockenstein  7
 New Honor Guild on Darktide   rheon777  1
 Exploration Society Letter Quests is there a 2hand reward?   bryan.rose  0
 AC is super choppy. Tech Help Please   Atticuz  5
 golem question   bobbybLC  9
 moved messageto different board   bobbybLC  0
 500 Grand Casino Pulls   Hot_Shot_TD  8
 Loot question   bobbybLC  2
 Any good collection quests like the old Shadow Armor?   WhipSmack  1
 Archer or Mage   Mlabs  6
 Tailoring help   Elly-the-mage  2
 VTank Ring Spells   Anti-PK  1
 needsome tech help to get into the game   bobbybLC  6
 The new tumeroks are awesome!   WhipSmack  4
 100 High-Stakes Gambling Token at New Casino Results!!!   Excogitate-Pudendum  2
 Any word on Lugian and Tumerok playable ?   Zero_Washu  3
 Hello, need help with alcino plugin please, anyone very good with this?   voltaro  1
 Dereth in Minecraft   TheDarkDecending  27
 Play Frostfell....   -Puncture-  4
 So, I'm trying to resub my AC acct to just goof off and I get this when I try to resub   Silars  3
 Any leveling/questing guides?   Benjaminm580  5
 Void magic   -Pneumo-  9
 Asheron's Call Magazine Ad 1999   Jyiiga  31
 Paradox touched Olthoi Bow, solo?   spacem00se  7
 Trying to come back, but black screen issues   kallistae  5
 The Atlan Claw - in glass, in real life   SaytansLittleHelper  12
 what happened to   AsheronsOutcast  1
 Podcast - Nostolgia over AC   spankinbunker  0
 What servers are most populated atm   medusa_1  4
 What plugin do you use for looting (non-macro)?   GoldyGoldtheGoldfish  0
 >>Hunting for Loot?<<   medusa_1  7
 What Creatures Drop the most Hides.   Mystykalie_HG_Jezza  0
 Level 150, what next?   Abrasis  7
 Have Tummies and Lugians come about yet?   Zero_Washu  15
 Want to play on DT?   impmaster  6
 Silos Toy Box - Game Ideas for 2011   Silo_HG  0
 FF clan looking for new recruits.   Seandavse22  0
 returning players questions   dscxycxy  3
 Turbine's Decreasing Quality in AC   kronikjames  12
 Good solution to recover Asheron's Call's Health/Community!   Kain_Dale  27
 Welcome back   -Freakachu-  0
 In hotel trying to connect off their network to AC, vials dont fill up just times out   DoomheraldTD  4
 GAme just crashed!!!   Excogitate-Pudendum  1
 Good mage template (non-PvP) that matures quite early?   skek2  0
 started playing AC again on a new account... kinda lost   mjman18  6
 Renegade Fortress Quest   spacem00se2  4
 Coming back after 10 years...suggestions for template?   chaos2222-tk  4
 Does anyone know Dragar/Jarl, or Evayung from Thistledown?   jagthar  1
 Warning as of June 14, 2011 - Don't put low value items on ground or they will Poof   AgzntOrange2  3
 Help with Decal/Ltx please   rob.c.vw  0
 whaaat?   dkdimmesdale  1
 Decal for other games?   Silent_Bandit  3
 What happens if you tailor a dyed armor piece?   GoldyGoldtheGoldfish  1
 Which is the latest version of AC?   medusa_1  1
 AC Dualclient   medusa_1  1
 Returning Player   medusa_1  9
 Server Merge/Relocation Question   Webscar  16
 Best fetish bow?   Abrasis  1
 How to merge an existing account?   Immortal-Thug-jr  2
 Dagger?   Kriegprojekt  13
 Server Merger   Maxendy12  1
 Where to from here?   spacem00se2  0
 Returning or Not   medusa_1  4
 Just came back!   Abrasis  3
 Some of the changes made ten years ago to AC...   Loktofeit  9
 Kill 10 Olthoi Mutilators   spacem00se2  3
 Very disappointed with new contracts   Zero_Washu  13
 Port forwarding and connecting multiple computers behind a router   UpperClass  2
 I can't strafe cast   Trigeminal  6
 Can you "respec"?   Trigeminal  3
 14-day trial... they didn't email me a product key   Trigeminal  8
 So which mage specs and why? let alone, what is void magic good for?   Zero_Washu  4
 AC book   vn_vigilante66  2
 Looking for some advise from fellow players!   Tarin_Mage_SC  2
 Get connected and no update server loss   Laptopismekta  0
 Got Bored / Got my account back and ...   DarkPanKake  5
 Launcher Probs any suggestions?   QuazarTheBrave  3
 Playing Again?   Homefree  13
 So apparently Blood is back    RazorSlade  5
 exchanged emails with turbine today   Crafty_ac2  5
 Looking for an old funny thread about AC NPC's    Solkanari  7
 Coming Back to AC...Few questions   Fluery_WE_2011  2
 Combat these days?   Old_Slacko  2
 Easter Egg points to WoW Shutting Down   Bignub555  2
 ISO Latest Templates   Mobidoy  1
 The Rune is Back - on Harvestgain   Churi-ya  1
