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Subject: need your HELP
Where do u print ur photo: copycentres or urself? Just watched this video, thinking if to buy such a thing. What do u think?


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Subject: need your HELP
Cartridge refilling:

  • Messy

  • Reused cartridges wear out, clog, and get dirty

  • The cartridges are designed to last just for one ink and no more.

  • The ink is not necessarily exactly the same, quality issues are very common

  • I picked up an all-in-one printer , had a pack of photo paper. Used up the ink that came with it and have never bothered to buy more. I upload from home and print at Walmart (walking distance for me) for less than the cost of the photo paper.

    Out of hundreds of prints I've had one single one that was a bad print.


    Edit: For what it's worth I used to work for HP, supporting their consumer all-in-one printers. Then I moved on to supporting the big commercial roll printers. Ink refilling causes lots of problems, though I'm sure some people have had reasonable success with it.


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    Subject: need your HELP
    to answer your question, it depends on the pic... most get done at walgreens, the ones that I want on metallic finish (like a magazine cover type print), I use

    I dont print enough to justify an expensive printer.


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    Subject: need your HELP
    I did the expensive printer for 2 years and although the prints were great quality it became cost in-effective with large orders. For the last 2 years I have been using as my sole printer and for the most part been completely satisfied. They are even tied to my website now for orders.


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