Author Topic: Asheron's Call Developer Appreciation Day Event - June 14, 9:00pm EST, Morningthaw
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Subject: Asheron's Call Developer Appreciation Day Event - June 14, 9:00pm EST, Morningthaw
On Monday, June 14, 2010, the last day of the “Celebration”, the Knights of Fortune Allegiance, located on the Morningthaw Server, will host an Asheron’s Call Developer Appreciation Day event.

All players, from all servers, are cordially invited to attend, or, host their own events simultaneously on their own servers. And, of course, the game’s awesome design team and staff are invited as well (though we certainly understand if they are unable to attend.)

In support of Afsan ibn Kusain the Barkeep and others who have seen their lively hood fall to ruins following the town’s destruction by the Shadows and Bael’Zharon, the event will be held in Tufa, at the base of the waterfall, at 9:00pm EST (Portal to Tufa will be provided in the Marketplace during the entire event ).

Almost every month over the last 10 years, we’ve seen some amazing changes to the game we’ve come to love. We’ve moved from exhausting taper research of learning new spells to now looting scrolls or spell components from a monster or a chest. We’ve seen new skills, spells, weapons, armor and playable races added. We’ve all experienced amazing story arcs, from the banishment of Bael’Zharon to the Shadow Wars, to Aerbax’s demise.

We’ve seen friends come and go on Morningthaw, and we’ve made new ones. We’ve experienced great allegiances form, grow, and fade away. Ichi jin-Rai, a Sho Blademaster, would rise from the ashes of the End of the World event and become the first Kou of Dereth. Killean would succeed Ichi jin-Rai and become Dereth’s first Taikou. Elder would succeed Killean and become Dereth’s first Koutei. Elder would eventually step down, passing the reigns of a great allegiance to William the Bat. In time, William, too, would grow old, and pledge his loyalty to Gustaive the Steel. In Gustaive’s absence, Mr. Adventure of Morningthaw would assume the helm of an amazing group of Isparians, Shadows and soon Gear Knights.

And through it all, we’ve had the pleasure of having the most amazing talent map our alter egos’ destiny. They have dedicated countless hours towards the game’s progression, and over the years, they have added content that previous developers said could not be done. They’ve glowed in our praise, and have patiently listened, replied and reacted to our comments, suggestions and rants. This is our way of saying thanks.

Event activities currently include a Fashion Show hosted by Tilana Quinn and Dariannah and a presentation of a communal gift from Morningthaw players to the entire Asheron’s Call Design Team – past and present.

So, come one, come all, to Tufa on Morningthaw, at 9:00pm EST on Monday, June 14, 2010, and don’t forget to visit the tailor and sport your best outfit!


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Subject: Asheron's Call Developer Appreciation Day Event - June 14, 9:00pm EST, Morningthaw
And while in Morningthaw, you can visit the Dereth Museum (if it's still there). Truly a unique place in the history of AC.


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