Author Topic: What plugin do you use for looting (non-macro)?
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Subject: What plugin do you use for looting (non-macro)?
I've been trying for the past two hours now to get a plugin to work so that I can hunt outdoors and get detection popups for Majors/Epics, Pristines, trohpies, etc. Is there anything that exists anymore that is like what 6th sense was?

I tried VTank Looter, it has lots of customization but seems to be more of an automatic looting thing with no loot HUD
Alinco has somewhat of an HUD, but I can't seem to get it to save my settings and/or consistently detect on named items such as Glyphs
FindIt! keeps crashing...

Is there anything else? What do you use? All I need is something that detects NPCs and items based on simple criteria, and then I can do the rest...

Virindi tank is just too much plugin for what I' need it for as far as I can tell, does it only do auto looting?


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