Author Topic: Anti-RPK Honor Movement on Darktide
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Subject: Anti-RPK Honor Movement on Darktide
Hey guys,

This is Rheon.

So four months ago I started a much-needed Anti-RPK (Anti-Random-Player-Killer) allegiance on the server of Darktide. The good guys in the dark world. The word "Anti" should ring a bell for players who have played Darktide several years ago, like I did in 1999-2001. The protectors, the knights, the chivalry. The antis were perhaps defeated, but Honor never dies.

In our first two months (around September to December,) we achieved great success: loads of recruits, a mansion, and several core members down with the cause.

Things were going great, but then I was out of action for three weeks mainly due to an internet outage. In this time, my guild all but died....some members took breaks from AC, and the few remaining joined other guilds.

However, I have always said that this movement dies with me.

In the last week, we have revved up and things are looking really good. In just one week, I have probably recruited 10-15 players down with the Anti cause, and of them, around 7 are active, on every day or two. One of them is my new right hand man, a rank 3 officer almost from the first day I met him. Also, two of my old guys recently came back, and are also rank 3 officers.

I plan to continue to grow the guild, working hard on my recruiting efforts and establishing strong bonds with my current actives. If things keep up at the rate of last weeks success, we are well on our way to being a force to be reckoned with.

Most of our guys are returning players who are coming back to Darktide, but we also have a guy who is completely new to the game and is sticking with it. That makes my heart glad.

If you are down with Honor and being the heroes of this server, please let me know. We are looking for solid players that we can grow powerful with.

This age of Darktide is indeed a troubling one. It is full of random PKers that are driving new and returning players from the game. Without guys like us, this server will continue to die a slow death. We seek to help reverse that by being a haven for those who are down with the cause.

Our pk rules are: 1) Attack if you are attacked.......2)You can attack anyone on our Hostile List (people who have attacked us unprovoked).....and 3) Challenge people to duels. We are currently not at war with anyone, but I am sure we will be as we grow powerful. Good and evil are destined to fight, and there are guilds full with evil out there these days.

We are different from the rest. We seek to be the only true Honor Guild on Darktide.

Contact me in game....Rheon....if this sounds like a good fit for you.

Together, we will balance the forces of good and evil. And let's have some fun being the knights... the saviors of this world!

Can't wait to hear from you.

Keep up the fight!!!!

Level 217 leader of the Anti Uprising of 2012


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Subject: Anti-RPK Honor Movement on Darktide
Hows it going now?


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