Author Topic: Art of the Day (20090512)
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Subject: Art of the Day (20090512)
"Dante's Gates of Hell"
Trey Ratcliffe

One of my favorites and a good example of how HDR and post-processing got me interested in photography. There's a lot to say about being able to take a picture, due some minor developing, and end up with something that is a perfect representation of what the eye saw. That's not my cup of tea though. I prefer to trade some of the visual realism in order to portray some of the non-visual stimuli of the experience. It's easy to go overboard with post-processing, but that's what makes me love works like this where the balance is just right...

Either way, great subject, great editing, and great composition in my opinion. I do hope I get to see that sculpture in person one day.

Anyone want to post something for the 13th or is it on me again? tongue


'member dat?
True dat.
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