Author Topic: New Photography Toy Overload
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Subject: New Photography Toy Overload
Sold some of my old stuff to make the shift to a kit better suited for needs and goals.

Got a Canon T2i through the Canon Loyalty Program to get a better sensor and let me play with video.
Got a Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS since I'm usually shooting on the wider end of the spectrum and in low light.

Got a Canon 430EX II to start learning about flashes and try to get better pictures in the previously mentioned low light situations. Considering sending it back to get this strobist kit. Didn't discover it until after my 430EX shipped.

And finally, I got a waterproof case for my Canon 1300 point and shoot. I love diving and would love to get into underwater photography but I can't justify buying a DSLR casing. Maybe one day.

This thread is mostly pointless, I'm just excited and needed an outlet. Hopefully once this last exam is over I'll get back to posting pictures here on a regular basis...


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True dat.
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Subject: New Photography Toy Overload
Sounds like fun. I wouldn't trip about the canon flash though, at least you can do some ttl stuff with it when you need it and use it off camera when you don't.


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Subject: New Photography Toy Overload
New gear is always fun ;D


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