Author Topic: Taking pics again!
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Subject: Taking pics again!
Since i got my camera again, i've started taking pics again as i drive around the country!

Uploaded a few from 3 states so far, so ok, some snappy.. but still uploading them for family.. i'll make a new flickr later for the snappy ones i think, but for now just auto-correcting and uploading them! lol

Heres two i like though.. Taken in Nebraska.


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Subject: Taking pics again!
I don't think I'd want to drive towards that cloud formation. Quite ominous.

And the sunflower is composed nicely, but just needs a little fill flash to brighten it up. The camera saw the bright sky and closed down too much, leaving the flower dark.


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Subject: Taking pics again!
That first shot is amazing. I hope nothing touched down from it, if you know what I mean hehe.


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Subject: Taking pics again!
I love the first shot! Prairie storms are THE BEST!


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