Author Topic: Best Gear for Eaters
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Subject: Best Gear for Eaters
Hey everyone, I was just wondering if there was any special quest reward gear out there to help against the slash / pierce of the Eaters? I have already activated my accounts and was thinking of hitting the Eater dungeons. Just looking for some advice on handling the Eaters. I have a 146 Archer / 100+ Xbow / and 108+ War Mage, all with decent tinkered suits. What about the Olthoi armor, would that be effective? Thanks guys.


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Title: Bloom where you are planted!
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Subject: Best Gear for Eaters
Brass...Brass and more Brass on wands and weapons happy Your mage at that level, unless they are melee specialized(or at least trained with a fair amount of xp pumped into it) and have a fully brassed out wand, will have a hard time in the 90+ eaters.

Back in the day most archers were not specialized in melee, when it took so long to even get to level 20! Today it is more or less a necessity happy




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