Author Topic: Character Templates?
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Subject: Character Templates?
I'm a returning player, as many are lately, and was wondering if some of the more seasoned AC players over the past year or so have any advice on decent character templates, why you went with a particular one, and what your favorite is?

Personally, I'm looking for a robust leveling template that peaks fairly early. Something that is low maintenance and easy to maneuver. I've looked over the ACVault templates, but they're nothing new and sometimes outdated. Either way, they don't describe what it's like to play the template and how you should progress the character.

Thanks for any help in advance!


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Subject: Character Templates?
Well, what do you like to hunt/quest/play with?  Mage, melee, or a missle character.  Then, to break it down, what type of mage?  Void (which is new) or War?  Axe, Unarmed combat, sword, etc...?  Bow, crossbow, thrown weapons?

Myself, i like a mage.  Magics are their focal point, and can self buff and hunt on their own for long periods of time sooner compared to melees. 

Melee templates seem to have all the required skills earlier, but can't cast buffs as well.

For missles, you have to take into consideration the amount of money/time to make arrows and such.  If you're a sustaining, lone hunter, it will take a bit for a template to mature.

If you're starting out mage, this is my template:

Spec War or Void.  Train Mana C, item, and melee as soon as possible (don't know the math off the top of my head, but i believe you can train all those with spec war).  Get life, and then creat.
Innates:  100 Focus/Self and either 50 end/coord or str, or 100 coord or end.

For melees/missles:  Spec your attack weapon, and healing.  Train melee, mana c, item as early as possible, and for missles, get fletch off the bat as well.

For my desired ua template:  100Str/coord and toss up with 100 focus or quick.

For bow:  100coord/quick/focus.  I'm not to much of a endurance guy, as i don't pk often.  But if you pk, endurance is the way to go.  You can get your health well over 400+ with 10 innate endurance, so i see little point (besides tinking abilities) to have 100 innate endurance. 

There's my personal ideas/guide.  Hope it helps!




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