 If you can help me fix my login issues, I'll swear under any char you want,    Adeph1  7
 Do I Resub..... AGAIN?   Daernwyn  5
 Focusing Stone Quest: Lockpick skill   spacem00se  2
 Best Gear for Eaters   blackbow415  1
 How is this Luminance thing working out for ya?   Relentless_Assault  3
 Character Templates?   mistaxe  1
 Focusing Stone & Deadly Fire Arrows   spacem00se  6
 Decal not working   ProHood  1
 Empyrean, Lugian, Tumerok races   Geibber  1
 Away since George W's first term in office...    vn_gonzothegreat  1
 Ac can kill your graphic cards   SnoWStyleee  28
 Away for a few years, think of coming back, could use some help   mjman18  3
 Luminance & Bonus XP Weekend!    Vault_News  2
 Did Microsoft/Turbine already decide how to run the game a long time ago?   Has_never_died  15
 Better to be from one server or from all?   Has_never_died  1
 Thinking about coming back Answer me?   te1ek  3
 ISO bunny slipper   SuperGulp619  0
 I don't understand how damage reduction/rating works   King_of_the_lizards  0
 Soloable Quests With XP Rewards   Beltzer_WE  17
 What is the command to follow someone?   King_of_the_lizards  3
 Logging in for first time in ages...Need a Friend   pattongb  1
 SERVERS ARE BACK UP!!!   Liquidfusion77  0
 Power Leveling Help?   spacem00se  8
 Is AC down?   eddie_78  31
 Server Consolidation    Breakdancemoves  0
 Will I have a problem logging in with 2 computers at once?   King_of_the_lizards  2
 wrong board   -Kynlas-  0
 Mount & Blade cRPG   Terador  0
 Can returning players recover expired/dormant chars?   daveshier  5
 Where to go to get caught up on AC implementations?   Beltzer_WE  11
 Which town chests drop the best MFK Loot?   Sucamarto  2
 Why is AC official site's front page not updated ?   OverlordNotir  9
 Bonus Quest XP and Luminance Weekend!   Vault_News  8
 Skills question    eddie_78  1
 Used to be that if you had a complaint about turbine....   AsheronsOutcast  0
 Skill Redistribution Question   Acyu84  4
 special request for Candeth Keep   Baldacrocks  2
 November Patch 2010 Video (part 2 of 2)   connorthecraftmaster  1
 What bonus items from the last few years do I need to pick up after resubbing?   Beastman_AC  3
 Darkfall   Daernwyn  5
 Original AC'er considering return   MAWorking  15
 November Patch 2010 Video (part 1) + Cinematic   connorthecraftmaster  8
 AC2   Daernwyn  12
 Retro PvP Server?   The_Shattered_Legend  1
 Asking pics of Nanto village   okiseiji  8
 What plugins do I need to get started again ?   Grandmig  2
 New Undead race   soberteacher  1
 AC Wiki now at   DrDoomHG  0
 Used to play on LC... Is AC still fun   lougattzz  0
 Corcima Castle Platinum Ward Portal Gem level requirement?   nauds30  1
 returning but with new acct   odinsravenxx  4
 Help me render a sword....   nflmlbfan  1
 Asherons Call Still Worth Playing?   Welltall_II  5
 CS, AR, and CB on what bows?   kronikjames  15
 Anarkist - Ampli Khan - Roy Mustang   shaithan-the-unborn  0
 Character Ideas   Paud_Gorf  0
 Turbine is locked down by Visa Europe   SnoWStyleee  6
 Question about skill credits and specialization   azv4  1
 Anyone know of a quest item with Mace Mastery 6 or higher besides Bobo Tattoos?   TheGrimshade  2
 void magic info   suntzukali2  1
 yeh   agethemonster  0
 So You Think You Know about ... FASHION?    onlinekl  0
 Old player returning... a couple questions...   originalpaint  4
 AC skins and us....   Vipera_MT  6
 I guess Turbine doesn't want my money.   --Archangel--  7
 Back after a Hiatus - The Rune of the Icefalcon clan is back!   Churi-ya  3
 So, any chance AC is going to be Free To Play?   Bek_MT  17
 Just resubbed after a long time away....   Nestor_II  0
 Old currencies - worthless now?   stampy_jr  4
 ------------------   Nova_Dragon1  0
 accliant has encounterd a problem and needs to close    dontunderstand  0
 Where tofind Iron and Granite salvage?   CodeMyst_91001  1
 Frenzy of Slayer aug - test results on an archer   Sumi-ibn-Fadlan  2
 Does powerleveling in VSA still work?   TehPersianStallion  11
 What's your /played   JanetReeno  1
 Anyone play using Sky?   Xantiii  0
 Product Key Question   -Sasuke-  1
 Can a 150 grief ua and a 150 clw spec mage duo Prodigal Olthoi Queen?   TehPersianStallion  1
 Connection Issues.   Phreaker_LC  1
 Vendor Pyreal Buy Limits.   Teffie-the-Persian  1
