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 MASS EFFECTed- Enjoy!   4f4ad6f0e4b0815b43  0
 Wesley and Amanda | Married!   AxeonLC  4
 Sea Sonic | Pin Up Shoot.   AxeonLC  2
 Drive By waving   kashani  2
 need your HELP   Greysonphil  3
 got bored again today... Indiana's own Harrison Bourbon   tsingtao2  7
 A few from the CCAA Cross Country Nationals   AxeonLC  2
 Love these... my cousin just gave me this photo of me taking a photo of her and my son :D   _Kewk_  1
 some pics of French Lick, Indiana trains and some scenery   pkhere  0
 photo bombing   hardcore4000  4
 Bad Snake - Mustang Shelby GT500    AxeonLC  4
 Nikon D90 or D7000 or ?   Dilutedx  2
 Pacific Forest Rally 2011   AxeonLC  2
 Back to my roots - Automotive Photography. Street Jesus | Tuner Shoot.   AxeonLC  9
 Scotty and Jenna - Married | Vancouver Island!   AxeonLC  2
 Ryan and Amber - Married.   AxeonLC  3
 WCSG2011 - Week 2 Day 2 | Sneak peak | Underwater Swimming Edition.   AxeonLC  3
 Western Canada Summer Games - Canoe / Kayak   AxeonLC  8
 Cowboys and Sunsets. Engagement photos.   AxeonLC  3
 Chad and Ashley - Married   AxeonLC  4
 Samuel and Karen - Married.   AxeonLC  3
 Bull Elk , a couple images, and a pathetic waterscape.   AxeonLC  4
 flower   tsingtao2  1
 Google+ VERY photography friendly.    _Kewk_  5
 Dave and Katie - Married | Sneak Peak   AxeonLC  8
 I went to B&H today   tsingtao2  4
 Just put a few up from a session yesterday (6/22/11)   _Kewk_  3
 New blog layout!   AxeonLC  4
 The Moon was very cool tonight.   Natoli  1
 One Eyed Doll   tsingtao2  4
 Junefest!   Raiztlin  3
 ...For amber waves of grain...   tsingtao2  7
 New self portrait...    _Kewk_  2
 The Battle at F-Stop Ridge (YT)   tsingtao2  3
 Your gear wishlist    -Dirtbrother-  4
 Anyone ever worked with Cactus V4 transmitter/receivers?   deadcactus  10 Checking this out..   _Kewk_  3
 New Photography Toy Overload   deadcactus  2
 Mighty Duckling   TheArcherMax  2
 UGGGG, my best friend wants me to take pics of him   tsingtao2  5
 crap you take pics of when you are bored in a hotel room....hahaha   tsingtao2  5
 Canon Speedlight 430EX II   deadcactus  11
 One of mine   TheArcherMax  15
 Anyone have a broken canon point and shoot laying around?   deadcactus  5
 In the news...   -Shalis-  6
 430EX or 580EX?   Princess_Bri  3
 Practical difference between the Ti2 vs 60D vs 7D?   deadcactus  12
 Meeting someone in a few hours to sell my Canon 24-70 f/2.8L...   deadcactus  3
 I REALLY need to get a 2nd camera   tsingtao2  7
 Crud   Inashadow  0
 LOL this is a REAL photographer!    _Kewk_  0
 Amy and Lane - Sneak Peak.    AxeonLC  7
 If you got the balls...   _Kewk_  4
 Oops   Inashadow  0
 Moon close up in HDR   Inashadow  4
 Few of my better shots (Everglades National Park)   Inashadow  7
 What would it take for you to give someone the bird?    _Kewk_  2
 If you "had" to limit yourself to one, single, photography website; what website would it be?   _Kewk_  1
 Just got home from a session today thought I'd share >_<   _Kewk_  7
 Which Canon lenses to take on Alaskan Cruise?   RalltirNalius  13
 Hrm anyone want to try and dissect these photos?   _Kewk_  3
 Saw a bird walking the wall of the canal...   Natoli  3
 I learned a new PS trick today...haha   tsingtao2  6
 So umm... how you like..... get girls to take off their clothes, so you can do arti photos ?   Orwyn_Blackheart  8
 Orchids   tsingtao2  3
 Valentine's day is just around the corner!   tsingtao2  7
 some amazing pre-communist era russia color photos   uglydwarf  0
 Photography Scholarship! Please help me out!   Sixil  4
 How much would one be looking at to get a website up and running?   deadcactus  10
