Author Topic: What slayers/rends are a must these days?
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Subject: What slayers/rends are a must these days?
I am returning again...

I played for about a month a couple years ago on my old account. I have a pretty high level mage from back in the day when tinkering first came out, but anyway. I have an arsenal of rended wands for normal hunting. Since I have been back I haven't really went to anywhere new except eaters and EO, did Sir Bellas and some Colo.

I don't have virindi slayer or anything and I just got my weeping wand on this toon heh. Anyway, I am a lvl 190 toon, so I can knock out a lot of trivial stuff that I don't want to bug my allegiance to help me with. So basically what quests should I be looking at, what type of weapons do I need for general high level play? I have yet to go to viss or DI =/


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