 Turbine please Advertise!   dmarsh-tk  12
 Anyone else getting an error msg when attempting to log in today (Mon Aug 16)?   Tir-Nagoth  2
 Original AC Manual/Keyboard Card for sale on Ebay   Furay_the_Less  15
 August Patch Tree: Quiet Before the Storm   Vault_News  2
 I want to end a 10 year old mystery NOW   -Spacelord-  9
 How do you find your "Zone ID" so that you can migrate an old account?   Tir-Nagoth  7
 Coming Back. Need a guild   pattongb  3
 Do you have what it takes??   Lockand  0
 All for One - New guild on DT!    Aerosacre  3
 Best spot to level 50+   The_Mad_Ant  16
 Coming back after 5 years, got a few Questions   Molten_WE  4
 Is there any way to claim an old account........   Kazgras  4
 No drop, melee leveling guide, brought to you by -Jida-   Arcilite_I  7
 Been awhile, don't know whare to hunt   wango71  1
 Need some links/info on how the game has changed.   Kazgras  4
 someone buy me a month >:(   kuja330  2
 Dual-spell bracelet, EPIC MACE MAJOR INVULN. Reasonable reqs and everything.   Televangelist  3
 getting Auth Failed pls try again later - anybody in game right now?   KTAgain  0
 Wanting to play AC again.   Kazgras  4
 need help playing ac1. system cannot...   Sarrac  3
 help plz   bigred421  0
 Melee Leveling/Questing for 2010!   Akal-Saris  5
 Possibly returning, have a question   DaFirstJew  7
 New with some questions   jybgess  2
 Ok weird noise issue...   heiromancerdrackus  1
 Portal space changes?   Inashadow  3
 Vassal-Patrol exp passup, change?   -Zagor-  2
 comming back, few questions.   jeihan  1
 Is Drakier's Dual Log client still necessary?   lamentingone  3
 Asheron's Call Developer Appreciation Day Event - June 14, 9:00pm EST, Morningthaw   Elder_AC  1
 AC2: Never Promised A Rose Garden (tribute video)   Protes  3
 AC: Elements of Revenge, Pt 1 (video)   Protes  0
 Population Thread   Golden_we  2
 Are Servers Down?   MaldeArc  0
 AC: SOS (tribute video)   Protes  2
 ACVault hasnt had an update since April 23rd 2010   Drids_Ghost  2
 decal help   onemoredeadplanet  0
 What's used for buffing, portal routes, and such?   lamentingone  3
 AC Still WORTH IT?   brianmcnamara7  7
 F2P   Okra  4
 Vista help   onemoredeadplanet  1
 Aetheria question   MaldeArc  2
 Portal.DAT image file creation.   Sucamarto  0
 Quick Questions   formerly_addicted  6
 More Texture Update Teaser/Pics   -BenT-TwiG-  4
 Coral Shield question   SphericalShane  3
 How many people still play asherons call?   AC_addict_relapse  5
 Should Asherons Call actively try to stop/ban players who UCM (Unattended Combat Macro).   Av_Surfer  10
 Is the TARDIS still in game?   Arikostinaal  1
 Old screenshot contest   ac4e  4
 PC: 19 Sets of Col trophies on WE   Excogitate-Pudendum  0
 What slayers/rends are a must these days?   o-0-Core-0-o  0
 Rumor of a trick to 2 radiant mana infusions with no 29 day timer????!   MikeyMike125  2
 Questions about gearcrafting and trinkets   Corroq  1
 OOooo new land graphics   -BenT-TwiG-  8
 Society Infiltration = bad for melee chars.   Reapist  6
 Epic Jewlery   pieyet  1
 Anyone know how to get AC sound effects?   LegendaryFFer  8
 AC best looking graphics game right now in 3d.   -Mujafa-  3
 New IG Concept Armor - 1st Look   Sucamarto  2
 Wrong board!   Reapist  0
 its been too long...i can't remember where to level   disturbed-  3
 Thinking of a return after a very long break   McVarley  10
 Turbine Community Update   Vault_News  1
 New Armour Concept Art   Vault_News  0
 Warner Bros Buys Turbine!   Vault_News  0
 Turbine Acquired by Warner Bros.!   -Angie-  13
 Interested in coming back, but have a few questions..   Kalimore  4
 Sanguinary Aegis.   Diurnale  1
 The Rune of the Icefalcon Clan on Harvestgain - Needs You!   Churi-ya  14
 The AC itch is back but few questions first....   Disturbed_The_Crazy  13
 ISO: Smart People   Nat475  3
 UA Template   DarthNino  2
 Just in case anyone here uses RocketDock`   Sucamarto  1
 Revitalize original AC on a new platform   Ash_of_S-Mart  3
 New Server.   SoulTaker123  2
 New Server.    SoulTaker123  37
 Dagger Question.   TerickFF  5
 Big Xbow temp?   Prevail_11  5
 Asherons Call 3   Axzis1  53
 Staffer Char   Paud_Gorf  4
 Souldbound caster vs tink'd cs/cb caster   Abudaman  20
 Level 8 spells   Tao_Roo_Chingon_II  34
 • • • Melee Leveling Guide v1.6 • • •    -Kaleb-  210

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