 @Nakal... how bout some weekly challenges or something!?!?!   tsingtao2  2
 This worked better than i thought...   GrimTempest  2
 So this is quite any amazing find...   _Kewk_  1
 water   tsingtao2  7
 Shots of my soon to be post-test reward...   deadcactus  5
 after taking almost 300 pics today...   tsingtao2  8
 boredom setting in   tsingtao2  3
 On a cold and frosty morning...   -Shalis-  13
 what is your work flow?   tsingtao2  5
 sound equipmet pics   tsingtao2  4
 So rare to do male portraits.   AxeonLC  8
 i'm looking to get a new camera after i get my taxes back, i'll have about a 1k budget   putzbutt  5
 New Website.   AxeonLC  9
 Gear and my curiosity   Raiztlin  14
 Anyone know any good photography books?   deadcactus  8
 Going to try to sell my Canon 24-70 f/2.8L   deadcactus  5
 More pics   -Shalis-  15
 Hey hey   -Shalis-  6
 funny expressions   tsingtao2  1
 New panoramas   -Prismatic-  5
 Here's a few more photos to maybe liven up this place!!!   tsingtao2  11
 Took this one tonight   pkhere  0
 my livestock   pkhere  2
 Show us your Christmas shots   tsingtao2  4
 White Sands National Monument, New Mexico   tsingtao2  16
 tsting tao   DoomheraldTD  2
 does this pic look over exposed?   tsingtao2  8
 Why am I the only one (it seems) posting stuff? lol... here's more!   tsingtao2  7
 underexposure exposed!!!   tsingtao2  4
 a rose for the ladies   tsingtao2  12
 Painting with Light... my first (failed) attempt   tsingtao2  4
 Christmas present to me will be AWESOME!!!   tsingtao2  8
 ever taken a photo and wished....   tsingtao2  1
 my latest   tsingtao2  16
 Most beautiful portrait I have ever seen!    tsingtao2  10
 Hey all can u help me and voteee :)    Nivhian  7
 Kids halloween costume   tsingtao2  13
 My Halloween Gifts to Y'all    kashani  5
 about to enter a 365 day project   tsingtao2  2
 i really like my new camera...took pictures of my new tarantula today    GrimTempest  7
 get ready!!!!   tsingtao2  7
 DSLR simple question, maybe!   Mortalis3  7
 Best way to trade or sell a lens?   deadcactus  5
 Fishes   deadcactus  3
 When trying to remove a blemish from a photo...   tsingtao2  3
 recent photos   tsingtao2  5
 Lines too distracting?   Ah-Schoo  3
 Octoberfest 2010 - Raiztlin - Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.4G   Raiztlin  1
 Octoberfest 2010!   Raiztlin  4
 I took my youngest daughter out today to actually try to take some portriats   tsingtao2  11
 Smoke pics   tsingtao2  6
 camera wars   -Dirtbrother-  2
 Strobe lighting kits from Ebay?   tsingtao2  15
 Hey Guys   kashani  5
 Dudes I went all in and busted out a site for my photography.    _Kewk_  4
 Canon announced a 120MP sensor >_<   _Kewk_  3
 Didn't realize we had a Photography forum so I'll post a few of my favs :)    _Kewk_  5
 A few pics, since someone needs to posts some :>   Raiztlin  2
 Anyone use SmugMug?   deadcactus  5
 This month's theme...   deadcactus  4
 /e Wave!   kashani  3
 A bee having a drink.   Ah-Schoo  5
 Holy lens flare =/   Ah-Schoo  4
 It's not the camera!   Bean_counter  5
 Ever lose your camera?   Nakal  8
 canon 40d vs 50d   -Dirtbrother-  8
 Apple or PC?   .Brak.  4
 Point and shoot for elderly father   Mortalis3  6
 Couple of shots from the other day (since things are so slow)   .Brak.  4
 Vote for the best photo!   Rafiraf  1
 Need gear advice...   deadcactus  27
 Let's talk about HDR   -Dirtbrother-  7
 Now THIS is Photography   Nakal  10
 What do you shoot the most?   Nakal  10
 Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips?   Nakal  8
 Opinions please?   .Brak.  9
 Finally   aimigive  12
 It just clicked!   Princess_Bri  4
 New panoramas today   -Prismatic-  4
 A couple panoramas I took today   -Prismatic-  8
