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Subject: Alinco
I am sure this has been ask many times over and again. But I am having a bit of trouble with some looting. At the moment I am trying to get it to loot two handed weapons. Okay I had looked up two handed weapons and I had saw that their are two types Spear and Ace/mace.
So I had set up Alinco to Loot both differently. Spears loot and Mace.Axe loot. I set the Skill, Melee, and DmG. I do not want the max Dmg or Max Melee or Anything Max loot I want the advr.

How Do I set Alinco to loot, The Lvl Req, Plus Adv Skill for 2hand or any weapon??

Say the max is 10-10...Do if I set 6-10 will it loot any weapon that is in range of 6 -10, say 7.5-10, 6-7, 9-10,.

Well over all Question Is there a way to set alinco to loot adv dmg, or would i have to set Multi rules with multi dmg, to Muli loot multi dmg? Or does Alinco not support 2handed weapons?


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