Author Topic: Vacation Photos
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Subject: Vacation Photos
I have finally gone through the 600ish photos from my short vacation. I've put a lot of them up on my website.

Virginia Safari Park (an awesome place if you like to get close to animals)

Luray Caverns (all handheld, next time I'll take a tripod)

National D-Day Memorial

My wife and I had a blast, and I'm thrilled that so many photos turned out well.


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Subject: Vacation Photos

Only looked at the cavern shots so far. Beautiful!

Might have to find the caves up this way and go visit. (Not caverns though, more fissures and narrow stuff. Loved them as a kid when I was flexible and invincible. not sure how far I could go into them nowadays.)


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Subject: Vacation Photos
Great fun stig, we deff have to hit those 2 again when you come down in the fall.


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