Author Topic: Apple or PC?
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Subject: Apple or PC?
Overheard this conversation on the metro this morning. A guy was saying that for image editing, an Apple is the way to go. I've heard that PC's have caught up and there's no difference. Is this still true? So with that in mind...

Do you do your editing work on an Apple or a PC?

Is there any difference any more?


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Subject: Apple or PC?
They are the same hardware now. the OSes are different but thats about it.

Both are about the same for image editing, but I think your dollar will go farther with a PC.


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Subject: Apple or PC?
I run a quad core pc with 4 gigs of ram and photoshop + lightroom run really smooth for me and my system ran me less than 800 bucks building it myself. I used macs in all of my photo/graphic design classes and never could get into them. I did really like the monitors but you can definitely build an equal or better pc for less money. Some people will always prefer mac and some will always prefer pc but it just comes down to preference of OS, whether or not you want to have more upgrade options, whether or not you want to be able to play games, and whether not you buy into the hype machine.

Either way you go you probably won't have too many issues, use what you are comfortable using.


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Subject: Apple or PC?
Seems about right. Photoshop has the same features wither way it seems.

(I use a reasonably high-end PC, but I haven't done a whole lot that pushes the performance. I did a smart fill on a huge panorama that pushed it hard once for about 3 minutes, but everything else is quick.)


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Subject: Apple or PC?
An Apple computer is nothing more than a PC with a proprietary copy of *nix on it that looks prettier and costs more. They do have a knack for working better for home users as certain features, like Time Machine, are very simple to setup, even for my mother. Trying to get her to setup backups on her Windows PC was a nightmare.


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