Author Topic: ISO Latest Templates
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Subject: ISO Latest Templates
I am looking for latest templates, I have look over AC Vault but it is quite outdated...

I just started playing and would like to know what I should create. I was thinking of:

War Mage

Void Mage


Trade mule(s) needed to supply archer and other useful things. I will probably run 2 accounts so I can swear one account to the other. My main would be to start the War Mage.

Could anyone give me detail templates (races included with if possible, if I switch or not my race innate) and the order I should swear them.

No matter the xp efficiency, the mage has to be on top. I have played it for 2 weeks now and he is lvl 80 so, I cannot bind him to new toons.

The War mage template that I used is an old one so, the one you will list will point me to the changes I need to make

Thanx for the help all


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Subject: ISO Latest Templates
Try ACWiki and this link:

Very easy to navigate site happy Truly...



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