Author Topic: Bring wood for the fire, and I will tell you my story....
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Subject: Bring wood for the fire, and I will tell you my story....
Thank you, add it to the fire, and get comfortable.

I was among those who 1st stepped through the portal and into Dereth. I was just a wee nieve lad. I thought this was going to be a place of peace, where I could find a family and settle down for a peaceful life. But it was all a lie.. as soon as we got through the portal, we were handed simple weapons..they never gave us very much knowledge. And everyone believed Asheron was a force of light in this strange new world. Magic was not the same then, as it is now.

oh my, where are my manners.. would you like some tea? I have been away from others for so long now.. I have almost forgotten the face of my father! forgive me please

Oh where was I... ah Magic! magic in my day, was very precious. Took much more mental training, and lots of trial and error to get it right.. and powerful! The ley lines worked a bit differently then, the less people that new a spell, the stronger it was, and vice versa. I saw this magic change people , those who did nothing but learn magic went somewhat mad. They would turn red, and begin to move in mysterious ways just as a cellar spider would do when feeling threatened, they will shake them selves side to side very fast, harder to see, harder to hit. They also seemed to go mad with the powers that was invested in them.

It was not long before Baelzharon found a way into they're mad minds.. he led them to an alter that changed they're aura to a blood red. A fitting color for the evil they had in they're minds.

I began my training as a purely unarmed melee.. I saw what magic did to the others, this was not going to become of ME! There were others like me, but over time, with Baelzharons influence in they're minds, the mages tricked many of my people into joining them. 1 such mage could of been Baelzharon himself! This one was named Mythrandia.. Myth led alot of my people to that alter. Many were slaughtered as fast as the aura changed to red.

As time went on, my group moved far up north to where the Monouga's ruled, big dumb beasts, easily avoided as necesary. Or dispatched if they became unruly. We began to have our own peaceful village, far from the wars in the south. Something I found strange, was that the monougas I dispatched, some would carry wands! They never used them at this time. I decided I would collect them. I stored these wands in a chest, under lock and key.

1 day as I was hunting in the woods, the most Beautiful woman I had ever laid my eyes on just apeared out of nowhere! I was weary at 1st, but then I saw she slung a bow over her shoulder's.. that made me relax a bit and aproach. I still believed that only the ones Pure with magic were the affected ones. I was wrong. She told me her name was Vidorian. We talked, and we talked.. I felt I could tell her ANYTHING! And I did.. I told her of my chest full of wands. She told me she could dispose of them for me, so I would not have to worry. My chest was getting full. And I had this trust in her beautiful glow. So I gave the wands to her, she did give me some gold for them. Which now I see as odd, I should of been paying her to take them away! The gold had it's purpose, it began my own corruption.

We hunted for wands, and sold them and we also began to dabble a little bit in magic. In my mind, I felt I needed it to help me defend my new found wealth, I thought I could control it If I only knew Beneficial spells. I cursed my entire village. We moved south for bigger payoffs and treasures. We hunted the Lugians, we hunted the Othloi.. and we hunted each other!

Time went on, the lands were aflame with wars, corpses littered the lands, warcries can be heard day and night. And then one day Mythrandia came to me.. I did not trust her, she was now a VERY powerful mage, but she told me that she found the truth, somewhere in the vespyene mountains. And we were all tricked from the beginning to emit our hatred to feed the gods of this strange land.
The more I listened the more I realized she had changed. She was still fighting wars, suposedly against the most corrupt of evils in the land. She convinced me that we could have our magic, and peace. But there would have to be a final battle to come. And if we lost this battle.. all would be lost, Baelzharon would be loose on the land.

Before this knowledge, there were many shards allready destroyed. But there was still 1 left.. hidden beneath an island only recently discovered, named Marae lassel. And Mythrandia was building an army to defend this last shard. She also used a strange other dimensional spell to cast so we could recall very close to this shard. We built our defences, and we hunkered down.

This was not a safe place to be, under constant attacks by shadows, Grievers, and even the shard itself! Baelzharon had influenced many to attack the shard. They came in droves, day and night for the 1st while. The attacks eventually would taper off at night. Many nights I sat alone, hiding in a corner, ready to charge if anyone dared attack! I was never more alive on those nights! Allways vigilant, allways ready. In the day, some would come and releave me, and I would get my rest. To go back and defend the next night. Time went on.. Mythrandia was mysteriously missing, in fact, some of her closest people were plotting to attack the shards themselves! Time ticked on, many died in that hell. But not nearly as many as died in the events that were to come.

Then one early evening, when our defence was very strong (mythrandia was nowhere to be seen) A shadow came down into the bowels of the dungeon. This one was different.. This one actually spoke! Told us her name was Black Ferah.. We were to leave now, or be slaughtered! I was sure I saw a grin on her face.. From the time She jumped down, the rest of the defenders were attacking her relentlessly, with magic and sword, and all maner of weapons. I stood my ground, I listened to this wretches speech, she said more.. but the threat was there. I looked into myself, I Went back to my roots. I did not cast a single spell, I did not have any magic aid. I knew that a strong will would be enough. I raised my Cestus and struck her once! She crumpled beneath my feet like a black silk robe.

The rest of the defenders rejoiced, I jumped up and down in glee! But I knew this battle was not over. Not that easy. You see, all of this was fortold, and planned, and schemed.. they needed a grand bloodbath before the last shard of the herald, to set they're master free. The last shard was a powerful beacon of true light. The darkness had to break its will before it would ever have a chance to be fallen. And break it's will they did..

Black Ferah, aperantly not of this world, came back again.. And she brought friends with her from some other world, or dimention. They would not fall.. Black ferah was able to summon additional grievers to aid them in the slaughter. And then, after we were badly hurt, many dead on the floor. I saw what I would never of believed I would see. Vidorian, whom had enchanted me in the past, came in behind the cunfusion... to attack the shard! I tried manymany times to stop her. Her beauty held no hold over me any more. I felt blind rage! But alas, I could never get close enough..She had a knight with the biggest sword, and the darkest eyes guarding the shards chamber, and Vidorian. Aperantly these powerful beings could not get close to the beacon of pure light. It had to be one of us mere mortals hands that deals the blow to the shard. I also believe that our hearts had to be corrupted with hatred, for each other .. and me for Vidorian. And Likely every living soul on Dereth had to have hatred in they're heart at the same time for them to succesfully destroy the Shard of the Herald.

The shard fell.. The last beacon of hope was lost for all of Dereth. And Baelzharon rised frome the ashes of the mortals corpses burning on the floor. I felt betrayed, and I felt broken...
I barely escaped with my life. I turned my back on all that I knew.. and I walked off in a direction no one had ever gone. The screams I heard as I walked echo in my head to this day. All the water was red with the blood of the people. Baelzharon no longer needed travelers to do his dirty work, because he was now free.. and more powerful than any army.

Black Jack


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Subject: Bring wood for the fire, and I will tell you my story....

I always wondered why more ppl never want to replay the game that AC originally was back in '99 thru '01--low level noob questing with all the old spawns, impossible, I know--but I think this is the reason why.


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