Author Topic: Sea Sonic | Pin Up Shoot.
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Subject: Sea Sonic | Pin Up Shoot.
Got called in last minute to cover a ratrod-hotrod pinup shoot this weekend for a photographer friend thats father got very ill.

Pin Up is not my style, I really dont find the style appealing, and everything went wrong with this shoot. The beautiful indoor location we had got cancelled as we got there, so we had to shoot in the incredibly cluttered and yucky parking lot. -3 degrees C for the model, she was a trooper.

But all in all, Im happy with the results, worked out really well I think. A few samples are in the link below!

Equipment Used:

70-200 f2.8 IS II
16-35 f2.8
50mm f1.2
24-70 f2.8


2 x Alien Bee 800
2 x 46" Octoboxes
2 x White Lightning 5000
2 x 26" Shoot Through Umbrellas.


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Subject: Sea Sonic | Pin Up Shoot.
loved the black and white one

couldn't tell her shoes were blue and her dress was black


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Subject: Sea Sonic | Pin Up Shoot.
that is awesome axeon. she must be a real trooper because in no picture does it look like she was suffering from the cold.

as for the pics, they show that off really nicely. all angles.

fine work happy


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