 Happy New Year!   Shriva_al-Destroyer  4
 Merry Christmas!   Shriva_al-Destroyer  2
 Stoic photographer snaps some great images..   RF_YWG  4
 wewt. just got my Nikon D5000   Gilligan.USCG  13
 A very small shoot with my sister   Raiztlin  2
 Where do you post?   Shriva_al-Destroyer  5
 Selling photos for charity?   Shriva_al-Destroyer  6
 Octoberfest 2009 - Princess_Bri - Natural/Low Light   Princess_Bri  9
 Octoberfest 2009 - Stiger - Objects/Abstracts/Textures   Stiger  9
 Octoberfest 2009 - DeadCactus - Just Another Day   deadcactus  15
 Norway in a nutshell! :D   Raiztlin  6
 Octoberfest 2009 - .Brak. - Life In Color   .Brak.  6
 Octoberfest 2009 - Shalis - The Great Outdoors   ShalisR  1
 Octoberfest 2009 - Raiztlin - Bokeh   Raiztlin  6
 Photography board Octoberfest 2009!   Raiztlin  12
 Bats! (KF)   ShalisR  4
 A few shots (links) from the National Zoo in Washington D.C.   .Brak.  4
 Picture Thread: Day to Day   ShalisR  90
 Three Sandisk II SDHC 16 GB Cards for $35   deadcactus  1
 OK where did everyone go!?   Nakal  22
 Acadia National Park - Whale Watch - should be KF - 18 pics ~60-90k a peice.   Nakal  3
 Contest Winners   Nakal  8
 Since things seem to be slow. Some water drops for CC   .Brak.  5
 A Kashani question   Nakal  5
 Night shots I didn't enter (KF)   Ah-Schoo  5
 Night Shot Contest Entries   Nakal  19
 Night Shots I didnt Enter In The Contest   kashani  2
 Where do you get your prints made?   deadcactus  10
 Some pics for CC .... Should be Kash Friendly! 130k per picture 4 pics   Princess_Bri  5
 3 more days   Nakal  3
 More Pictures for CC   deadcactus  6
 Kash unfriendly (no pics)   Ah-Schoo  4
 Some Night Shots! Should be KF!   Nakal  4
 Three pics for CC...   deadcactus  1
 Taking pics again!   Shriva_al-Destroyer  3
 Lighting   Blynk_  5
 Paint Shop Pro X for free   Stiger  7
 A couple of new shots   Raiztlin  4
 *Whistles Innocently*   Nakal  7
 Nothing posted in the last 4 days, so...   Stiger  4
 Look at me   kashani  7
 Water Contest C and C...   ShalisR  4
 Y'alls Thoughts on July's Contest   kashani  7
 Water contest Winner   Nakal  13
 July Contest - Night Shots   Nakal  8
 I need Y'alls help on a photo by Wends   kashani  9
 Some water pics I didn't upload. (probably not so KF)   Ah-Schoo  4
 Contest Entries Redux....    Nakal  21
 Contest Entries :)   Nakal  4
 Good Night Moon & Crazy Hair   Princess_Bri  2
 lightning from tonight's storm   Manesero  9
 Tekzilla explains HDR with digital cameras   Nakal  5
 Vacation Photos   Stiger  2
 A couple grasshopper macros (KF)   Ah-Schoo  3
 WoOt   kashani  7
 July Contest   Nakal  16
 Photo activeties, please read and comment :)   Raiztlin  3
 Sorry, Paul Simon, Kodak's taking Kodachrome away.   GhostOfACPast  0
 Small collection of shots from a little shoot i did yesterday. Should be KF   Raiztlin  6
 Might be OFN but "Digi-Garden Hack: Using Broken dSLRs as Plant Pots"   GhostOfACPast  9
 Get your contest pics in! Timelimit almost out   Raiztlin  11
 Tornado Dog   Nakal  7
 Canon EOS 500D / T1i   TheWidget  14
 Views and reviews.   Dakkan  5
 Flickr   deadcactus  4
 One amongst Many   Raiztlin  4
 AFK   ShalisR  32
 2 flowers and 2 bubbles. (KF)   Ah-Schoo  6
 Bubbles (KF)   Ah-Schoo  6
 Why do they call it macro?   deadcactus  9
 CC Please   deadcactus  3
 Large Aperture Lenses   deadcactus  4
 Buying a point and shoot for a trip...   deadcactus  7
 2 pics of little ants. (101k, 98k)   Ah-Schoo  6
 OFN probably. Pics you won't believe aren't photoshopped   Ah-Schoo  3
 Three pics (new lens) (KF)   Raiztlin  2
 CS4 question.   GhostOfACPast  5
 Equipment insurance?   deadcactus  11
 Toadstools, Flowers and Trees   kashani  8
 My First Photography Awards   Stiger  8
