Author Topic: Vendor Pyreal Buy Limits.
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Subject: Vendor Pyreal Buy Limits.
I can't seem to find a list of what towns have what max buy capacity per item anywhere on the 'net.

Can someone give me a basic rundown or link such information? I'm returning after a very long time and I don't recall a pyreal limit per item in the past. I suppose it wasn't necessary because pyreals had burden. They don't seem to now.

I've really tried to find this information, but all I can see is buy rates, not max limits per item. Ayan/Teth seem to buy 100k+ items, but Ayan at least buys at only 80%, or maybe 70%.


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Subject: Vendor Pyreal Buy Limits.
there used to be a list but Candeth keep is the best do the salvage quest for access. Also the only place you get 100%


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