 Anyone ever order a lens from a Russian supplier? specifically the one inside...   Manesero  3
 Photojournalism - 6 pics, maybe KF but they're not art anyway   Ah-Schoo  8
 I like this pic. (Not mine, quite obviously.)   Ah-Schoo  0
 Small black and white series   Raiztlin  4
 Random shot while riding shotgun...   deadcactus  15
 Painting with light (KF)   -MrBean-  17
 UT Tower at Night: My battle with night photography...   deadcactus  6
 Drove by an old house on my way home today (KF)   Raiztlin  5
 Managed to get rid of the annoying text ads   Raiztlin  2
 Horsie! (probably not KF)   Raiztlin  11
 Best place to get photography accessories?   deadcactus  4
 A few shots with the new lighting setup. (KF)   Ah-Schoo  7
 Kash friendly   Blynk_  7
 Toadstools. (255k image.)   Ah-Schoo  4
 On Red Bubble today...   ShalisR  1
 Two pics for CC...   deadcactus  4
 Oregon Trail Rally 2009.   AxeonLC  6
 Runde bird mountain (should be Kash friendly.. ish :D )   Raiztlin  4
 A quick question about a common misconception (or is it)   Raiztlin  28
 I Love Foggy Mornings   Stiger  9
 My morning...   deadcactus  3
 Shal... i need your advice!   Shriva_al-Destroyer  10
 Not the prettiest of pictures.. (should be kash friendly!)   Raiztlin  1
 Trying something different...   Ah-Schoo  6
 Which shot do you like better?   -MrBean-  13
 Found out a cool new way to take drop shots!   Raiztlin  6
 Wow! Just Wow!   ShalisR  6
 I've sent in my contest pics. I suggest you do the same!   Raiztlin  4
 Picture taken from our BBQ spot   Raiztlin  13
 So I saw an "adult" picture...   deadcactus  9
 Atlantis transiting the sun.   RF_YWG  3
  600 splashes later ...   Ah-Schoo  4
 New Shot as promised plus a few new ones I just took   kashani  15
 Soo. we need that new contest. now! :D   Raiztlin  6
 Raiztlin's car - revisited... (hopefully Kash friendly)   ShalisR  15
 Wish me Luck Tonight   kashani  3
 Art of the Day (20090512)   deadcactus  0
 2 HDR images of my father in laws mustang (should be kash friendly)   -MrBean-  13
 Art of the Day (20090511)   deadcactus  3
 Question on star trails, muiltple time exposures, and photoshop overlay   Manesero  11
 Veteran Car meet (should be ok for you too kash :)   Raiztlin  10
 Two pics, a quasi rant, and a question...   deadcactus  3
 I think I'm going to stop re-editing pictures...   deadcactus  10
 Four New Photos and a Revisit   deadcactus  5
 I realized lightroom could import multiple folders at once...   Ah-Schoo  3
 When's the next contest start?   deadcactus  10
 I took 621 pictures this weekend, mostly birds.   Ah-Schoo  5
 Any good tricks for brining back an overexposed sky?   deadcactus  13
 When are you done with the photograph?   deadcactus  2
 Photography jokes for you   kashani  8
 The week that was...   ShalisR  3
 Cute baby urchin   vaniushka  4
 Ok, another moment of your time? New shots.   .Brak.  6
 @ Shal   kashani  2
 Deviant Art   ShalisR  22
 Some software you all might want to check out...   deadcactus  6
 Input?   deadcactus  4
 Scott Church   Dakkan  7
 Storm pics - not art, just pics.   Ah-Schoo  2
 Some New Photo's and Urban Decay Series   kashani  13
 I know the spring is here, and the weather probably is nice...    Raiztlin  4
 Feedback   gemkeli  9
 I just upgraded to CS4 from CS2.   GhostOfACPast  5
 New myspace....   Princess_Bri  2
 Well Raiz......   Nakal  1
 Contest Winner(s)   Nakal  7
 At what point did you start watermarking or signing your pictures?   deadcactus  14
 Dripping faucet :o   Raiztlin  14
 Viva Espania (Kash Friendly)   ShalisR  20
 Assignment - Spring Photos   Nakal  10
 Sigma 10-20mm   deadcactus  8

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